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  1. I like the fault analysis and NEC. I have the least experience with Protection which is no bueno.
  2. NY released just now
  3. @JayKay0914, you never received an email regarding your results?
  4. Yeah I woulda totally used your yogurt if it was in the fridge:) haha I found some mayo packets though:) Yay
  5. I will definitely try the guac idea...sounds so good. I think I might be able to find small packets of mayo on the second floor break room...barely giving me enough mayo but enough to make it taste good.
  6. haha...I'm sure everyone loves the smell of fish in the break room:) I could sprinkle in some salt and pepper and lemon or I could stone soup it and look to see if someone has plain yogurt. I've put yogurt in before and it was good.
  7. I'm disappointed in thrones...I wanted to learn more about the white walkers and I didn't want Danerys to go all mad queen. Also disappointed in Cersei's demise.
  8. I looked in the one has any mayo. My early riser son woke while I was getting ready and I was taking care of him and I completely forgot to grab the mayo. I need to get better about making lunches at night before bed but last night I had to watch thrones.
  9. I always forget my lunch too or I forget part of it. Today I managed to remember to grab the tuna but forgot the mayo...I have soup and pb and j here as a last resort. I really want yucca fries with spicy sauce.
  10. Ive only tried pad thai when I had thai food. Sometimes its awesome...when they make it in a wok. I thought I found a good place for it and then the next time I went it wasn't good. I asked them what they did wasn't made in a ruined pad thai for me.
  11. its chocolate espresso chunks:) I haven't had it in a long time...its hard to find it in the supermarket by me. My husband has better luck finding it for me:) I'm texting him now..haha
  12. Ben and Jerry's Coffee Buzz Buzz good
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