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  1. Fissy_PE

    Cut Scores . Hopefully this will help you guys fix the cut score close to exact.
  2. No worries, I know you must have invested so much time with the determination to nail it but then you allowed 2 - 3 topics denied you of the green remark. I strongly believe your third attempt will be the game changer. You got this, GET THE WORKDONE!
  3. Guess you need to be IN now, cos people are seriously waiting for the return verdict.
  4. No. Texas only have scaled percent scores for Texas candidates only.
  5. Anyone with 90 and above for - PE Structural?
  6. Fissy_PE

    Texas Results

    You deserve accolades...
  7. We can also say 70% is the State of Texas adjusted percent cut score. Any score below 70 is fail.
  8. It is out.. Let 's see the trend for April 2019 PE exam
  9. @MiMeowTobyI absolutely second RB comments. You are PE already, but in attempt not to violate any state rules you only need to reference Texas PE. For the state you currently work, all you need is to transfer your Texas PE and follow the guides and policy of the state where you work on how to get this done.
  10. Fissy_PE

    Texas Results

    Congrats to those who pass this time and wishing others best of luck in next attempt
  11. Fissy_PE

    Texas Results

    Based on my experience in October 2018 and April 2018. Both came out in the morning, for October - Dec 6 i.e a day after the first release date, but April 2018 was in the 1st day release.
  12. Fissy_PE

    Texas Results

    I perceive you will be fine tomorrow.
  13. Fissy_PE

    Texas Results

    Texas dudes expect this latest by 10:45 am tomorrow.
  14. I can't imagine what was going thru your mind at the moment. But, one thing is - DON'T EVER GIVE UP!
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