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  1. Hello, I will be taking the Civil PE: Water Resources and Environmental for the second time this October. I did horrible on the breadth and I plan to put a lot of focus on this section, while still studying the depth. I signed up for the EET based on a coworkers recommendation, and after reviewing several posts on this website I feel really glad about that decision. I have plenty of great practice problems for the depth, but I feel my practice problems for the breadth seem to be lacking. I have the "Practice Problems for the Civil Engineering PE Exam, A companion to the CERM" and this book doesn't break down into what is listed on the exam specifications. Specifically, Project Planning, Means and Methods, and Site Development seems to be lacking. Can anyone give me a suggestion for a great resource with breadth practice problems? I'm basically gonna toss out the CERM Practice Problems book as it seems like complete shite. Also, I started studying at the beginning of July and I'm studying anywhere from 8-12 hours per week, my job is laid back and allows me to study for ~2 hours per day. Does this seem like to much time? Or should I step it up? Thanks
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