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  1. SEStress

    Individual Liability and Asset Insurance

    Why would you do this as an individual and not at least form an S-corp or an LLC? As engineers we will always be at least somewhat personally liable, but it would make more sense to me to put as much distance between you and any possible lawsuit as you can. Purchasing business error and omission insurance is easy for a company and protects you as an individual.
  2. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    Well, if I can get over this hurdle, I will start a new account and become a supporting member. Hopefully I will be able to guide others on the East Coast in the awful mess that is seismic design.
  3. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    Might as well get it over with.
  4. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    I made a 29 out of 40 but I don't want to post it for 2 reasons. (1) The distribution is embarrassing as I scored above average in less criteria than I prefer to disclose and (2) it is likely enough information to narrow down who I am and I prefer to remain as anonymous as possible while on this forum disclosing my scores. Hopefully this will ease your curiosity. To be honest, I really thought I had it this time. I was expecting a 36 in the morning and three acceptable with one improvement required but they pulled some shenanigans with the wood portion of the exam in the afternoon and I couldn't find the information in the new NDS within the specified time limit. I knew what I did wrong but I can't go into further depth without likely getting banned by @knight1fox3 again. Anywho, I appreciate your reply to the MS requirement in the other thread. It's always good to have other opinions, the more you know and all.
  5. SEStress


  6. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    You're probably going to see me on the news.
  7. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    Fantastic. Congrats.
  8. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    It's ok. You're kind of like my spirit animal anyway. To hate you would be like hating oneself.
  9. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    It's ok. I have big shoulders. We can be friends again.
  10. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    @AMS6158@tj_PE@GTTrekkie You guys gave me a fudgey. I am insulted. I was legitimately trying to be helpful. I will now go back to trolling.
  11. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    Results are out.
  12. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    Who knows. Just because the last 2 cycles were on Friday doesn't mean anything, but I don't have any more info than you do other than the OCT 16 SE released results on Monday Dec. 12. The SE results usually release a few days after the PE. I just want the results and I want them now. I am about to ritually sacrifice my stapler to the engineering gods.
  13. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    I am suspecting this is the magic hour... My nerves can't handle another day.
  14. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    I hope this isn't the case. If I didn't pass, I might get NCEES tattooed on my derriere. Guess where the C goes.
  15. SEStress

    Results From October SE?

    Time to start today's shenanigans.