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  1. Just wanted you guys to know that you're all awesome. @vhab49_PE@Roarbark@NikR@tj_PE@chart94@ptatohed @leggo PE
  2. What in the devil, woman! I was actually about to help you as you have (2) votes against you.
  3. Chaosmuppet is also definately not mafia, but has been and still is very very busy so (sadly) will not be heavily involved or provide you guys with shenanigans. @Roarbark pm me with your preferred alcoholic beverage and where you want it sent.
  4. I don't want to be your friend anymore...
  5. But what if she is definitely the mafia?
  6. I've ran across a manufactured joist that I've never seen before and it has me slightly confused. I've tried to back out an allowable loading using both A7 and A36 steel as this transition occurred while poured gypcrete roofing was being used, however, neither steel designation gives me anything close to what I anticipate the design loading should be. I've checked and double checked the section properties and the chord shapes appear to be formed from one piece. I've incorporated a sketch for reference. If you've seen anything like this before, please tell me what you can about it. Preferably, I'd like to know the manufacturer of joists of this type. I suspect the structure was built in the early 60's in the Atlanta area.
  7. TBH, that's the first time anyone has ever called me normal. I'm flattered.
  8. That's pretty much how I get to work every morning.
  9. Naw, girl. I'm just gangsta.
  10. Just imagine something I would say and put it there.
  11. Maybe outside of what I do, other languages are better. If there was another language that was linked to excel, it would probably be what I would use. For now, I've written some pretty nifty spreadsheets with VBA to avoid purchasing post tension programs and programs like enercalc. I love the fact that I don't have to program GUI's to go with it as the excel sheet already functions as my GUI. I don't understand where you can go wrong there, other than not having the feeling of superiority for learning fortran or python, VB actually does excellent work. If I had lots of shiny graphics, I'd try to learn the C languages again but oh well. VB ftw. Forgot to mention that I'm super peeved about every conceivable program under the sun going subscription based. What happened to the days when you bought something you owned it?
  12. I just prefer my VBA coding in excel sheets. It’s easy enough to write simple code there and I can actually name cells as my variables rather than having prompts. I diddled with C++ for a bit but I can’t remember all the symbols. Basic may be slightly slower in some instances, but it’s also much easier to remember the commands rather than punching in all those random characters that half retards like me can’t remember. On another note, if I fail the SE Lateral again, I may just promote myself to full retard.
  13. I can’t even remember when I weighed 180lbs. It would’ve been over 20 years ago. My shoulders are as wide as a Mongolian that tried to reproduce asexually though. I weighed 210 in the military while running around 40 miles a week and around 220 in my brief MMA career (being on the light side of heavyweight sucks, btw). People always say little guys are faster and hit harder. I say those people have never been hit in the face by a 300 lb monster. I did have abs then, though. I miss those guys. When I married, they said “screw it,” and left me to fend for myself armed with only my puny personality. It’s like carrying a pocketknife into a gun fight... Anywho, I’m pushing 270 now. We should all have a weight loss competition and see who can defatify themselves the most over the next few months.
  14. Someone needs to write a rap song parody called "Moderators" to the beat of Warren G's "Regulators". Ok guys, you talked me into it. I'll be back soon...
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