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  1. I have to do phone interviews but I just want to drink my coffee and think about vacation.
  2. More opportunity and $$. but mostly $$
  3. It was ugly because it didn't give me the pass:)
  4. It was an all blue pencil I remember but they didn't let us keep it. It was ugly anyway..if I had it I would give it to you.
  5. Nope not in the room and the proctor said its Castle rules. but there are different rules at each testing site. I had a headache during the morning and afternoon session even after taking advil before each session. It should have been ok for me to leave the water bottle in the front with the proctor and then go up and get sips of water when I needed to. That's crazy construction going on while taking the test. The room I was in was next to a kitchen so we heard dishes and talking for a good amount of time during the test.
  6. Oh no thats horrible. just thinking about that. I had (3) calculators with me..I woulda totally gave him the calculator. The proctor said you can only have two on the desk. I said ok and put my extra away and then in front of everyone she was like youre not allowed to have water so I ran outside to put my water bottle outside. See at the previous test I was able to keep my water up front with the proctor and take sips there in the front if I needed to but not this time. There were people who never showed up to the test that were registered. The guy in front of me had the whole desk to himself because a person never showed up.
  7. Oh wow..haha...good to know. And I thought NY winters were bad.
  8. I always wanted to go to Maine...eventually but not in winter. Luckily its not snowing here in NY. We are headed to Bermuda on a cruise:) I'm looking forward to the pink sand and the caves.
  9. I totally understand...especially when you double back on a problem you put off on the first go to get the easier ones and then you run out of time to get the more involved problems you know you would get if you had more time. Yes a brain break is will come back refreshed to tackle the other work...where are you guys heading to?
  10. Haha yeah the only delta and wye he would be worried about is the delta in the amount of food on his plate or "why" his toys are missing in the living room:) I understand...plant that ass:) and just stare off into the distance. I plan to watch my son play in the water and just be a mama for once. He has been visiting me in the spare room which I grew to hate because it represents the study lair I've been stuck in as time just miraculously flew by every day I studied. I haven't gone in there since the day before the test:P Enjoy your well deserved trip:)
  11. I know I looked up a few topics I remembered too. It was such a lively dream and my toddler was kicking in his dreams and I was like is he also dreaming about the PE:) Nice...something fun to look forward to. Our little guy is going with us..its an anniversary celebration trip.
  12. Wow that was quick. That's why its good to book a small get away to take your mind off it. I keep having dreams about the problems...nothing a short trip wont cure.
  13. Yes I took it in October 2018 and I felt the same way. Maybe its because I was more prepared this time that I feel differently. However, there were questions on this one that I had no resources for to make a good guess.
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