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    why not include the load of water?

    From your angle, the hydrostatic force would be an extra uplift buoyancy from the water pressure difference between the top and bottom side of part 2 (thickness), rather than of cancellation. So the extra uplift buoyancy which is equal to the water occupied by part 2 of wall should be included based on your thinking. I think it should be included the self-weight of the water behind the wall between the levels 129 and 118. The final resistance moment will be more.
  2. ALL IN ONE, EX. 208.2 why the self-weight of water not included in Fy? the original question in ex. 208.1 Thanks.
  3. Nirvana

    question on an example of all-in-one

    first time pasted attachement, hope it works.
  4. example 116.4 seismic load. Why using n=43.5/h^(1/9) to obtain the first period (1/n), not using T=Ch^x? The results from the two equations are quite a bit, one is 0.85 and the other is 0.5x. The former equation is mentioned in wind load, which has some more limitations, such as the height of building and wind direction.
  5. Nirvana

    NCEES Practice Exam Problem 528 (2017 3rd Print)

    I just guess the center of plastic hinge will be at the 1/2 height of the short leg. Anyone could confirm or explain further?
  6. I will be preparing for the PE exam of Oct. 2018, could anyone share with me if you have PCI Design Handbook: Precast and Prestressed Concrete, 7th edition?