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  1. I was approved on 10/17 but I haven't received the email telling me how/when to sign up for the exam. That's supposed to be coming this month per the email snip below.
  2. Maybe this was already answered in this thread but for those of you discussing GA, is there already grandfathering that takes place, or is anyone who works as a structural engineer required to be an SE? I believe my boss has been a licensed PE in GA for many years, but he hasn't taken any of the SE exams, so if our office gets a project in GA will he be grandfathered or should we be having one of our SE's get licensed there to take over for his registration?
  3. Technically a good 'PE Structural' practice question now that NCEES changed the name of the exam for no good reason.
  4. I don't think anyone can put 'SE' after their name just because they're a PE practicing structural engineering. If you're a PE practicing structural engineering, like myself, you should put PE after your name. But if you pass the SE and are licensed in any state that recognizes SE licensure then you can put 'SE' after your name, regardless of where you practice, as long as you don't suggest you're a licensed SE in a state that you are not. So, if you've passed the SE exam, which is basically a prerequisite of applying to SECB unless you've taken the exams awhile ago or an odd combination of exams, you would likely put 'SE' after your name on your business card and email signature, regardless of the state you actually practice in. Why does 'John Smith PE, SE, SECB' mean anything more than 'John Smith, SE' to anyone who would be hiring John or his firm? Seems like more letters behind a name to make someone feel like they've achieved something more than others with only 'SE' after their name, when in reality it just means you're paying another fee to be a part of a board that doesn't clearly define what they're doing. If I happen to pass this exam at some point I'll gladly pay to be a part of a board or group that provides some type of service or increases my value, but the website makes it seem like you should apply so you can have the prestige of putting 'SECB' after your name, which seems a little misleading.
  5. A bit of a tangent here but are any of you that are confident you've passed this time or already have an SE license planning to be a part of SECB? I didn't even know what it was a few days ago and when I read about it I don't really know what the point is, it just seems like another membership fee for little value. I think having "SE" after you're name is already impressive, I'm not sure why SE, SECB would be any better. But I admit I know nothing about the board, so feel free to enlighten me.
  6. Apparently it's time consuming for the MN board to upload results for the 10 of us who took it... But maybe that's because 9 of those results will include a diagnostic 🤣. Which likely includes my results.
  7. Was it a concrete problem that you guys/gals had an issue with? If it was I'll probably still bring it up to NCEES even though it's well past the 10 day time limit they gave me. If it was a different material then I'll just ignore it and assume I was doing something wrong on the problem I'm referring to. I'm assuming that's not too much information to divulge on this forum but I'm sure someone will let me know if I've said too much. 😕
  8. The guy who emailed me just said 10 days, so I'm assuming he meant calendar days.
  9. A little off topic, but did anyone else know that if you want to send a comment to NCEES about an exam problem you have to do so within 10 days of the exam? I'm sure that's written somewhere on the website or in the fine print of the exam and I just never bothered to read it. I contacted NCEES about a concrete problem on the lateral AM exam because I thought it should be simple and it was bugging the crap out of me that I couldn't come up with one of the answers, and they told me my 10 days to submit a comment about an exam question was up. So fair warning to all taking the exam in the future, if you have a question or comment about the exam make sure you contact them within 10 days.
  10. I took both days in MN and got past the vertical but not lateral, which was what I expected, 25/40 and IR on all four afternoon questions. A little worse in the morning than I expected but not by much. I was pretty confident on the wood/masonry and steel questions in the afternoon, I figured I would get A on those two and IR on the other two, so I'm curious about how much we need to get wrong in the afternoon to go from A to IR? I'm guessing you need to do every step right with just minor math errors in order to get an Acceptable score, but do you think they actually deduct for not referencing equations, factors and load combinations in the code? I would think if you're showing the right calculations they wouldn't require referencing every single equation and factor, but maybe that's what pushed me to IR on those two problems. I am confident with wind design on a wood/masonry structure as I do that a lot at my job, and I also thought I did well on the steel problem because I focused my seismic studying on steel and was hoping for some luck on the concrete portion, so I can't think of anything other than math errors and not referencing equations that I could have done wrong on those two, but I was two months ago so I could be misremembering. It sure would be nice to be able to look through our graded exams one time after we get results so we could see our mistakes and not make the same one's next time, I'd pay $100 to be able to do that because it might save me the $500+ it would cost to take it a third time. You'd think NCEES would see the 19% pass rate for lateral buildings repeat takers and see a correlation between that and not having an opportunity to see what we did wrong, but what do I know.
  11. Illinois makes sense, they do everything backwards, but Idk what Minnesota's excuse is.
  12. Anyone in Minnesota get results yet? Because I have not, but there were only 11 of us.
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