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  1. I emailed and left a voice message yesterday but have yet to hear anything back. I thought this was normal until I read that people who passed their last exam like myself were posted on 3/29. I wonder what's going on
  2. I found out I passed seismic (last of my 3 exams) on 3/18/19. Also submitted Notice of Successful Examination to the board on 3/18/19. But I'm still not posted on DCA. Anyone in the same boat? Anyone pass their last exam on 3/18/19 and posted on DCA?
  3. I'm not sure how to derive to the according intensity value but the plot is based on a curve. 5.9 in/hr was derived through linear interpolation so I think another method would need to be used to derive to the needed intensity value. I'm just not sure which method to use..
  4. Any update to how long it took you to get processed?
  5. I just found out that I passed all 3 exams. Is my only step to send out the notice of successful examination to the board and wait to be processed? Thanks!
  6. @aeriekah When did you take the exam? I just took the exam and found it challenging
  7. I'd recommend watching the Oct 2018 recordings and work all the practice problems/exams. After that's completed, you'll have a feel of your strengths and which subjects need additional study time. When the Apr 2019 recordings come out, I'd focus watching the lectures on your weaker subjects and continue practice problems in those areas. I don't think there is a need to watch the entire lectures for both Oct and Apr lectures, but rather focus on your weaker areas the second go around.
  8. I was approved for 1st quarter on Dec. 31. Still waiting on Prometric also.
  9. Do you remember the date you submitted your application and check? I submitted mine on Nov. 19 and still haven't received anything. Getting worried.
  10. For the seismic exam, the references I could really see myself using are EET's Fundamentals of Seismic Analysis and Design of Buildings, ASCE 7, and the IBC. I think these 3 books covers almost all of the exam. Are there any other references of significance that I should bring/consider?
  11. Anybody in CA receive their approval/authorization to sign up for quarter 1 examinations yet?
  12. Does the ID vary by cycle or can I use my ID from a previous cycle? I can't find my most recent Authorization to Test letter
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