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  1. 8 minutes ago, NahzSema said:


    hmmm, interesting.

    if that’s the case, it sounds like you can pass with 3A and 1UA (say 9 points each and I doubt they give 10/10) and only 29 in the morning...

    Based on @TehMightyEngineer‘s collection, it just doesn’t add up to me. 

    28+ in AM and 3A/1IR in PM ...is where I think the line is.

    @Nathan55 and yes I feel ya. Sounds like they like to read more than looking at numbers

    I meant that, if you have one 0 (UA), you will fail, regardless of the total grade. If you don't have that 0, then the total grade will determine if you passed or not. Basically, there are 2 criterias to determine passing of the exam. 1- No ZERO score in the afternoon 2- Total grade >=56

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Nathan55 said:

    Therein lies the Machiavellian genius of NCEES. Leaving an essay question blank nets you an unacceptable. Doing the problem completely can also get you an unacceptable. Explaining how to do a problem, and not really knowing what you're doing can get you an acceptable.

    That's why I called it totally UNFAIR. 

  3. 1 hour ago, FutureSE said:

    I appreciate the input. I didn't really have much trouble though, I finished the morning a few minutes early and estimated 38/40 correct but the scores came back 23/40 and figured I had acceptable on all 4 in the afternoon but came back with A A A I/R. I really don't understand it. I didn't struggle with hardly anything in the morning, just a couple of bridge problems. I still can't understand exactly how this happened, but I know the cold formed steel problem was marked wrong and I was 100% sure I got that one as I pulled the information directly out of the AISI. It was something about a steel deck. Either these problems were way trickier than I thought (I saw a few tricks but missing 15 additional problems seems unlikely), my tick marks beside skipped problems and/or some checked and changed answers screwed the scantron (I've applied for manual verification so at least I can eliminate this upon receipt), or I misbubbled somewhere after skipping problems prior to going back and picking them up. I suspect I likely misbubbled as I went through code by code. I had around 10 to 15 minutes of review as well. I don't know, man. I'm really frustrated by this. The knowledge I have concerning this stuff now certainly isn't reflected in an UNACCEPTABLE score.

    Based on the data, that I have seen on different websites about the grading, I think they assign 10 points to each afternoon problem, so the whole exam will be 80 points and usually grades equal or above 56 ( >= 70%) are passed. Acceptable, will be assigned a grade of 8,  9  or 10 (I guess getting 10 out 10 is almost impossible). I/R has a grade of 6 or 7. Most probably, for the grades below 6 (Unacceptable) they put 0, to force the applicant to fail !!!!!! (which is totally UNFAIR in my mind) . Let's say that you got, A(9), A(9), A(8), I/R(6), with 23 in the morning, your grade is 55. What I want to say is that, you were SO, SO CLOSE. Therefore don't give up, you will easily pass it next time.

  4. Hello all,


    I am planning to take SE Lateral exam in October. I need to study some references before dive into details and solving problems. I was wondering if anybody can introduce me two books, one for Wind Design/Analysis of Buildings and one for Seismic Design/Analysis ?? Moreover, do you think 2015 reinforced concrete masonry book (by California/Nevada Masonry Association) is enough for Seismic Design of Masonry? ? Unfortunately, new version of "Wood Design" book by Breyer covering the reference codes of the exam will be out in September. So, which book do you use for Wood seismic/wind design?


    Best Regards, 

  5. Hello,


    I am looking for a reference textbook (updated with latest version of associated codes ) to learn structural masonry design. I don't have solid background on the topic and have never passed a course on that during school days, so I want a complete and transparent book to start with. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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