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  1. I am really starting to buy into the simulation theory argument. I am ALMOST certain that I'm an artificial intelligence character in a Sims-like video game and the player is just messing with me, seeing how much shit I will take before I lose it.
  2. Hell, this is the kind of crap they should put on the SE exam: You have a client send an email as shown above. Which of the following answers most closely resemble what this client is trying to tell you? A) 1 inch diameter elocone nuts come with shoulder lengths of 1 and 1.5 inches. Most of the anchors placed on the site require a little over an inch shoulder length to achieve the required thread penetration but the nuts with a 1 1/2 inch shoulder bottom out against the leveling nuts. As an attempted fix, we would like to remove the leveling nuts we were having issues with, place 1/2 inch plate spacers beneath the column baseplate, and reinstall the 1 1/2" shoulder length elocone nuts so we can achieve the thread penetration into the elocone nut as required by the manufacturer. B) I love to brush my teeth with lead paint C) I've been doing this for 30 years and you engineers don't know nuthin' D) I should've just welded on anchor bolt extensions like you directed me to do. If you chose answer A, you require evaluation by both a trained and licensed physician and a psychiatric professional as you have demonstrated you know how to speak fluent retard. You have likely contracted the disease 'retardius maximus' in GA and, at this current moment, your DNA is tying itself into knots while eliminating any trace of paired nucleotides that contribute to intellectual ability. In addition, your body is mutating into a cross between the toxic avenger and the dueling banjo boy from the film Deliverance. There is no known cure, you will likely never pass SE Lateral, and may God have mercy on your soul. On a side note, I'm pretty sure the person responsible for writing NCEES test questions wrote this e-mail to me.
  3. Well, got the manual verification result back. No change in results. I expected as much. I still don't understand how I could've done so poorly in the morning. I guess this means I am, in fact, just retarded. Maybe mental retardation is just contagious and I caught it either here in GA or in NC one. Here is typical copied text from client correspondence today: 1 inche bolts come in 1 and 1.5 inches most situations on site need a little over a inche but not quite an inch so bolts at question dosen't come into the plate and 1.5 bottom out so we put 1/2 plate as a spacer and only 1/2 inche is been engage by elocone but. So the space will allow full engagement without bottoming out and leave no play and don't have to use any other spacers I've gotta get out of this shit. It's lowering my IQ.
  4. Will do. I don't even really have faith that they even look at it though. They could just take the money and go drinking. Another thing, I am so hung up on the incompetency of other engineers (I deal with a hell of a lot of delegated design) that I wouldn't doubt, if they even look at it, they check it upside down and actually lower my grade. A couple examples of the shit I deal with on at least a weekly basis->>> I had a licensed engineer argue with me the other day about a damn handrail. The baseplate with (2) anchors placed 2" from the edge of a 5" by 5" post baseplate due to clearance issues. Think of it as rolling over the toe of a retaining wall footing. The engineer denied my calculations because I didn't check it in the other direction! Like rolling over the heel of a retaining wall if your heel is longer and larger than the toe. Last I checked the larger your "resisting" moment arm is, the lower your forces are. I also had a city structural engineer argue with me about which direction you have to check deflection.This one is hard to explain, but basically I had a deflection of L/430 for a beam and this engineer was telling me it didn't meet L/360. I told him it was less that L/360 and tried to explain how larger denominators make smaller numbers all things being equal. He still argued with me. If I didn't live this stuff, I'd swear anyone telling me this was a liar but I can't make this shit up. Somehow these assholes are licensed and I'm over here with thumb firmly implanted in my rectum being teased about not being able to be licensed in GA. Good stuff. Oh well, back to the luck thing. Nothing has ever been easy for me luck wise. I could walk outside and find $100 bill on the ground and somehow catch a flesh eating virus that costs my life savings to treat if I picked it up. Oh well, this isn't the worst I've felt. I actually had a Secret Service investigation during Obama's presidency that made me feel much worse. Having federal agents declare you a domestic terrorist and telling you they can put you away without a trial for years thanks to the patriot act is much much worse. I survived that, I'll survive this.
  5. I really do appreciate the cheerleading. The point is though, I have the speed, I finished the exam, and I explicitly know when to throw specific design principles. You're right about the studying. I'm done with that. I've read every single code section/book/whatever on anything they throw at you on the test for lateral and gravity. My only weak points in design are spiral reinforcement and the strut and tie method for concrete. Nothing weak in steel, I design connections all day long and I've been through those codes enough to wear the color off the tabs. Nothing in wood design. Nothing in masonry design. Fairly weak on AASHTO but I have absolutely not been able to motivate myself to learn it. I went through and tabbed all the major stuff, but dear sweet baby Jesus, I hate that book. It is yet another thing that I will NEVER use again. Regardless, what I was stating is that my competency in Lateral design is more than adequate. I didn't really "think" I got 37 right. I knew I did. Anyway, the point is, there really isn't much else I can do to increase my competency. I understand the stuff. It's like addition to me now. I don't really know how I could possibly get better at addition. I don't know how I could get better at this exam. I honest to apples do not know how I could not have passed... I swear, as shitty as my luck is, it's perfectly possible that I had the wrong scantron sheet and someone from Alabama is walking around with a damn unearned SE right now. I am THAT confident I understand what the fuck I'm doing.
