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  1. I passed the same time as you and still do not have my license number. I have been trying to follow up with them via email (3 times) and have been ignored for the last week.I am not sure what to do... I have started to call them today (twice) and both times, no one answered. Ultra frustrating.
  2. Apparently they didn’t get me on the list for the March 29th processing... pretty disappointed considering I had to go through a pretty frustrating situation with them losing my EIT paperwork back in the day as well. They sure hold us to a high standard for being as inefficient as they are. Anyways, hoping to get my license soon....
  3. hmmmm.... I wonder if they release them at different times. I emailed the board this morning. We'll see.
  4. Wondering if everyone from February testing (March results) have their license numbers yet?
  5. I bet! Congrats on the passing! It feels so good to be done! My name is still not up there! Hoping it gets updated soon. I need to update this email signature! Congrats again!
  6. I did not Rewatch all of the videos. I thought that the videos were long and took away too much study time. And yes, I used ASCE 7-10. I wrote down the types of problems that I knew I did not do well on ASAP after I took the first attempt. Then focused a lot on what I needed to work on. Mainly chapters 4-9. I really think that Hiner has everything you need to succeed, but also if you feel you need more, do it! You'll get there! good luck!
  7. They’re in! Passed! All done!
  8. I took Hiner and failed the first time too. I just used the book the second time to solidify my weak areas and felt like I did very well and passed. Hope this helps. Sorry you failed. I know the pain.
  9. I really wish the board would just release results on a given date. We sure do have to go through a lot and then they don’t seem to give much effort. Hopefully tomorrow.
  10. SHARTS! Don't be nervous! This was the first time I sat for one of the CBT exams and was not adamant about "marking" questions I was absolutely certain on. I would mark questions that I did not have an answer to, and come back later, leaving some doubtful questions unmarked. After the first Surveying attempt, my approach was to mark any question that I was not very confident in the answer to. This gave me a much more real number. With that being said, the real "confident" number is probably closer to 30 (if I had to estimate). I think I was off by only one or two questions. Only deficient in one category. I am going to edit my previous post since I did not think about that until you replied. Sorry if I introduced and doubt in your mind, definitely not my intention. I seriously underestimated the exam the first time I took it. I owe you a beer.
  11. 1. Seismic (2 attempts) 2. 30 / 46 3. 7 / 5 4. 18 / 4 5. Fail / Pass ------- 1. Surveying (2 attempts) 2. 30 / 52 3. 11 / 1 4. 14 / 2 5. Fail / Pass Edited: See comments below.
  12. For those of you that kept track during your exams: 1. Seismic or Surveying? 2. How many (out of 55) did you feel confident on? 3. How many (out of 55) did you make educated guesses on? 4. How many (out of 55) did you completely guess on? 5. Did you pass/fail?
  13. Sure thing! * "120 Solved Surveying Problems for the CA Special Civil Engineer Examination" - I found this book to be very good prep for the exam (worked these twice). Highly recommend. * Reza Mahallati workbook Problems w/ practice exams (bought from coworker) - This book gives much harder problems than the actual test, but I found was very useful for topics that I needed extra reinforcement on. Seems like it would be more useful if I would have taken the class, but really hated the formatting (sometimes would have to turn the page in order to see rest of equations on a topic, etc.). * Mansour Practice Exams and Solutions - These practice exams were also very close to the types of questions on the exam, with some material that is not on the current test plan. I worked these twice as well. This comes with equation sheets, although they are not organized very well and for the $99, felt it was kind of a rip off. Still, problems were good. * "Surveying Principles" by Cuomo - This book is meh... the problems can be useful but overall, does not provide much as a reference. I ended up making and binding my own reference manual out from all of the previously mentioned materials since they all do not give, what I would consider, a comprehensive cheat sheet for the exam. I was able to get it to about 25 pages and was all I really needed. I brought all of the books with me, but only if I needed to find a term or definition that I did not know. Maybe used them for 2-3 questions. Hope this helps!
  14. Haha. Just figured if we were guessing, let's do it! Yeah. This was my second time taking it. I think I severely underestimated the exam the first time. I think I worked about 700-800 practice problems (some repeats) before the exam this time. Good luck! I think you have a good shot! Hopefully we hear soon
  15. I am going with Wednesday the 13th at 2:13pm. Obviously hoping for earlier. Waiting on Surveying. Last one I need.... Feeling like I crushed that test though, so not as anxious as I usually am for the results.
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