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  1. I was kinda hoping to be able to replace my EIT cert on my wall. But instead, I just hung my licence with magnets. haha
  2. They apparently had the wall certificate in 2017. My co-workers has one. I didn't get one of those though. Just the chincy pink/blue cert. Hey, at least it comes with a handy dandy WALLET card we can carry with us. 🤣
  3. Wife just told me I have a cert shaped envelope waiting for me at home. 👌🏻
  4. Mine is post dated as well. I just look at is as having been licensed for almost 2 months already, and haven’t killed anyone. 😂😂 I’ve also gotten all but my work history done for NCEES. I always wanted to do my amplified record over again, just in a more condensed form! 😂
  5. 5 months seems kinda weird. Also, I’ve been told (though haven’t confirmed) that we do not need PDHs in the first year. I’m accruing them anyway.
  6. That’s not cool! Any changes yet?
  7. I'm not actually sure when they started uploading. Based on what I have heard, licenses started popping up yesterday. So it hasn't really taken that long to get where they are. I'd be surprised if they don't get everyone out by EOD.
  8. AND....I'm licensed! Woot Woot
  9. OH BABY! I'm an H, so oh yea!!
  10. That’s great! Congrats!! Just checked mine, and still waiting!
  11. Mine says the same thing. That was what I had talked with them about, which lead to the 2 week comment. My understanding is they are both covered by the exam we passed.
  12. Spoke with the Board Administrator today about an unrelated subject. During our conversation, I queried about license updates. I was told they are working with their system devs to upload the results and issue licenses. It could take up to 2 weeks, so to be patient for one more week. I was impatient waiting for the test they expect me to be patient waiting for a license 10 years in the making? HAHAHAHA
  13. I don’t expect to be signing/sealing anything for a bit, they just want the option if the need arises. My coworker who passed Oct ‘17 has only done one project thus far, and it was a small thing. EDIT: Also...PALS needs to hurry the freak up! HAHAHA
  14. Yep. They cover all license expenses. Covered all three of my tests, and both classes I took. The work may be exhausting, but they take care of us.
  15. I’ve already been told I need to apply for 6 other states. 😂
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