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  1. Err body done furgot bout me.
  2. My GA PE was denied reciprocity (because GA sucks) and was told they do NOT accept Civil/Structural PE licensure as anyone that works with structures must have the new 16 hour SE exam if you were licensed after January 1, 2011.
  3. I had no issues with New York, but it was a 6 month turnaround time. I have the secretary renew licenses too.
  4. Well for any other structural engineers out there, my PE Civil/Structural was allowed to reciprocate to Colorado and North Carolina. This brings my total to North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Colorado, and New York. Oddly, Georgia is the only state in the union I've had trouble with and nothing here is above Seismic Design Category C. I really super hate the Georgia Board.
  5. I just do my business in the sink. It’s more or less clean since guys don’t use them.
  6. Internet, you’re so silly.
  7. Hah. Haha. Mwhuahahahahahahahaha!
  8. I am still burning the candle at both ends. Sorry I’m not being very talkative...
  9. @vhab49_PE@tj_PE I'm sure it has to be composite. It's the only feasible explanation. I mean, I am retarded, but I am able to calculate section properties. Without doing destructive demo, I don't have a solution for anticipating the gypcrete compressive strength, the tee attachments, or even the tee size. I am just going to reinforce the bajeebus out of it with steel bar stock or require the owner to perform destructive testing. For (10) 50' span joists, I'm not sure what would be cheaper.
  10. I definitely like the spiders/burn it down idea. Design it for whatever, get paid, and light a fire. No liability/no problem.
  11. @tj_PE I appreciate the input. I did eventually find Macomber and it does "favor" one, but it appears to be a competitor as the profile I have doesn't match anything in their manual. It's just one of those situations where I'm stuck. I've calculated all the section properties for the joists and backed out the loading from this. The closest section to my joists in the Macomber manual gives an allowable loading of roughly 134plf and the joist I have back calculated to 140plf so I have a feeling I at least have the material designation right. The issue I have is that dead load alone is almost this high. It appears these joists were actually only designed for dead load unless there is some kind of composite action I am not aware of with the gypsum tees. Either way, it's the first time I've encountered this.
  12. @RBHeadge PE I'll play. Serious note. Is anyone licensed in Colorado? Do they accept Civil/Structural Licenses or only SE licenses?
  13. I wanted to drop in and wish everyone a marvelous Monday as you get your work weeks started. @tj_PE, you're still my hero. @leggo PE I hope you are enjoying this time of your life, even if you are an evil Scorpio hell bent on world destruction. Scorpio's need love too. At least you had the good sense to marry an Aries (the bestest sign in all the Zodiacs). Side tangent, but I seriously wonder if Aries and Thor were based upon the same deities and modified throughout time with retelling. Anywho, Aries came first and I find the Greek civilization absolutely fascinating. @RBHeadge PE and @JayKay0914, I apologize for leaving you guys out earlier. I think both of you are awesome as well.
  14. Just wanted you guys to know that you're all awesome. @vhab49_PE@Roarbark@NikR@tj_PE@chart94@ptatohed @leggo PE
  15. What in the devil, woman! I was actually about to help you as you have (2) votes against you.
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