  6. I hear ya. It's just that I've got this stuff now. I had it when I took the test. My time was pretty decent too so there really isn't room for much improvement there. There really isn't anything much I could do for preparation other than go through the AASHTO a little better. I legitimately have (2) years of studying for this thing for (8) months out of the year approximately 16 hours a week. That's almost 1100 to 1200 hours of my life wasted on this. I realize seeing that number is almost unbelievable but just the coursework I've been through amounted to 195 hours and the test alone now is 32 hours. That's an awful lot of family time/sleep/movie watching/video game playing time to have lost. Almost (3) months of my life where every waking second would've been spent with my nose in a book or my head in a classroom for 16 hours a day! Like I said previously, I don't know what options I have because I DO NOT know why I failed. I did not feel tripped up 17 times in the morning. I felt tripped up twice and there was a third problem that was a little iffy (I thought I had it) but I thought that still gave me a huge buffer for passing (estimated as 9 to 10 problems I could've failed and still passed). I passed all of EET's coursework, problems, handouts, etc. no problem. Generally made 80% or higher on them and I felt a lot of their content was equal to or harder than the actual exam. I spent a little time trying to get the last three problems right after completion but I did notice the fact that the listed answers of the morning problems that I knew tripped me up were legitimate multiples of the actual answer. What this means (to me anyway) is, their problems are specifically set up to avoid elimination of easily identifiable incorrect answers. I couldn't find a way to backsolve the two that I knew got me because there were no outlying answers so to speak. At least 37 of the answers I calculated worked out almost exactly. Maybe it's like that Kung Fu parody movie where the master intentionally taught that one guy incorrect Kung Fu so he would constantly get beat down except I was the one learning Kung Fu except instead of Kung Fu it was Structural Engineering and instead of getting beat down it was failing the SE lateral. Oh fartsicles, Now I'm upset again.
  7. I appreciate the input. I didn't really have much trouble though, I finished the morning a few minutes early and estimated 38/40 correct but the scores came back 23/40 and figured I had acceptable on all 4 in the afternoon but came back with A A A I/R. I really don't understand it. I didn't struggle with hardly anything in the morning, just a couple of bridge problems. I still can't understand exactly how this happened, but I know the cold formed steel problem was marked wrong and I was 100% sure I got that one as I pulled the information directly out of the AISI. It was something about a steel deck. Either these problems were way trickier than I thought (I saw a few tricks but missing 15 additional problems seems unlikely), my tick marks beside skipped problems and/or some checked and changed answers screwed the scantron (I've applied for manual verification so at least I can eliminate this upon receipt), or I misbubbled somewhere after skipping problems prior to going back and picking them up. I suspect I likely misbubbled as I went through code by code. I had around 10 to 15 minutes of review as well. I don't know, man. I'm really frustrated by this. The knowledge I have concerning this stuff now certainly isn't reflected in an UNACCEPTABLE score.
  8. I still wonder why in the hell the grading process is so secretive. Every class I’ve ever taken told us what would be weighted to which degree and roughly how the items were scored. I don’t know where the harm is in letting us know. Shame. Maybe I’m operating from ignorance, but I doubt other licensure boards are this secretive and arduous.
  9. If anyone has trouble with dynamic analysis, this book kicks Uranus. It’s not a YUGE part of the exam (yuge courtesy of my favorite Mr. Cheeto Man), but it has been on every exam I’ve taken in some form or another.
  10. I’ve taken School of PE and EET. Both were for the lateral portion of the exam. Both helped me in different ways and had their merits. I would have to say of the courses that EET was the most in depth and gave me the most benefit, though. In full disclosure , I did take EET live and School of PE was on demand. I would definitely recommend taking a live course too. The feedback from the instructors is instrumental to success in my opinion. Just be careful come test as apparently a review course can’t save you from yourself.
