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  1. Thank you both for your responses!
  2. This is a question for anyone who has taken the PE exam in Tennessee: I've read the "ExamineeGuide_June 2018" pdf on the NCEES website, and they tell you what you're allowed and not allowed to bring to the exam. I understand all reference materials must be bound (not loose or stapled). I get all that, but are there any rules against bringing handwritten notes? For example, I'm taking an online course and some of the course reference material is printed out from handwritten notes. I also have my own handwritten notes where I've worked out numerous sample exam problems. Are these allowed if I bring them in a 3-ring binder? I've heard different things and that different states may have different requirements. I heard TN does not allow anything handwritten, i.e. all notes and reference material must be typed. I'm trying to verify if this is true or not before I risk bringing a bunch of notes to the exam I can't use. If not, I have some typing to do lol. If anyone here has taken the exam in TN and can weigh in I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    I contacted the board and they told me to contact NCEES. I've read the examinee guide (June 2018) pdf that's on their site, but they don't say anything about handwritten notes or pen vs pencil in those notes. Hmmm....
  4. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    I'm calling the board. I'm in TN.
  5. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    Good to know, thanks! I'm glad to have found this board and I appreciate everyone's input on their experience with the exam.
  6. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    Well my brain is so fried I didn't think about that. Duh! Thanks! lol
  7. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    BTW, I've heard so many stories (and know a few people personally) who have taken the exam (including second-timers) who walk out thinking there's no way they passed and they end up passing.
  8. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    Ok, then I'm in big trouble, because over the last few months I've writen tons of notes and worked out many practice problems in pencil on blank sheets of paper. I was planning to organize all my notes and worked out practice problems in a separate 3-ring binder. I work out my practice exam problems on separate pages so when I take a simulated 8-hour exam, I'm just looking at a clean practice exam with no notes so I can best simulate it. Now I may have to go back and re-write my notes in pen to be safe. I thought anything, notes, typed or handwritten, pen or pencil was ok as long as it was in a binder and not loose. Did I mis-read the rules?
  9. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    I guess since you passed (congratulations, btw) there was no need to go back and ask why they confiscated those. It makes me wary about bringing any notes. I figured any notes or reference material that was bound (I've heard many people saying they were planning on using a big 3-ring binder and organizing/tabbing by topic) was legal.
  10. MEtoEE

    Exam Day Strategy

    I thought if you had notes that were bound (like in a 3-ring binder) or even a spiral binder then it's legal to bring to the exam. Why were yours confiscated?
  11. From reading other posts throughout this board, apparently a few states (Texas, for instance) will give you your score. I live in TN and I have heard rumors where examinees passed the exam and with enough probing and reaching out to NCEES they were able to find out their actual score (like I said, just rumors). Personally, if I passed (taking test for first time this coming October) I wouldn't care what my final score was. If I failed I would want to know how bad I did (I think they give you your score if you fail), but that's just me. Personally, I don't think the OP is a bot. I appreciate everyone's contributions to this board, which I only discovered a couple of months ago. I'm taking Zach Stone's 6 month course, and although I realize the wall in front of me is quite high, this board has helped give me a feel for how difficult the exam is, what it feels like, things to look out for, as well as additional study materials I may end up buying.
  12. MEtoEE


    Surf and Snow I sent you a PM. Congrats on passing btw!