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  1. Nobodies really commented on the typical time of day for results release. Morning, noonish, or late afternoon?
  2. Was there a notification stating 8-10 weeks on previous exam cycles?
  3. NCEES states 8-10 weeks. Is that overestimated? I was expecting the results to be out a week before Christmas or so.
  4. The funny things is if I dont pass this go round, I dont know what else to study. It seems like I worked through every recommended reference and solved all problems in each of them. I suppose there is always reading every section in each of the 4 ASHRAE books (only read what I felt were the core sections).
  5. I feel its going to be close for me as well. I was feeling good going into the afternoon, and when I started flipping through the problems that quickly changed. I put alot of hours into studying; so, I had alot of confidence going into the exam. Lets just say I was feeling the total opposite when it was done. The waiting begins... Best of luck to you! PS Anyone have a general timeframe of when Oct Exam results usually get released? Update: Looks like early December from previous years.
  6. How does everyone think they did on the October 2018 HVAC Exam? Felt like the afternoon had alot of non-core concepts on it. Don’t have a clue if I’ll pass or not... Anyways, going to pour myself another glass of some Johnnie Walker Black since Im too cheap for the Blue variant! Cheers!
  7. Much appreciated; thread summed it up very well.
  8. Alright, Ive solved numerous psychrometric problems and havent been able to pin down what air density should be used to calculate heat gains, losses, humidfication loads etc. At times ive seen supply air densities other times ive seen return air densities and sometimes the typical standard temperature & pressure density of .075. I know psychrometric problems arent exact i.e. have some percent error associated with the calc, but some of these answer choices on these problem sets are so close together that the density being a little off will get you the wrong answer. What do the experts and PEs around here say? Help much appreciated...
  9. Anyone know if you can take a backpack into the exam? Id like to carry some additional books that dont fit in my roller cart.
  10. Hello all, Just found out where the exam location will be for me. Im familiar with the location and that they’ll likely use metal folding chairs for seats. My question to y’all is would I be allowed to bring in a seat cushion? If I sit for too long on a hard chair I tend to start getting sciatica. Thanks, Mike
  11. Nice! Any reason to think it might be in metric vs imperial units? That would be my only concern.
  12. Hello all, Does anyone know where I might be able to find the 1st Edition Six Minute Solutions book for the HVAC discipline? This book, like the 2nd Edition, is also authored by Keith E. Elder. Ive attached the book cover for reference. Thanks for any help you can offer!
  13. Hello all, Ive talked to a couple people about strategy of taking the PE Exam. I was advised of a particular strategy that makes sense and I wanted to get y’alls take on it. Basically, the strategy is to read through all the problems without attempting to solve them first. As you read through each problem, you would mark it as a 1, 2, or 3, 1 being an easy problem, 2 being medium, and 3 being a hard. Thereafter, you go back and solve all the problems that are marked 1, and subsequently go after the 2’s, then 3’s. I like the idea, but my only worry is that reading through all the problems first would take up too much time. Any thoughts or opinions will be much appreciated! -Mike
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