  11. @Nathan55@TehMightyEngineer As far as passing when I felt I was capable, I should've passed last October. I was really close. As far as this last exam, after 2 review courses and 2 years of study, I know this shit like the back of my hand. I probably got the I/R on steel because I was running short on time and either made a math mistake or skipped something. It's funny because by far I consider steel, wood, and masonry far easier in seismic design than concrete. Doesn't matter, I know them all now. The fact of the matter is, something else screwed up. I either got off on the bubbling or the scantron read my tick marks for skipped questions. I've paid for and requested a manual verification but I highly suspect I screwed the bubbling up. Maybe by the grace of @YAZRABADI's God, it was just my tick marks on the bridge problems and a few of the harder problems as that would likely be about 12 of problems I ran into, wrote a tick mark, and came back to. There were a couple answer changes as well. I could handle missing a few I thought I got right, but at the level of understanding I have on this material now, 15 is simply not statistically probable. I was guessing 38/40. For reference, last October exam I missed 5 more than I thought I had and I was MUCH better prepared this time. It's taken me about 2 years but I have been through every material code book, the SEAOC books, the IBC and ASCE, taken both the School of PE and the EET Lateral courses, and read/studied/solved problems in a couple text books that I picked up online for dynamic analysis. Hell, I can calculate Finite Elements, vibrations, resonant frequencies, and (least of all) perform Modal Analysis in my sleep. I know all there is to know in the material codes about the yielding mechanisms for the steel seismic lateral systems (as well as when to use expected vs omega vs design strengths), concrete systems, masonry reinforcement requirements, and wood subscript (inappropriate butt touching) gotcha provisions. I may not necessarily have the equations memorized, but I know exactly what needs to be done to achieve a proper hysteric diagram and I've even learned linear dash-pot damping for shits and giggles. All this to say, shit yeah I should've passed this last time, but I have the worst luck in the universe. If probability gives me a 50/50 shot at something, I swear my odds are more like 90/10 against my favor. Maybe more. I honestly think one of my ex's has delved into Voodoo and is stabbing my effigy every night before she goes to bed and every morning when she wakes up. I can't think of any explanation other than that and my leg is hurting as I type this. I don't necessarily believe it is economic as I am perfectly satisfied with my afternoon score or I would've lawyered up as I certainly believe the grading is inconsistent. Not much I can do about the multiple choice. You either got it or you didn't. Just wish I knew if mine were in a wad at the end of the exam because of the whole bubbling issue. Who knows, maybe I'll win the lottery and it was just my errant tick marks that made the scantron scream in anguish. May be doubtful, but a man can dream.
  12. Almost in the same situation as you. Passed vertical first try, can't get through lateral to save my life despite the fact I fully believe I am more than competent in the subject now. I originally applied in GA but they deleted my original application after denying reciprocity (because they are GA I guess) and I didn't trust them to get me registered so I went to Alabama. Alabama has one of the best and most responsive boards I've dealt with. You can call them and the BOARD answers, not the crappy SOS as in GA. Alabama will let you test there. My suggestion is resister there. GA absolutely sucks in comparison. AL may not like abortion (I really don't either, but maybe it's because I was born in Bama), but they are at least engineering friendly.
  13. @TehMightyEngineer The following items are what I've gained from study of this exam: Gravity - absolutely nothing but I've been designing for around 14 years now. More if you count side work during graduate school. Lateral - I learned a few things. First, I specifically learned special seismic detailing after paying out the ass for it as nobody in the southeast uses it. Second, I've learned that the older I get, the worse I am at these shitty licensure exams as I've never came close to failing an exam before in my life and I've now failed this one (4) fucking times. Third, I can't tell what most of the problems on that report are but I remember pulling everything from the cold formed framing directly out of the AISI and somehow that was still marked as incorrect (I missed 15 more problems than I anticipated on the morning section, something isn't right there. I'm concerned I may have screwed my bubbling up because of the bridge problems I skipped, I'll never know though, because fuck NCEES.), I don't trust my licensing organizations, the state board, or the NCEES themselves anymore and I will harbor a FUCKING hatred of all of these fucking fuckers for the rest of my fucking career. Fourth, GA is retarded for accepting this test as the only means of licensure for a glorified fucking house designer (myself). Fifth, this has made me ponder why it is easier and easier to become a contractor while code requirements on engineers are getting more stringent. Sixth, this has made me wonder why the fuck I became an engineer in the first place as I believe I've been caught in the middle of something I should've been grandfathered in on, FUCK NCEES again and the GA board. Seventh, why keep changing the damn codes? This is getting fucking ridiculous all of you fucking fuck code changing fuckers. We aren't having failures from the older codes. FUCK. Eighth, I now wonder why the boards keep adopting these new codes and why any state would make this test their only route to licensure when they aren't even a seismic state. Ninth, I hate NCEES 3000. Tenth, I hate the GA board ∞. Eleventh, I now know how to make infinity on the keyboard (ALT + 236). Twelfth, engineers don't make enough money to go through this horse shit so the fucking boards had better be careful, otherwise they aren't going to have any fucking engineers. Thirteenth, how in the absolute fucking fucktardation can you fail someone on a God Damn competency exam when they absolutely fucking showed that they were competent with written problems? That's a rhetorical question. FUCK. Last, I think I'm going to become a God Damn contractor as they make twice as much as engineers and they can apparently eat fucking paint chips while doing so because those fuckers are stupid.
  14. I'm ordering a manual verification of the morning. I had several errant scratches from bouncing around problems.
  15. I appreciate the sentiment, but I really don't need help with anything. The test is what needs help. I am perfectly competent to practice this bullshit.
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