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  1. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    Thanks. I was more interested in well-coordinated squad play, especially in BF4 and BF1, (BF5 wasn't as good IMO), but when my friends/co-workers weren't online, I'd just go rogue and go sniping.
  2. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    I used to play Battlefield back in the day (before PE studying). 1 shot double kill😁.mp4
  3. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    I got COD Modern Warfare for Christmas (Xbox One). It's still unopened/unwrapped. I can send it over since I probably won't be playing until at least May lol.
  4. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    Kudos for starting the thread and sticking with it even when there were few interested players at first (I went to the 1st page and started reading for fun a while back lol). Btw @SaltySteveI'm in, to be clear. Just having a little fun with JayKay lol.
  5. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    It would be fun to have an impeachment trial, or any kind of trial as the theme this round in light of the times.
  6. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    Who was the vigilante?
  7. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    @SaltySteve if JayKay and I are on opposite sides: I need my head to stay intact until at least middle of April.
  8. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    Anyone who messes with @JayKay PE:
  9. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    All I want to know is, "Can I put it in the microwave?" I brought some Nissin "Cup Noodles" to work and got pissed off when I I found out you're not supposed to put it in the microwave. I remember the high school experiment when we "created" nylon as a liquid and slowly pulled it out of a beaker. I wonder what type of urethane they use to make golf balls with, and are the properties consistent from brand to brand. They all just call it "urethane" and don't go into specifics. Makes me wonder.
  10. This is all great stuff! Thanks everyone for posting (both the questions and answers). These qualitative questions are great. I try, when I'm reviewing the more math-relative (quantitative) problems, how the NCEES might change it or ask a qualitative question on the same kind of problem. For example, as Chattaneer wrote, losing the hot side of a WYE circuit. What's the overall effect? How does it affect the current/voltage though the other legs? How is the load affect (before vs after)?
  11. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    So triple post is ok, but double post not?
  12. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    If so, makes me very wary how plastics are advertised.
  13. MEtoEE

    EB Mafia

    I didn't mean to double post. I was trying to delete the original one and repost. Oh well I'm a rookie. How do you delete a post you made?
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