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  1. I've seen good reviews about both. I don't think you're going to go wrong either way (on the tabs).
  2. Wow I'm glad you looked at the reviews. I'm appalled someone would try to even sell something like that. I looked at my "shopping list" from way back when I bought all my stuff and I had told my employer the NEC 2017 would cost around $185, so yes please review carefully before you buy. I don't understand why it's so difficult to find the hardcover version of this book. Is it only available in paperback now? I don't even see the hardcover available on NFPA's website. You might try calling them and see if it's available. They sell tabs too so you can at least ask if you can get it pre-tabbed if you want.
  3. Handbook, hardcover.
  4. You're correct. It may be possible that the NEC 2017 Handbook is only available in hard back.
  5. PE Electrical and Computer: Power exam converts to CBT (computer based testing) starting in 2021, so I'm wondering if that's when they'll write a new exam spec. I guess what I'm saying is, I doubt they would write a new exam spec for 2020, since it will just be one year before they convert to CBT.
  6. Posting references to books aren't against the rules (that I know of anyway). NESC 2017 Spiral Bound (Amazon lists a paper-back option above the "spiral bound", which I thought I bought but it came spiral anyway. Probably better in my opinion since when it lays completely flat no matter what section you're in. NEC 2017 Spiral Bound:
  7. I tabbed my own NESC and you're right about the index. Just out of curiosity I just looked up NFPA 780 (lightning protection) and I'm still appalled at how much these things cost. 😡
  8. Yes good point. I forgot about that. My NEC has a few handwritten tabs I added after seeing some things in sections that weren't tabbed. You're probably right about the NESC coming in spiral-bound only and I just didn't pay attention lol.
  9. I'm seeing 2 hardbacks on Amazon at the moment. Also there are used options. If you get the softback, I would recommend the spiral-bound. Easier to flip-through and navigate than the regular paperback.
  10. If you prefer hardback, stick with it. I bought the NESC (Safety Code) and pretty sure I ordered it paperback (but not spiral bound). It came in the mail spiral-bound. I was surprised how small and lightweight it looked. I even did a double-take wondering if I ordered the wrong thing. I had the PDF of an older version I had printed out and put in a hard binder. I needed the latest (2017) version so I had to buy it. I have to say it was easy to navigate through and carry around (when you're making 2-3 trips just to get all your things to the library desk for timed practice exams, weight starts to matter lol). There is no problem buying tabs separately. You can tab your references in any which way you want. You can even hand write stuff on post-it-notes and use them as tabs as you want to. You just can't bring post it notes into the exam room (in other words, all your stuff must be tabbed prior to entering the exam room).
  11. I bought Mike Holts tabs and they worked pretty well for me. I don't recall spending any more than 15-20 mins as LyceeFruit mentioned above to install them. It wasn't a big deal at all to put them in. If it only costs a few more bucks to get them installed, that's great if you can find it. I also bought Tom Henry's key word index. It's useful, and it helped me a couple of times during the exam, but I knew the sections pretty well by the time the exam came around. His key words help you find the sections quickly, but I know his page numbers were not always accurate so I just used them to find the relevant sections. The index at the back of the NEC 2017 is almost as good as TH's key word index. However, if I had to do it over again I would still have bought it, as it helped at least a couple of times. I also highly recommend finding more code related practice exam problems, such as the one Justin Kuawale sells (Eng Pro Guides). One more thing...this has not been mentioned as a priority before, but if money is no object, I HIGHLY recommend getting the NFPA 780 (lightning protection). Not going to say why, just HIGHLY recommend! 😡 That's all I'm going to say about that. 😇
  12. Can we please refrain from re-starting the senseless rumors/urban legend/conspiracy theories concerning people getting the NCEES survey early? It serves no purpose and I'm tired of seeing it pop up on these boards. Thanks.
  13. Best case: Throw out the entire afternoon session with no change to the cut score %.
  14. I want to do substation design. 😁
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