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  1. Right now I have three main "go-to" binders with nothing but practice problems worked out and tabbed in sections exactly like the poster "ItsStudyTime" did. I liked her method and I'm following it. So far I'm filling up one 3-ring binder pretty fast. I bought a 4-ring, but the rings aren't completely round and that makes it hard to flip from section to section quickly like I will have to during the exam, so I put the Eng Pro Guides study guide in the 4-ring since I will probably look at it the least during the exam (all my formulas and "go-to" problems and notes will be in the 3-ring). Since I know the 3-ring will get quite full (as it already is), I have two smaller binders, one with just codes problems and the other I will fill with the "Protection" sections, since I've been doing quite a bit of work in that area. 3-main "go-to" binders should be plenty. This will allow to me to have to sort through fewer references, since 3 main binders is a lot better than 6-8 reference manuals/folders/books (when I took it last year).
  2. 20190913072612457.pdf See attached. I thought this problem looked familiar. It's #111 from the NCEES practice exam.
  3. Check your units. For VaA you're multiplying amps times your impedence, which gives you volts. VAN is in kV, so when you add the two in your previous question, you need to multiply VAN x 10^3 so it's in volts before you add it to VaN.
  4. When I enter what you posted into my calculator, I get 784.7<42.9, so something is amiss. Would you mind posting the entire problem?
  5. I appreciate the feedback. I'm not familiar with the "Shorebrook 80 Question Practice Exam" though.
  6. Yes. I feel pretty comfortable with wattmeter questions, but just wondering if both answers (A and C) are correct for #74. As for the crane question, where would I go (references) to find more information on something like that?
  7. 20190904132813179.pdf This one really bugs me. In Graffeo's book, choices (a) and (c) are listed as one of the defining parameters for the 2 Wattmeter method. I wish I had scanned that page to show you, but I don't see why choice (c) would be any "truer" than choice (a). They're both correct in my opinion.
  8. 20190904132741557.pdf No clue on this one either. I even have a reference book which dedicates a few pages on thunderstorm activity and they don't call the maps "isokeraunic". I guess it's something you either know or you don't.
  9. 20190904132757615.pdf Question 61. Just seems like an odd question but at least it's realistic. I've never seen a question of this type on any other practice exam and still don't quite understand the author's solution and explanation.
  10. 20190904132826896.pdf Here is question 41. I have looked and looked, but still don't understand how "60Hz currents normally penetrate deeper into the human body than high frequency currents".
  11. This post is both a review and request for any answers for those who have gone through the Graffeo practice exam. The Graffeo Guide is popular among many test takers and it's easy to see why. It might be weak in a few areas but overall it's an easy to read book with easy to follow examples and diagrams. I took the practice exam (at the end of the book) recently and here is what I found: I see a lot of people ask if this exam is "way too easy", and I can see why. There are a lot of questions that can easily be solved by simply referring to a similar example problem in one of the chapters, or by simply looking up the answer in one of the chapters. Fair argument, but in reality, you're going to have so many notes and worked out problems in your bound notes that you're probably going to do something similar during the actual exam. Other practice exams like NCEES and Eng Pro Guides force you to get your answers from other sources, so those are more effective practice exams. One thing you could try to is force yourself to take Graffeo without looking at any other part of the book, but that's taking away a key reference you'll definitely use during the exam. Anyway, I also found several problems were simply repeats of an earlier problem, just worded differently. This somewhat limits the variety of problems found in there. On another note, some problems I found I could only solve using an unexpected reference such as Wildi or Glover. Those are the problems I really enjoyed getting right. This may be the objective of the author (which is realistic), but few problems seemed so far out in left field I still don't understand the solution. They are problems # 41, 61, 65 and 74. I will post them below and perhaps one of you could shed light on them? Thank you in advance.
  12. I know this is a repeat recommendation, but I second the Eng Pro Guides practice exams. I took the exam in October 2018 and did not pass. I'm taking it again this October. The best practice exams I've found so far are the NCEES (of course), Eng Pro Guides and the quizzes and "practice exam type problems" from Zach Stone's course. Others are good, such as Complex Imaginary and Graffeo, but not as good as the first three I mentioned.
  13. Much appreciated. I'm still hitting some road blocks with particular topics/questions, but my wife and son went out of town last month for a couple of weeks, so I got in a LOT of good studying time. I still feel like I have a lot to cover, but I've already taken a few practice exams, and I told my wife last night I'm at the exact spot you were with 2 months left so I feel like I have a good start. I'm definitely in better shape than I was at this point last year when I took it in October 2018.
  14. This is definitely something to take note of for future examinees. The state of TN requires you to submit your transcripts, proof of passing the FE and engineering work related experience as well as work references. Work related experience can be under a PE supervision or otherwise, but there is a minimum required to be under a PE supervision. I'm sure this varies from state to state, but I will say there is a LOT of information to be gathered and filled out. I had to submit my application twice because I wasn't detailed enough the first time around with my "work related experience". I want to point this out because even if you decide 8 months in advance to take the exam, you're going to be spending quite a bit of time applying for the exam, and not much extra time for studying, so keep that in mind.
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