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    NJ Dual PLS/PE Licensure

    @youngmotivatedengineer I have already taken and passed the PS exam. My request was directed at @Larry, since he mentioned a specific reference manual for the NJ state-specific portion. I did find it on another forum, along with a post from someone saying that the NJSPLS informed him that NJ has eliminated the state-specific exam. The document is found here: https://docslide.net/documents/entmanual.html I am glad I found it. I know I will read and study it, in case this person's intel is wrong. Also, there is good information to apply in practice.
  2. Lady PE

    NJ Dual PLS/PE Licensure

    Thanks for your input, Larry. I am well aware of the degree requirements. My post did not indicate, but I am currently taking surveying classes. NJIT's program was not perfect for me, however. Many of the classes are not available online and the commute would have been too tough on my family and me. Plus, they looked at my transcript and told me that I'd need like 53 surveying credits and a couple other classes in economics and business management. There were also labs scheduled for Saturdays between 9 - 2. No thanks. I had to try to find another way. There are a few online programs. In fact, the NJ Society of Professional Licensed Surveyors (NJSPLS) was promoting the University of Maine online program at their last SurvCon event. I plan to get a master's degree, but I'm not quite there. With no actual "x amount of survey credits" written into the rules, I just decided to apply with my BSCE and the surveying credits I have now. If they decline, maybe I can get some guidance on how much surveying education would be adequate. I think it would be silly to require an applicant to get a second bachelor's degree. I'm sure that is not the SPIRIT intended by the new statute. They were just trying to assure that people had formal surveying education from a college program. We'll see. As for that reference, what is the name of the document? A quick search of that name does not show me any reference manuals. Maybe there is a private message feature where I can send you a Dropbox link?
  3. Lady PE

    NJ Dual PLS/PE Licensure

    I am currently going through the process. After passing the FS and PS in December 2017 and March 2018, I submitted my application to the board. I am flying blind because no one I know has applied for the PLS license in NJ in the last ten or more years. The licensed guys I know were grandfathered in before the four-year degree requirement. One guy did get his license after completing the degree at NJIT, but I don't know him that well. I ran into him one day and he didn't seem too willing to help when I asked him about the state-specific exam. He told me to check on the NJSPLS website. I did and found nothing. I find literally no hits when using Google to search 'NJ state specific surveying exam'. Similar searches without the 'NJ' yield plenty of results for other states' exams. Currently, I am a civil P.E., but have been running many of the survey jobs at my firm, so I need the credentials to go after bigger jobs with public agencies - especially when the PLS in-place retires. He's like 66 or so. He pretty much lets me run everything as long I keep him in the loop and consult him on legal issues. My checklist says 'Not Applicable' for the line item 'NJ State Specific Exam', but I don't quite trust that means that I don't have to take it. Other line items have been marked 'Not Applicable' only to be marked 'Complete' later. So if anyone seeing this post has anything to offer me for the state-specific NJ survey exam, please share.