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  1. I received an invite to write Civil/Structural PE practice questions for School of PE this time. Any suggestions for items you would've wanted to see?
  2. I'm with Mr. David "The Bridge Master" Conner. I believe It'll be out around that Friday.
  3. I believe they did last December for the October exam. Though again, sometimes I dream stuff up and sometimes I'm just legitimately crazy.
  4. From my experience, I don't believe it has any bearing. Looking at past grading and reading Cal91's post though, I would expect to see the SE results by June 14. This is still merely a guesstimate as the NCEES operates in mysterious ways.
  5. Probably burning mine. My only regret is that it can't feel pain. I want it to suffer.
  6. I believe they switched in October of 18 to the IBC 2015 if my memory serves me correctly. Now what were we talking about?
  7. That is correct, but that is given as a percent in decimal form. If you multiply that by the proper value of 100, you can begin to comprehend the amount of putrid darkness that dwells in my heart for that organization and the east coast states enforcing the new exam for licensure. I feel like we should all have visors to measure power/hatred levels for NCEES like the old school Dragonball. I'm pretty sure that merely looking at me would cause your device to short circuit. I'm currently somewhere around super saiyan 500 at this point. Even my nose hairs go super saiyan at the mention of NCEES. Somehow, someway, I would almost guarantee that NCEES and HYDRA are in cahoots with the Decepticons, Skrulls, Dark Elves, and the remaining nefarious actors who intend to collect the anti-engineering-affinity stones and wipe out approximately three quarters of the structural engineering population with a finger flick. Maybe they even went back in time to interfere with our past timelines to prevent our future selves from passing. <-Now that's cold, NCEES. I think maybe NCEES stands for Nobody Can Ever Ever Succeed . Either that or Noobs Can't Even Evaluate Seismic. 100% sure it's one of those.
  8. Engineering humor. It's great. You had me fixed to the screen with the analysis of your prose. I also wanted to correct a previous statement I made on the board. I said previously that Tyr was an archaic name for Thor. That is wrong, as Tyr was a separate deity and is the namesake of Tuesday somehow. Thor was apparently always some derivation of the word Thor, except they had some odd accent and another r in there. Anyway, just wanted to set the record straight from my ignorance. My takeaway from this is apparently archaic people didn't know how to spell or speak properly.
  9. I saw that post. I was just trying to confirm the June 7-8 date. I understood that as a "guess" from the original context, you were assuming that date because you haven't seen a date. So to confirm, have you seen that date as the grading workshop?
  10. Well, only about six weeks to go, my friends. Anyone seen the newsletter with a grading workshop date yet?
  11. Thursday is a derivation of the day dedicated to the ancient nordic god of thunder, Tyr. Also known as Thor in the english tongue. If you're still confused, he's the fat one in Avengers.
  12. I hope everyone is having a Terrific Thursday!
  13. @tj_PE, Why are you always giving me chocolate ice cream with googly eyes?
  14. Man. Fun stuff. I obviously don't think it would be fatal to the organization. A little transparency would go a long way. I get invites to write sample questions for study guides, is it too much to ask that NCEES do the same? The prized bank of test questions seems a little ridiculous from our perspective. In addition, older engineers were allowed to review their exams. Why did this change? Sounds to me like NCEES could use a little competition. Any insights would be greatly appreciated, as I am a firm believer that one of my afternoon questions on the previous exam was misgraded. As far as grammar and content checks, yes, I've seen those too, unfortunately. I SPECIFICALLY recall an afternoon question in wood that required a moment check for roughly 1600 k-ft moment for a roof rafter a couple cycles ago. In my humble opinion, someone could've just written, "No. This obviously doesn't work by inspection. A moment this large is ridiculous for wood framing!" and this individual would've been absolutely correct by all metrics. That wouldn't be accepted by NCEES though, despite it being an absolutely correct and viable answer. Like I've said earlier, I like to talk, I like to get riled up, and I will continue to stoke the smoldering coals. That doesn't mean we can't be friends though, @Dean Agnostic. I'm on my medication today, so I feel amenable. If you truly have anything to do with NCEES, maybe you could write Georgia and tell them to use the SE exam as God intended (the very same God that we don't know and really can't know exists. Unfalsifiability is odd like that). It seems a bit more than ridiculous as a practicing PE that roughly 99% of my time is spent designing delegated items and low rise structures in SDC's at C and below, but I have to have the very extra special super seismic SE Lateral knowledge for licensure when the state doesn't even recognize SE's separately. I'll never use most of this again, but as an organization, NCEES has pushed this test down the throats of the next generation. Thanks, NCEES. We appreciate that. I can appreciate the sarcasm, as I'm very sarcastic myself.
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