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  1. Subject to completion of all requirements (examinations and application), license numbers are released every other Friday. The last set was released on June 7th, so the next set will be put on June 21st.
  2. Anyone's license number showing up? I was told June 7th is when the next set will be released.
  3. Try and get the Reza workbook. I did all the problems in the book about 2-3 times, some of them even 4-5 times. Saw quite a few similar problems on the test. Easily the most representative of the test. Good luck!
  4. I was able to get in touch with someone working at the board. Turns out they messed up. My license number will now be generated next cycle on June 7th. How frustrating!
  5. I still don't show up. Anyone else on the same boat?
  6. Congratulations! Nothing yet for me. My friend whose last name starts with an S also got his number issued this morning. What’s the first letter of your last name, if you don’t mind me asking?
  7. Yeah, could be the case. Suspect the people in charge of allocating license numbers took the whole week off. To make it a "memorial" one. Damn.
  8. Celebrating the PE license (almost). Also the promotion/pay raise at work. Temecula. Bottomless Mimosas. Bar hopping. All on different days.
  9. I really thought today was going to be the day. I've emailed them and I don't expect them to reply today. So let's see....
  10. Anyone's license number showing up yet?
  11. Oh now that I read your entire post, my question is answered. Ill consider taking my SE there in 3 years time.
  12. Congrats! Also, how the hell did you receive a free lunch? Are a privileged NCEES member?
  13. Not yet. The new set of numbers will be generated on Friday May 24th if you passed all exams this cycle.
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