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  1. The proctor only told us to make sure we did not have any loose leaf papers in our reference materials. When we showed our ID they checked our calculators for compliance and that was it. They didn't come around and closely examine our notes to see whether they were in pen or pencil. My NCEES pencil was blue.
  2. I could read it quite well. Font size was fine and same as NCEES practice exam like daydreambeliever said. 2 hours into the afternoon, I couldn't read it anymore. Everything became a blur 😁
  3. I've been working in design/consulting industry for 15 years. In North Carolina we did all our design work in AutoCAD (2D). 8 years ago we were told everyone was moving to Revit so I took the course along with some co-workers but we never ended up using it. Then I moved to Tennessee (Nashville area) and started using AutoCAD MEP with the firm I'm working for now. I'm still getting told from job recruiters and other engineering firms that Revit is becoming more dominant. So, which is it? For those of you who use Revit, do you find it a better design tool? Personally I always thought it was a better design tool and wonder if I should take a good Revit MEP course in case something happens down the road and I need to be familiar with it.
  4. I definitely used the NESC for a couple of questions and same for NFPA 70E. I don't know how much the last 4 on the list would have helped me.
  5. Yeah I bought the first three and took to the exam but not the last four and the ones Roy mentioned. I haven't even looked at how much they cost. If they're worth a few questions they're worth getting though.
  6. Invisible, Congratulations on passing. I took it in October and did not pass but I'm taking it again in April. My score was 43/80 and I was fairly balanced in most categories, getting my highest % correct in Codes and Standards. Like most people I scored worst in Protection, but I did far worse (4/13 or 31%) in protection than any other category. I will look at getting some of the materials you mentioned that I don't have, such as Ned Mohan's book. I have a "Power System and Analysis" book, but it's by Grainger, not Glover and Sharma. I found the one I have difficult to read, but that's just me. Of course I have the NCEES practice exam, but I've never heard of the sample paper. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Good to know. I'm glad I didn't spend too much time on CI. I spent most time on NCEES and quizzes/post webinear homework problems on my online course. This time around I plan on spending more time on Eng Pro Guides practice exam and Graffeo. I'll probably do some of the CI exams but the other will take precedence.
  8. Maybe that's the engineering economics/ethics sample exam portion of their package.
  9. Daydream, I'm taking the exam again in April. After some research I'm thinking along the same lines as you. I've been focusing on as many problems as possible. Right now I have plenty to work on and review. For practice exams I have the NCEES, Eng Pro Guides, Graffeo and CI (1-4). I know Wildi even has example problems. It's amazing how much I forgot in the 2 months I took off since October (I started studying again as soon as I found out I did not pass). I have not heard great things about PPI but I have plenty of material to study anyway. I also have the quiz problems from Zach Stone's course and all the notes and end of class review problems. The only other practice exam I'm thinking of buying is the Eng Pro Guides Code drill book. I think it's basically practice exam problems with dealing with nothing but Codes. I scored highest on this section so not sure if I'll get it but I don't think it's too expensive.
  10. Sorry I didn't see Justin's comment. Is it in another thread? I'll look. Thanks!
  11. He does choose 120V as the base voltage for the motor. "Vmotor=120V; Zmotor=0.6pu" You then convert to the generator base to get to the solution. Am I missing something?
  12. He has the answer correct in his solutions and says the correct answer is (A). You're right he missed the minus sign.
  13. I would say yes since a delta does not have a neutral.
  14. I think you need to do everything. Need to do both...spend a heavy amount of time on practice exam problems from different sources and then spend a lot of time reading up on material/topics you don't understand. I did not pass, but I gave it a good attempt and my feedback sheet shows I was pretty well balanced in the topics, except for protection, which I bombed at 31%. The feedback I'm getting from the successful test takers is they worked through MANY sample exams (Graffeo, NCEES, CI, Eng Pro Guides) and spent a lot of time reviewing what they missed and made sure they understood the topics of the questions they missed. Like Szar said, there are no shortcuts.
  15. My CI practice exam book is copywrited 2017.
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