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  1. I might be able to provide some insight. I am based out of NYC and obtained the SE license a few years ago. The benefit of this additional license in the NYC market mostly resulted in recognition and celebration of the accomplishment among my engineering peers. Additionally, it increased the frequency of my interactions with co-workers that sought input on conceptual structural approaches and code interpretation due to the newly added “clout.” Therefore, I was viewed as one of the technical leaders, informally, by my colleagues endorsed by the obtaining the SE. However, there were no financial
  2. 20/28/29 years old for FE/PE/SE respectively.
  3. Some salary information is being collected and shared in another EB forum.
  4. Illinois e-mailed the PDF version of license and certificate on Saturday, 6/16.
  5. I totally agree that mental stamina is a huge factor especially when sitting for the full 16 hours. I flew in to Illinois for the exam since I wanted to skip the 3 year wait in California.
  6. Passed both parts on the first attempt this spring (Buildings). Definitely a challenging exam but reasonably difficult with the exception of the random AASHTO questions. Personally, the largest contributor to my successful outcome was utilizing pratice exams under simulated conditions to learn/recognize common mistakes and improve problem solving speed. When I started my prep I was probably at 17 minutes a question (6 minute problems workbook). By the week of the exam I was down to exactly 6 minutes. I utilized the PPI, NCEES, and ASCE pratice tests.
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