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  1. I did not have that book. I bought the OSHA books that were referenced.
  2. Hello – I was a repeat test taker too before I passed my exam. I would recommend buying or borrowing all books to take to the exam. Since you are student you should be able to check out books from the library. If you haven’t had wood or masonry I would buy a basic textbook and look at some basics and take the books with you to the exam. I would also recommend getting familiar with the NDS. I also bought an OSHA book - I thought if I can look up a couple of questions that will get me over to the other side of passing, I will spend the dollars and buy it. Those would be the low-hanging fruit. Also, practice as many problems as you can. You may not see the same problems, but at least it gives you the confidence and critical thinking in solving them on the actual exam day. I took the P.E course offered by EET and personally it helped me on both the AM& PM sessions. Good luck and keep the positivity high!!!
  3. Hi everyone, What books did everyone study to take the vertical and lateral exams for buildings? Review courses? Also, I am thinking of taking one day at a time, so I can really focus on each day at a time. What are y'all thoughts on this?
  4. Hi- I have the following books up for sale: 1. 2015 IBC - $75, 2. ASCE7-10 (third printing) -$100 3. OSHA 1929 Construction- $110. 4. Masonry Code 2013 $111.87 All the books are brand -new that I bought just for the exam. I took the exam 3 times before I passed, so I bought all reference books, in the hopes that maybe just looking up codes will help me pass- and it did. Prices are negotiable. Contact me for further questions.
  5. Did you need to get this for a WI license? How long does it take?
  6. @knight1fox3 How long did it takes for you to get your license from when you turned the application in?
  7. I had taken the School of P.E last time and failed. This time the difference was EET. I had signed up for their on demand class for both the AM and PM portions. EET's structural depth is vast with a ton of problems. I tried to solve all their afternoon structural problems, some I couldn't because I had saved some for the end and never had time to get back to it. This time the structural test was hard and a little different, and I didn't think the EET class or any class could have helped prepare for it. But solving all of the EET problems, gave me lot of confidence to face the test. I highly recommend EET because that is what pushed me over the edge to a passing score. This was my fourth time. So don't give up hope. If I can do it, anyone can.
  8. jocey07

    Wisconsin Results

    Oh my gosh!!! I cant believe I PASSED!!!! P.E civil structural. I would have not found out about the EET course if I had not visited this forum, so I can attribute some success to this!!!!
  9. Oh my gosh!!! I cant believe I PASSED!!!! I would have not found out about the EET course if I had not visited this forum, so I can attribute some success to this!!!!
  10. Hi @leggo PE, did you do practice problems outside EET for either the AM or PM? How may full length practice tests did you take? Thanks for your input again!
  11. I guess, then ere the practice problems in the breadth and depth (structural) sufficient In EET? School of PE Did you end up doing problems outside of either course?
  12. Were the practice problems in the breadth and depth (structural) sufficient? Did you end up doing problems outside of this?
  13. Thank you leggoPE. I am really using this forum to motivate me this time.
  14. Hi everyone, I am a repeat test taker and failed 2018 exam 47/50. I felt like I put in enough effort and took 4 practice exams and still failed. I need to re-strategize and change the way I am studying. I was looking at the EET course. How helpful is the AM portion? Also, is the PM portion pretty relevant to the questions asked on the exam. I know that the type of questions on the PM portion is a wildcard, sometimes the focus is heavily on steel and sometimes on wood, reinforced or prestressed concrete. Do I just do the EET AM part and skip the EET PM and study that part on my own? Also, any advice on how to pass will be very very helpful . I plan on starting to study early this time, because time is of the essence- I have 1.5 year old toddler and my husband travels frequently for work. Thanks
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