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  1. USC_Engineer PE

    First time Civil PE test taker

    @Manimani I used all of the same resources you did except for the Civil PE Exam by James Giancaspro. I think you will have plenty of practice problems with EET and the other references you mention. If you can get your hands on School of PE notes and practice problems for the AM portion of the exam, that would serve you very well.
  2. USC_Engineer PE

    Random Topics 3.1

    I'm sick of everything from Hollywood, professional sports and advertisements virtue signalling.
  3. USC_Engineer PE

    Last thing watched on netflix / Amazon..................

    King of the Hill on Hulu, best show ever made
  4. USC_Engineer PE

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    I haven't seen any Civil/Structural that exceeded 49. That would be pretty wild to think a 50 could be passing.
  5. USC_Engineer PE

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    Can anyone provide updates on Civil Structural failing scores? Thanks!
  6. I failed the in PE Civil Structural Exam in April 2018 and passed this October. Do the following things and you will pass. Use School of PE for the AM portion of the exam Use EET for the PM portion of the exam Watch all of the lectures on demand so you can re-watch anything you don't understand Do all corresponding workshop problems with each lecture Do mock exams with NCEES practice exam and EET practice exam. Simulate the exam environment by timing yourself. Be so familiar with your notes from School of PE and EET you know it better than the back of your hand. During the exam if you see a problem you don't have any clue how to solve, look for a keyword and research that in that in the CERM I got a couple of questions right by just looking up a keyword from the problem in the CERM index. Do that and you will Pass! PS: Organize your references. I took in two large rubber maid containers on a hand truck that held my references. In one container I hand morning references the other I had afternoon.
  7. USC_Engineer PE

    Structural Depth April 2018

    Congrats, I had to take it twice before passing. I can't imagine the strength it took to keep going for a fourth time. Hope you have a wonderful future as a PE!!
  8. USC_Engineer PE

    October 2018 15k SPAM Thread

    As long as we still believe
  9. USC_Engineer PE

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    I will do that, if it wasn't for EB I would have not heard of EET. Spam>candy
  10. USC_Engineer PE

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    Just saw that I made a typo above, I meant to say the live classes don't leave you with enough time. Also one last piece of advise make sure you take every reference listed listed by NCEES.
  11. USC_Engineer PE

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    No problem, if you go that route I have no doubt you will pass the test with ease. Good luck on your next attempt.
  12. USC_Engineer PE

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    I took On Demand for all of the topics including structural depth. If you are diligent with a study plan I think its the best option. Just make sure you do the homework problems that correspond with each topic as you watch the lectures. It helps the lecture material sink in more.
  13. USC_Engineer PE

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    I think I'm just the person you are looking for. I took Civil Structural in April 2018 and failed with 48/80. I took it again this October and passed! The first time around I used School of PE for breadth and depth portions. I found the breadth to be very good from School of PE, however the depth was greatly lacking. The second time around I used EET. I did not like their breadth notes and lectures, however their depth was AMAZING! The notes they provided for the depth were so good I rarely need to reference anything else. I'm not sure if your company would reimburse you for these courses, but I know a big part of my success was taking the best of these two courses and combining them. For the exam I took my breadth notes from School of PE and my depth notes from EET, along with all the other required references. I also am a big fan of on demand, because you can start much earlier than the live classes. I don't think the live schedule leaves you with enough time to do practice problems on the material. If I had to take the exam again I would start the at the beginning of January. That gives you one month to watch lectures for breadth, one month for the depth lectures and the month before the test (March) just for practice problems. Last but not least, get familiar with your notes provided by the course you are going to take. I know exactly where you are coming from taking it the second time. One of the hardest parts of the exam is structuring your study schedule. Don't hesitate to ask any question you have on the courses or anything else.
  14. USC_Engineer PE

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    I really loved the School of PE for the morning portion and EET for the depth portion of the test.
  15. USC_Engineer PE

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    You got it next time, I failed last April with a 47 score. I passed this go round in Civil Structural.