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  1. This same exact topic was asked last year in October, and someone said if you get your survey early you failed. That statement haunted me every day as I was one of the first to get my surveys. I ended up passing, so please do not even read any of these responses lol
  2. Since I have passed the Oct 2018 Geo PE exam, I have been getting some people asking what I did and recommendations I have for them. So instead of just answering those individual people, I figured I would share with everyone. But let me also say that the people in this forum helped a lot in my success by providing me with great suggestions. Well, here is what I did: So it was actually my second time taking the Geo depth PE test, I took it first back in April of 2018 and missed the cut off by 2 questions. The thing that pushed me over the edge was the EET Geo depth course on top of the Test Master course that I had already taken for the April 2018 test. If you can't take both courses, I understand, so if I had to choose just one I would go with the Test Masters as it helps you with every subject. As far as the amount of time, I usually spent about 3 to 4 months studying, which consisted of about 2 hrs during the weekday, and about 4 hrs on the weekend (I didn't religiously stick to this, but I tried my best.) The first two months was completing the online courses and tabbing all of my reference materials, and the last two was working as many practice problems as I could. For my references, I got all of the ones NCEES suggests, the CERM, and then a little extra. The extra I recommend are the; "Geotechincal Engineers Portable Handbook, Second Edition", "A Dictionary of Construction, Surveying, and Civil Engineering (Oxford Quick Reference) by Christopher Gorse", "Principles of Foundation Engineering by Braja M. Das", and "Principles of Geotechnical Engineering by Braja M. Das" For my practice problems, I got the following material; "Practice Exams for the Civil PE Examination: Two practice exams (and solutions) geared towards the… by Dr. Indranil Goswami P.E.", "Civil Engineering PE Practice Exams: Breadth and Depth by Indranil Goswami", "Civil PE Practice Exam: Geotechnical Depth Version A by PE Prepared LLC", and "Civil PE Practice Exam: Geotechnical Depth Version B by PE Prepared LLC." That might be a little overkill on the practice tests for some people, but I wanted to work as many tests as I could. Also the last two weekends before the exam, I simulated an actual test by going to a study room for 8 hours and doing my full practice exams. I hope this info helps, and if you have any further questions please let me know.
  3. No lie. I also spoke with my father, head of NCEES. He confirmed it.
  4. I just called NCEES, they said if you received the survey already, that means your score was clearly above the cut line and that you will pass.
  5. This is why the internet is stressful lol. All of us test takers are over here dying, trolling is unacceptable!
  6. It has to be a coincidence. Why wouldn't all test takers in the state get the survey at the same time? Pass or Fail, you still get the survey.
  7. Lol this has to be a troll post
  8. I brought a seat cushion this past Friday that I specifically bought for the exam, it helped greatly. This is my second time taking the exam, and the seat cushion changed everything from a comfort stand point. No achy back or having to sit up high because of a short chair.
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