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  1. Nashi

    Studying for Protection

    Unfortunately I don't have solutions manual. The quizzes they give you answers for at the back of book. but the end of the chapter questions I cant find the solution to check mine. Its frustrating.
  2. Nashi

    Complex Imaginary Volume 2 Problem 5

    I just did the 2nd test and I don't remember getting stuck on this one. I'm going to look at it when I get home. I looked at the 2011 post you attached and the question stated if breakers 1, 3 and 6 tripped what breakers most likely failed if there's a fault at pt D? The way I understand it is the primary means of protection for the line at pt D is breakers 5 and 6. For 1 and 3 to have tripped Breakers 2, 4 and 5 failed.
  3. Nashi

    Studying for Protection

    I didn't do well on protection last time. I'm working my way through the book "Fundamentals of Power System Protection"... there are actual problems in it. Also, I'm working on Zach's problems and the problems in the study guides. They can give you math and conceptual problems.
  4. Nashi


    Hi, I came across your post when I did search to see if anybody was able to locate the solutions manual for the electromechanical energy devices and power systems. I was unsuccessful in finding the solutions manual. I wish it came with the book. Are you willing to sell your solutions manual? Thanks in advance
  5. Nashi

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    Sorry my son has been sick so I haven't opened the cart (I left all my books in the cart in the garage after the Oct test). I will try to check tonight.
  6. Nashi

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    I will check the copyright year when I go home...I bought them from their website before the October 2018 exam. Putting a reminder in my phone.
  7. The Engineering pro guide helped me so much when I was studying. Will we receive an email on updates to the guide? Thank you so much
  8. Nashi

    My Power PE Experience

    Thank you for your advice. I got the "Fundamentals of Power System Protection" book but late in my studying...I did a few problems out of the book but wish I had more time. I definitely will spend more time on studying the book. I don't have any work experience with relay protection, can suggest any other references that might help? Zach's course was very helpful learning the basics for sure. I did well on the Code Questions. Do you have reference suggestions for batteries? Thanks again
  9. Nashi

    NY State

    Congrats to all that passed:)
  10. Nashi

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    I got 8 out of the 12 codes correct too. I remember one I spent at too msuch time on because it was tricky as the first part of the question made you think you had more work to do and then the second portion of the question made it seem you had significantly less work to do once to found the item in the code. Tricky tricky but I knew I got a good number of codes right leaving the test. If I take in April my preparation will be to predominantly do practice exams and practice problems in the areas I did really bad in...transmission and protection. But you know I had a good protection book that I did problems on but not as many problems that I should have. Ladder logic was something new for me but I am familiar with normally open and normally closed components so when i took Zach's course I picked up on that very well. Also rotating machines I had very little experience in because my job I work on low voltage systems. But I did very well on rotating machines.
  11. Nashi

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Yes the transmission and protection got me too. The NCEES practice problems review won't do me any good because I didn't have a problem doing those problems. So I don't know which resource to get more practice problems to improve those areas. I will have to do some research...maybe there are better references to get some more practice problems.
  12. Nashi

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Aww my little guy is 3 years old too:) It was difficult when he would come into my office and say Mama, lets go play, come on Mama...i would play with him a little and come back but would be up late after everyone went to sleep. I was only able to get 2.5 practice exams done...engineering pro guide, ncees and part of the graffeo exam. It isn't necessary at my job for me to have but I have two engineers reporting to me and I know eventually it will be expected of me. Its a goal as well for me...I got the FE in 2002 5 months after graduating bc at the time I didn't realize I could take it while in school. I kept putting off taking PE exam and the years flew by. I had to reteach myself everything I forgot but because it takes so long to get approval to sit for exam it ate into time I had. Also there was material I never learned but I didnt better than I thought I would. I really want to try again but the time needed is the problem.
  13. Nashi

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Yes hopefully. Not sure if I can devote yet more time on top of what I did this time...it was extremely stressful having my husband take on so much. I have to decide if I will do it again.
  14. Nashi

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Hi guys, just got home and saw the email...didn't pass either:( Question...where do find your overall score...I'm looking at it on my phone so maybe I overlooked it.
  15. Nashi

    NY State

    I thought I would come back to everyone saying results were released but nope! Looks like tomorrow it is