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  1. Pros and Cons for each state i guess, took Georgia some extra time to allow the NCEES email to go out but i already had a license number before i even received the pass notification. Same day i was able to print my license from the state board site, order my wall license for framing.
  2. I passed this year. First attempt with the 8 hr test, tried the 16hr SE last year and failed. So by comparison this one felt like a breeze. I used PPI for both the SE study course and the PE study course. I thought the PPI study books were spot on and used them heavily throughout the test. I felt PPI PE structural depth prep was weak but since I studied for the SE last year I was covered. I studied 3-4 times a week at 3hr minimum sessions from first week in January. Saved problems and practice tests for last month of study. Did 36/26 62 total on NCEES practice test. Be very familiar with all codes!! Best of luck to those who didn’t pass this time, I am done for now unless I go for the SE again. We will see, I don’t like failing anything.
  3. not sure i will have to ask a co worker who passed last year.
  4. The results might be being released in order of applications recieved
  5. I Passed!!!!!!!!!! I have a theory of application order.
  6. As a B last name i am grateful that it does not appear to be added in alphabetical order. haha
  7. You and me both on pins today. I was watching "real time" last night and 044639 was last added around 7pm. Was looking through some once assigned last December and it appears they also came in batches like mentioned by RB, they dont have a time stamp, but some came in on the 5th, a little more on the 6th, and more on the 7th. Speculation at best at this point.
  8. I think they mean SE because they updated the civil structural pass rates for April 2019
  9. Congrats! Now it is my turn hopefully. Felt good about the test. I previously attempted the SE but after one attempt with that beast i had the board switch me to civil-structural.
  10. double check he didnt search your name and find your EIT license. If it is your PE Congrats. I am still waiting patiently...
  11. its usually around 180-200 names. The six days i think had more to do with the board meeting date than how long it took to add the names because it was noted they were partially available on day one. Last night they added around 50 in two hours, so here is to hoping they start first thing at 8am.
  12. Congrats!! They stopped at 044639, they only added 40 or 50. Hoping they have more to go.
  13. sos just added another license with a ga address this time, so the process seems to have started but may be slow if they are going to add all the names before posting
  14. They issue is order so is you search pe04459 it will pull up the last two issues which were yesterday and today
  15. In the last hour or so they added a license on the sos. It was by comity for someone in SC. Maybe they are rolling out what was talked about at the board meeting. I sure hope they don’t hold results till they fully update sos.
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