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  1. So, since the results were released yesterday, I mailed out the form and check. It should be delivered today (03/19) Will I be able to re-take the test in the 2nd quarter? Or will I have to wait until the 3rd quarter to re-take, considering it's almost the end of the first quarter?
  2. Beats me, really. But I'll take it again. I know I was agonizingly close. Hopefully next time will do the trick. Just don't know what to do differently this time round in terms of prep.
  3. I took the Surveying Test in February and found out yesterday that I did not pass. If I can remember properly, I walked out of that test feeling I had done enough to pass. (Was 100% confident on 35-37, educated guesses on 7-9 and blind guesses on the rest due to lack of time mostly) My diagnostic reads: Marginal, Proficient, Proficient, Deficient I am looking for any suggestions that anyone might have. I had taken a survey class about 6 years ago in school, so it wasn't too hard to grasp concepts. I studied about 4 weeks, around 25 hours a week. I used Mansour Notes, bought the Reza workbook. Solved all problems in both these books (hard ones twice), and did pretty decently in all the practice tests (including a 43/55 in Reza's full length test in a timed exam setting). Still came out short. I know I am close, but apart from managing time, what else do I need to do? Disheartening because I thought I had everything covered. Thanks for the help. Cheers!
  4. I'm waiting on surveying too. It's going to be one long grueling wait with the lunch break round the corner.
  5. Hey, may be Prometric or the board lost all the recorded answers somehow, and we all passed?
  6. Ughhhh! What is happening?? It's a CBT for god's sake!
  7. Possible. But test results in September and November last year were released at 3:38 PM and 2:53 PM, so there's still hope today.
  8. I took that test twice too. April 2018 was much harder for me because of the plethora of wood and CMU questions on that test. I don't deal with those materials as part of my job, hence the performance. Besides there were quite a few code look-up questions that I wasted time searching for those things in the code. Second time around (October 2018), I solved a lot more problems (like a lot more), got intimately familiar with all codes (ACI, AISC Steel Manual, MSJC, ASCE, NDS, IBC, PSC Code). I was lucky the test was more geared towards concrete and steel with a few wood and CMU questions. I was also able to quickly find the code look-up things this time. The index for these codes is your best friend really. To answer your question, the structural depth specifications cover such a wide array of topics in structural engineering, it's really hard to draw a comparison between the practice tests and the real thing. But if you got a 30, I think you should be good (not considering any other factors on test day that may cause you to crush that test or do worse). Make sure you do the AM well and carry that confidence/momentum into the afternoon. Lastly, I would say it's all down to luck on that day. The best you can do is to stay calm and focus. Use the multiple passes approach (really helped me with time management), and bring your codes, you will most certainly need em. Good luck!
  9. Oh HELL YES, scrape of the wax. Just the other day I bought an apple from a grocery store (that shall remain unmentioned) and ate it a day later. It tasted absolutely DISGUSTING. Like I was eating plastic or something. Pretty sure it was the wax they apply to give it a shiny/polished appearance. So much so that it's transitioned from being my favorite fruit to not wanting to even look at the rest of em lying in my fridge.
  10. Lol, no,no. Don't worry about it. Either ways, I'm borderline and it'll be fun to see how I did. Also, I don't sweat or get anxious over waiting for exam results. So I was kinda not being very serious when I said I'm nervous. I will still take that beer though.
  11. Oh wow, how close were you in your survey first attempt, if you felt good on 37 of them? Makes me really nervous now.
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