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  1. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Florida License Numbers

    Figured I would start this thread, and place information in it from last April. April Results released (Florida) May 25. License Number visible on the DBPR website: June 25th. So, expect to wait about 30 days for the process to complete. And again, congratulations to you all!
  2. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Florida Results

    Congratulations Floridian's that passed!
  3. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Florida Results

    Co-worker in the office just told me results are in and he passed.
  4. Road-N-Bridge PE

    October 2018 Results Map

    Well done!
  5. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Colorado Results!!!

  6. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Connecticut Results

  7. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    I have heard good things about School of PE. I passed the April Transportation depth 1st try, but I did not take any classes, so I cannot personally attest to any of them. Just passing along what I have heard from other people that I know personally, and SOPE comes up a lot. Hope this helps, and keep after it!!
  8. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Arizona Results

    Well done! Congratulations!
  9. Road-N-Bridge PE

    When You Pass, What Not to Do or to Do (for people who didn't pass)

    I wouldn't sweat it too much. Everyone thinks in different ways, approaches problems in different ways. This exam is an individual affair, and the only person that can control his outcome on it is him. Not you. Congratulations!
  10. Road-N-Bridge PE

    When You Pass, What Not to Do or to Do (for people who didn't pass)

    While your concern for your coworker is admirable, you accomplished something that you should be very proud of, and you should not have to curtail your enthusiasm in order to "not offend" someone else. Talk about it with anyone who asks. If the "other guy" is offended by this, that is entirely his issue to deal with, not yours.
  11. Road-N-Bridge PE

    When You Should Add PE After Your Name

    You brag about passing the exam. That's how.
  12. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Texas Results

    Nice work!
  13. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Texas Results

    Quoted for truth!
  14. Road-N-Bridge PE

    The States Still Waiting After Day One

    Each state is different, and each has it's own procedures for how these things go. There is no better explanation unfortunately. Your state does what your state does.
  15. Road-N-Bridge PE

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    @tmntjmc Hang in there friend, and keep after it!