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  1. VladI

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    It is not a minimum competancy exam by any stretch despite what the description may say. It is a means of ensuring exclusivity. What they have created is a professional exam that has the lowest pass rate compared to other professions. So why are we forces to endure a hostile, toxic licensure process while our compensation is much lower than doctors, dentists, lawyers? Where is the happy medium? I basically ignored my wife and children to the detriment of our relationship in order to pass this thing. I put more time into this than my entire MS which resulted in nothing lower than a 4.0. To be honest, I am extremely unhappy with this situation. What can we do to improve it? Complaining on this message board will do nothing. I am writing to ASCE/SEI and taking to social media to express my displeasure and to tell them I will not further their goal of encouraging people to enter this field but will rather actively discourage people from entering this field. I realize they are not explicitly involved in the creation of this exam, but if they start feeling negative press, something will happen. Otherwise, this situation will continue unchecked for a long time to come. Alternatively, call the exam what it is, a test of excellence and extraordinary level of ability. I would even be okay with a couple additional steps added for extra measure if when I came out of it I was reasonably assured some recognition and the possibility of respective compensation. Otherwise, I will begin steering others into becoming family practioners or dentists.
  2. VladI

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Thanks MA for being quick to release .....
  3. VladI

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Way to go JayP! That's awesome for you. Congrats! I must agree with the AASHTO questions (hope this doesn't violate any rules) I thought half of them were ridiculous for those of us in buildings. I admittedly just answered 'B' for those and moved on to save time. Afternoon I thought was not bad with a couple exceptions of sub parts. I only took lateral as I already passed vertical. that said ... I have been lurking here for a while (no idea if I passed as my state is one that drags ___ in releasing results, no doubt to ruin my Father's Day) I believe I have picked up on a major issue through my attendance at several years' Structures Congress and participation and application at ASCE 7 subcommittees. It is very clear that this exam no longer fits the definition of a test of minimum competency but is rather a means to counteract the stated mission of ASCE to increase its membership, which has been reiterated multiple times in speeches at S- Congress. Whether it is just a faction within the group, those who help create the questions for the NCEES exam, or a more broad group remains to be seen. Regardless, this exam is not a test of engineering ability, it is a measure of ensured exclusivity. What other explanation could there possibly be? This exam format is not that old, the complexity of the codes has increased a lot in ten years, and the overall length of virtually all of the codes has increased as well. So, I am going to lay a challenge out there to those of you who have the SE designation (in particular if you or you know of a long standing license holder, if you are lurking around) but have not had the pleasure to endure the modern version of the exam with the current codes. Take this exam as an anonymous person along with the rest of us and see how you fare. If you take it and pass, good for you, you proved wrong my theory of intentional ensured exclusivity. Otherwise, if you fail, I am correct in my conclusion that this exam is not a measure of minimum competancy and the ability required of newer engineers exceeds the ability of existing, experienced licensed engineers. What's more, those of you who have passed both vertical and lateral, you can take much pride in the fact that you have exceeded the ability of those more senior to you who cannot achieve what you were forced to undergo.