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  1. That’s great! Congrats!! Just checked mine, and still waiting!
  2. Mine says the same thing. That was what I had talked with them about, which lead to the 2 week comment. My understanding is they are both covered by the exam we passed.
  3. Spoke with the Board Administrator today about an unrelated subject. During our conversation, I queried about license updates. I was told they are working with their system devs to upload the results and issue licenses. It could take up to 2 weeks, so to be patient for one more week. I was impatient waiting for the test they expect me to be patient waiting for a license 10 years in the making? HAHAHAHA
  4. I don’t expect to be signing/sealing anything for a bit, they just want the option if the need arises. My coworker who passed Oct ‘17 has only done one project thus far, and it was a small thing. EDIT: Also...PALS needs to hurry the freak up! HAHAHA
  5. Yep. They cover all license expenses. Covered all three of my tests, and both classes I took. The work may be exhausting, but they take care of us.
  6. I’ve already been told I need to apply for 6 other states. 😂
  7. I just want those little letters in my email signature! 😂
  8. FE - October 2012 (Pass) SE - April 2018 (Fail) PE - October 2018 (Fail) PE - April 2019 (Pass)
  9. I believe so. Once it is in PALS though, we will have a License # and are able to order stamps/add PE to our sigs.
  10. I’m thinking it’ll be mid next week before we get anything. Was talking with my co-worker who passed in October ‘17. He said it took around a week after results were released.
  11. Bonn Place is great! I live in the Perkasie area, so I have Free Will in my back-yard. Its dangerous!
  12. That's what I'm still hoping for, but seeming less likely as the minutes tick by. That said, I decided to keep the celebration going, by indulging in some Yacco Dogs for lunch. And for a little more celebrating, some co-workers and I are hitting the old Rascals in Allentown for drinks after work. May not have my license yet, but damned if I don't have to take another exam again for the rest of my life!
  13. Also....why the heck do I need to have my transcripts re-verified just to apply for multiple licenses? Pretty sure that information hasn't changed since the last time I sent it to NCEES 2 years ago. HA
  14. Last session, I was told folks got their license # in about a week. However, the license look-up shows a effective date for those who passed, as 2 days after the results were released.
  15. If this isn't the truth!!! Also....PALS needs to get their stuff together and update already. HAHA
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