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  1. You are right. I tried it as well and it's all red...saying exam of this type has already been passed. Then my question is how does other people that claimed to be PE in two or three different disciplines registered for the exams?
  2. This assumption I guess is not right based on OCT 2018 PE Structure thread - Oct 2018 Failing scores. Why ? here is someone comment in the thread: And also there is another person that did Oct 2018 PE Construction with 49/80 with a Texas score of 69 in the same thread. Meaning that 50 is actually the cut score for both Oct 2018 PE structure and Construction. But I am strongly convinced that NCEES has never got below 50 in history and apparently will not based on the April 2018 PE Structure exam difficulty and performances.
  3. IMO no matter level of difficulty any exam period was in the past, and apparently in the future I don't think the cut score had been/will be less than 50. However, relying on the margin grace of cut score is a dangerous game, I think the best approach that worked for me is to nail it and set a standard cut score of 60/80 for yourself before attempting the exam and by this, one will be able to cover all areas to be tested and of course chilling and relaxing when others are panicking during the wait period.
  4. Most civilized engineers are Civil, the integrity of others are questionable..
  5. To you and all other repeat test takers, let me first let you know that my Texas score attempts (PE - Structural) were 59 -1st attempt, 66-2nd attempt and 82-3rd attempt in a row, my advice is that you guys just need to be calmed and focused for the few days remaining and even during the exam. don't try to think about the last two unsuccessful attempts during the exam instead be more cautious, accurate and fearless. Remember F.E.A.R is False Evidences Appearing Real. You have all studied hard and deserve to come out successful this time. Best.
  6. @Mech_april2019, 1. I don't recollect if there is any water station close to the testing hall but in the exam hall I saw people with bottled water meaning that you can come in with one - Proctors allowed. 2. Your wrist-watch must be worn on you and not allowed to be placed on the table, ID must be current - A guy sitting next to me in OCT 2018 exam was sent out for having an expired ID, Wallet is to be kept in your vehicle - only your ID and exam pass. 3. Yes, you can bring in as many book as you want - I used two big luggage and one shouldered bag ( mind you I took Civil-Structural PE exam) into the exam hall. I guess Mechanical reference materials might not be as much though. 4. Restrooms not far from testing hall. You should be fine. 5. An hour lunch break will be given. 6. Yes no writing materials is allowed. You ll be provided with pencil that has eraser and you are only allow to write in the question booklet and not in your reference materials. 7. You are only allow to use the NCEES pencil that will be provided in the exam hall. 8. Yes working table is big enough as far as I know to contain most of your relevant reference materials to be used for each exam section. In addition, you will also have space around you on the ground to keep your book carrier and you can easily pick up any reference if need be. Wishing you and all April 2019 text takers success.
  7. I will second the comments made by Mo84. The fact is structural depth in Oct 2018 was way easier than that of April 2018. I wrote the two exams and after I finished Oct 18 exam I was questioning myself while the exam was so much easy for me to the point that I was thinking I am going to make about 90 Texas score. That was my third attempt in a row and I said to myself after the exam that If I fail this time I can never pass PE structural exam again. Be advised that NCEES is not consistent with the exam difficulty and structural depth is wide and covers so much scope that NCEES will never ever repeat/re-frame any question concepts. For this reason, if you know and that you know you want to pass the exam in one sitting you need to cover as much as you can in accordance with the NCEES exam guides. Wishing all April 2019 test takers the best.
  8. IMO, they are just informing you that your PE application is administratively completed and is moving onto technical review which is the last review for decision making.
  9. Due to December holidays and several applications received by TBPE, administrative review took 38 days from the date I submitted application. Technical review was just 2 days.
  10. It's finally official, waited 40 days to have my Texas PE license # released today... what a rewarding journey!
  11. @Thuy TranYou are welcomed. Yes, special topic questions as you have mentioned are more likely too. it could be one to two line equations to get them solved or may be conceptual.
  12. @Thuy Tran It depends. Will April 2019 exam be your first attempt? If yes, then you’ll have to invest serious study time for 3 months you have to prepare. Sincerely, everything as far as NCEES exam guide is concern that you will need to brace yourself with. Based on my three attempts, each exam most especially the PM section differs. In fact, none of the questions were repeated. PE – Structural pm section is very wide in scope and be rest assured that there will be at least one question in masonry, wood, pre-stressed concrete, AASHTO brigde, loads: such as moving loads (influence line method preferably the best method – for calculating max. moments, shear at any point and support reactions), snow, wind, seismic, ice, rain, flood, diaphragms (flexible & rigid), lateral earth pressure, impact loads, load paths, e.t.c. ( I will recommend you get Structural Loads Textbook by David A. Fanella), Structural analysis: such as truss members, retaining wall (sliding & overturning F.O.S), max.&min. soil pressures, determinate and indeterminate beams ( need to know to what degree of indeterminacy or figure out the number of unknowns so as to guide you in choosing the easiest method of analysis like; conjugate beam, Slope-Deflection, consistent force method, three moment equations, moment distribution, and so on.), beam deflections, portal frames: force distribution to columns based on rigidities, stiffnesses, and or force – displacement compatibility e.t.c, axial stresses, shear stresses, bending stresses, torsional stresses, combined stresses say axial & bending or bending & torsional or bending & shear as the case maybe, Designs for (shear, axial, flexure, deflections, steel beam bearing e.t.c): steel and RC for beams, columns, column base plates, concrete bearing strengths, composite structures, anchor bolts capacities, spread footings (isolated and combined), piles, e.t.c. Hey, I just mentioned some common area of questions I can think of. THESE ARE NOT ALL A.O.C., You will need to practice as much as possible questions before the exam. All these are just for afternoon questions only. I will send you some materials (AM and PM) I have. Wishing you all the best in the April 2019 exam.
  13. @peskipiksi, I will send you too email shortly, I strongly believe believe you too will get a passing grade come April 2019.
  14. Sorry to hear that the October PE result didn't go the way you have expected. Sincerely, you were just a mark away....guess the cut score was 51. It will be my pleasure to be part of your success story in April 2019 PE exam. I will in-box you shortly on my gmail account...then we proceed from there.
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