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  1. What state are you in? Virginia didnt show my license in the lookup until like a week after I got my results.
  2. The results last cycle were released a week and a half after the grading conference. Which would be next Tuesday/Wednesday for this cycle. Hope they come out soon tho! I know how hard waiting can be! Good luck everyone
  3. uuuuuhg this is going to be a long week
  4. Guess not today? I don't think I can take a whole week of this... 😩
  5. I can perform the ritual with my stapler as well... maybe our combined sacrifice to the engineering gods will bring this nightmare to a close...
  6. I'm with you, but I'm not thinking we are getting results until Friday. I hope I am wrong though!!!!
  7. FYI - the NCEES chat is back up...
  8. Some people swear that means they are about to release results and are trying to limit the # of questions/complaints they receive on chat. But, there have been false alarms in the past with this...
  9. Agreed! Hopefully results come sooner rather than later... I really don't want to deal with the anticipation all week 😵
  10. In my experience and that of some of my coworkers, they have been released on Friday for the last few cycles. But, that really means nothing. NCEES is unpredictable sometimes. I hope they come soon!
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