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  1. Nicoletta

    Texas Results

    PASSS!!! Geo
  2. Nicoletta


    No lie. I also spoke with my father, head of NCEES. He confirmed it.
  3. Nicoletta


    I just called NCEES, they said if you received the survey already, that means your score was clearly above the cut line and that you will pass.
  4. Nicoletta


    This is why the internet is stressful lol. All of us test takers are over here dying, trolling is unacceptable!
  5. Nicoletta


    It has to be a coincidence. Why wouldn't all test takers in the state get the survey at the same time? Pass or Fail, you still get the survey.
  6. Nicoletta


    Lol this has to be a troll post
  7. Nicoletta

    Seat Cushions

    I brought a seat cushion this past Friday that I specifically bought for the exam, it helped greatly. This is my second time taking the exam, and the seat cushion changed everything from a comfort stand point. No achy back or having to sit up high because of a short chair.