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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses!
  2. I'm not feeling confident about the exam at all, to be honest. I'm still coming across too many questions I get wrong and when I finally figure out how to do them correctly, 2 hours have passed and I've wasted too much time on one problem. Then I look back at some of the other practice problems I've worked on and I have no memory how I did them. My mind is just not retaining what I've learned.
  3. MEtoEE

    Practice exam

    I have the handbook and tabbed this section. Thanks for mentioning it.
  4. MEtoEE

    Practice exam

    Yes don't panic, but what do I know? I'm a first time test taker so I don't know what to expect either. I've taken the NCEES practice exam three times and just getting to where I'm in the 80% range so don't feel bad. Yes I have the Eng Pro Guide practice exam and those are harder questions so I'm getting ready to take that one in the next few days. Just make a list of ones you missed and try to learn why you missed them. I had one the other day I SWORE I had done right but I used the wrong formula, for example. No matter how well you prepare, you're going to come across at least a few questions you'll have no clue how to do.
  5. MEtoEE

    Exam authorization notice

    Yep got mine as well.
  6. SSG thanks for posting. I've been studying since March, and really putting a lot of hours in since July. I've taken three practice exams but they've all been from the NCEES. I was planning to do Complex Imaginary or Graffeos this week but I've been hearing so much praise on the Eng Pro Guides practice exam (I have their free formula sheet) that I decided to spend the $40 and download it. I think I'll take that one next. I'm also taking Zach Stone's online course which I highly recommend. We just covered protection so I'm hoping in the next few weeks I can really get a handle on the protection material. I have both the Blackburn and GE books on relaying. I was told the GE was "light and simple" but I downloaded it and it's 357 pages long lol.
  7. Thanks Bird. Between the NCEES practice exam, Graffeo's practice exam and the quiz problems AND homework problems of Zach Stone's online course, I've been pretty covered up, but I don't like the idea of taking these practice exams multiple times. While I might gain confidence with improving scores, I don't want to get lulled to sleep by re-working problems I've already worked. I figure why not get some fresh problems to work on, so I just downloaded the EngProGuide exam. $40 isn't much and I'm looking for anything and everything to help me pass. I have the quick references already and I noticed I used it a LOT during my practice exam timed tests. In fact, there is a power factor adjustment formula in the EngrProGuide quick reference that I used to solve NCEES practice problem #131 that I haven't seen in ANY of my other reference materials or books.
  8. MEtoEE

    Exam authorization notice

    I would consider getting a hotel the night before the exam as close to the exam location as possible. I've driven through Queens (over 10 years ago but still) and my commute (I'm in a different state than you) is 43 minutes away and I'm also considering a hotel.
  9. MEtoEE

    Exam authorization notice

    Apparently I'm taking this exam at a historic college. You can even book weddings and receptions there apparently. It looks like the exam area is inside a beautiful cathedral...or dungeon depending on how the exam goes lol.
  10. MEtoEE

    Exam authorization notice

    When I click on the "______ area" next to "location" it gives me the exact address.
  11. Thank you for the feedback.
  12. MEtoEE

    Exam authorization notice

    When I log into MyNCEES website it says authorizations will be available 2 weeks prior to exam day.
  13. I will say this about taking timed practice exams. It really opened my eyes as to how I'm using reference materials and notes. I thought I would be looking up some of the equations/formulas, but after doing so many problems most of the formulas you use will be in your head, but it's still good to know where they are because once in a while you might draw a blank. I also put things like phasor diagrams and power triangles and other diagrams I like to use in the front of my binders so I can get to them easily. It's one thing to know where your "go-to" references are, but another to keep them where you get to them quickly. Can someone tell me how much space we get to work with? I'm imagining only our test booklet and calculator will be on our table/desk and all our reference materials will have to be on the floor next to us. At the library where I take my practice exams, there's a table large enough for to me to spread out all my referene materials, but I figured that was unrealistic so I kept everything stacked next to the table to simulate a real exam, but I don't know how much room I"ll really have. Anyone know?
  14. Don't feel bad. I took the same practice exam a month ago and it' wasn't pretty. My index of problems I needed to focus on probably took up 2/3 of the exam. I've taken two more since and My latest was 72%. I figure I need to be at least in the mid-80s to 90% to have a chance at the real test. The problem is (I'll be a 1st time taker October 26th) I know from reading tons of reviews on here that the real exam questions might take the same length of time and be worded similarily, but will also be totally different from what we've seen, with questions thrown in that we'll have no clue about. So I'm trying to balance my study time between working problems and going through material I'm either weak on or ones with the most questions (NEC, protection, etc...). One problem is retainage (or lack thereof on my part). I guess that can only be solved by working more problems, but I worked out problems on the practice test that I KNOW I did before and I still got it wrong. That obviously means I've missed something conceptually. For example, recognizing that the WYE system on practice problem 108 is an unbalanced load. I have the Complex Imaginary practice exams as well as Graffeos but they're not worded quite the same as the NCEES ones.
  15. Thanks Surf. I appreciate it and your inputs. One thing that takes up a lot of my study time is going back to my index list of missed problems on the NCEES practice exams. (I have the 2009 and 2017 but only several problems changed on the latest one as we all know). That plus Zach Stone's online course is full of quiz and practice problems and the ones from his live courses are especially challenging. I have the Complex Imaginary practice problems but those are quicker and easier to solve than NCEES (for me). I have Graffeo and Wildi's book so I'm not sure a different set of practice problems is going to help. I'm trying not to let myself fall into any kind of false sense of security because I'm reading a lot of feedback from people who took the test in April and I'm noticing a particular pattern, especially those who bought the Engineering Pro Guides materials and took a survey after finding out whether or not they passed. The consistent feedback is: 1. NONE of the practice exams come close to resembling what's on the real exam. NCEES and Pro Guides might come close in terms of verbage and time it takes to solve the problems, but I'm hearing the real exam questions are harder in terms of difficulty so I'm more concerned with tackling the difficult problems on the online course I'm taking and making sure I understand them. It's easier to learn how to solve a particular problem than really go through learn the how and why. Trying to avoid that trap. 2. Many of the test takers seemed to be unprepared for the amount of "qualitative problems" vs the more math oriented "quantitative problems". This is the reason I'm trying to focus on the "how" and "why" and things like "What's the biggest difference between a full-wave rectifier and a half-wave rectifier? 3. This exam is going to be heavier on Codes and Protection. Most of us know this already. 4. There are going to be several problems that are going to look completely different to us and we'll have no clue how to solve them. I'm trying to mentally prepare for this since I'm the type of person who tends to get stuck and spend too much time on a problem I can't solve.