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  1. Oh now that I read your entire post, my question is answered. Ill consider taking my SE there in 3 years time.
  2. Congrats! Also, how the hell did you receive a free lunch? Are a privileged NCEES member?
  3. Not yet. The new set of numbers will be generated on Friday May 24th if you passed all exams this cycle.
  4. Sorry mate, was just super excited for my license. Still am!
  5. So license numbers are generated every other Friday? If they were generated on April 26th and then on May 10th, the next lot will be processed on May 24th, correct?
  6. All information about EET can be found here. http://www.eetusa.com/
  7. Orca2552_PE


    Congratulations, fellow Californian (about to be) PE's!! Now for the state exams if you haven't passed those already. For the one's that didn't make it, this is do-able. You got it next time.
  8. Sorry to hear. Try and figure out your weak areas in both the tests. If they are more or less the same, spend ample time solving more problems in those knowledge areas. If they differ between the two tests, consider enrolling for an online course (EET is the best in my opinion) if you haven't already taken one. Also if you're comfortable with it, start a new thread and post your diagnostic reports. A lot of people will be willing to help out.
  9. Orca2552_PE


    Don't do that. You are going to have to deal with the board and its inefficiencies quite a bit in the future. Don't want to piss them off. I know how restless you feel waiting for results, but whatever it is, it will get resolved soon.
  10. Orca2552_PE


    Just relax guys. You all got this.
  11. 1. Surveying (2nd try) 2. 48 3. 4 4. 3 5. Pass
  12. Yes they will. But the CA board authorizes NCEES to release results. That will happen tomorrow morning when NCEES opens and before Californians wake up. Same thing happened in October 2018.
  13. Orca2552_PE


    October 2018 was more or less the same scenario for California. Did not receive the results on Day 1 with the majority of the other states. Someone called the board at 3 or 4 pm PT and was told that NCEES was already authorized to release results by the board. But NCEES closes at 2 PM PT, so the result email was received at 5:15 AM (PT) the next day. You guys will have it before you wake up (that is if you can sleep tonight) Good luck!
  14. You will find out your scores from the diagnostic test report that accompanies your "Fail" result only. Simply add the number of correct answers for each category.
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