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  1. Duckdude

    PE Release History

    I started to make a spreadsheet of the release dates. While going to previous maps for the dates, I got to the April 2014 forum and found out someone else has done the same thing. I have a much more simpler spreadsheet than the one previously posted in the forum below: http://engineerboards.com/topic/10519-pe-result-dates-by-state/ I have combined the two spreadsheets. Unfortunately, I didn't find a map for April 2011 and October 2010 dates, and I am too lazy to go through the forums and fill out the cells. From the preview image, it looks like the snapshot maybe fuzzy and hard to read so I have attached the spreadsheet as well. The cells are filled in with the info that I could find. The blank cells probably means there wasn't forum members in the state to report the date. PE Release History.xlsx
  2. Duckdude

    April 2018 Pass Rates

    Copy and paste from spreadsheet looses the cell borders and didn't want to deal with it. Screen grab seemed like the way to go, I attached spreadsheet for modifications or future use... or double check on weighted pass rate lol PE Pass Rates.xlsx
  3. Duckdude

    April 2018 Pass Rates

    I did some digging in previous forums to gather some info to create a comparison spreadsheet:
  4. Duckdude

    April 2018 Pass Rates

  5. Duckdude

    MN Results are Out!

    MN board mail coming today!! Didn't know about Informed Delivery until I read this forum. I signed up for it two days ago.