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  1. I bought the practice exam and downloaded the free cheat sheets, which I think there are several you can download, some of which are filled out. These cheat sheets are well organized. Basically they are formula and diagram sheets organized by topic. I found them very useful both during studying/practice exams and I used them during the real exam as well. I don't know what other "Eng Pro Guides" there are but if there's something else that could help me I would be open to getting it.
  2. Tru Hero (and others), Congrats on passing! I appreciate everyone's comments here. I know I echo most everyone's sentiments that the practice exam problems, (NCEES, Eng Pro Guides, Graffeo, Complex Imaginary, PPI among others) fall way behind and is lacking as far as preparing you for the real exam. That said, since most of what I read recommends that we spend MANY hours taking MULTIPLE practice exams (it seems consistent that most people who passed did this) in addition to learning and understanding the topics, especially on parts of the practice exams we missed. So, if the multiple practice exams mentioned above are severely lacking, what do you recommend we do different?
  3. MEtoEE


    I used the standard medium-size post it notes. I just turned them upside-down and wrote on the top (or bottom after I rotated them) and stuck them on the page so the bottom part would stick out just enough for me to read the "tab". This is an inexpensive way to do tabs.
  4. MEtoEE

    Power Cutscore October 2018

    Sorry to hear RadioBox, but I'm sure we'll pass it this time around. We just need to keep plugging away and fill in the gap! I'm hearing the most common denominator among those who have passed is: 1. The sheer amount of hours studied. I definitely put in my time, but I could have put in more. The ones who passed left nothing to chance. 2. I may have studied as much as those who passed, but (and this may be the biggest one) but the ones who passed seemed to have taken more practice exams than I did. I did 3-4, while most who passed seemed to take anywhere between 6 and 12, and they used a good mix of Graffeo, NCEES, CI and ProGuides, among a few others. Focusing more on practice exams seems to be a good formula. 3. It doesn't make sense to do the same thing as before and expect a difference result. This time I'm going to focus more heavily on practice problems and less on the theory. That said, I will read the Blackburn book cover to cover and get that out of the way since protection was my worst score. I'll look into the IEEE books you mentioned. If anyone else has suggestions or want to add your thoughts please feel free.
  5. MEtoEE

    Power Cutscore October 2018

    Didn't someone from Texas say it was 49/80? Does that mean 50 was the passing score (62.5%)?
  6. MEtoEE


    I guess I just need to take time and read through it all. I didn't before the first time I took the exam....I just scanned through and tabbed certain parts I thought would be helpful. In the end, it didn't help me all that much during the exam, but perhaps it's because I didn't understand it.
  7. MEtoEE


    oh thanks! That's nothing (compared to other reference books lol). Blackburn is very popular among most test takers, but I've found it very difficult to read.
  8. MEtoEE

    April 2019

    Keep checking your e-mails. I'm sure you'll see something from him soon.
  9. MEtoEE

    April 2019

    I think this is what I"m going to do this time....work more practice problems. I have all the tools (CI, Graffeo, Eng Pro Guides) in addition to NCEES so it's just a matter of using my time wisely. I'm also going to re-organize my notes/references.
  10. MEtoEE

    April 2019

    You need to learn the theory and concepts. If you get sample problems wrong, find out why. Go to your review class notes or Youtube and try to learn as much as you can from the topic. That's my suggestion anyway. I'm taking it for the second time in April. I took Zach Stone's Electrical PE Review course. If you paid for 2 months or more for the course, it states in his website that he offers a refund for people who fail and decide to re-take the exam (but it has to be the next exam). I e-mailed Zach the day the results came back but I haven't heard from him. Usually he's very quick in responding. Edit: I just got an e-mail from him (looks like an automated response). He wants to know if you passed or not so be on the lookout for this if you are a student of his.
  11. MEtoEE


    I have Blackburn and the GE books. I do not have Paithankar's book. How much does it cost? Do you recommend it?
  12. MEtoEE

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    OMG I remember that one! lol
  13. MEtoEE

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    I believe someone in another thread posted from TX that the cut score was 49. I'm assuming that means 50 was the passing score, or 62.5%.
  14. MEtoEE

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Yes maybe should spend more time on my protection books (the free GE one and Blackburn). Zach covered rotating machines quite well.
  15. MEtoEE

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    I took it for the first time in October. I remember two battery problems, one I got easily going back to my online course notes. I got 8/12 code questions correct, which, although I did relatively well in that section, really bothers me because I only guessed on 1 and that's because I ran out of time and forgot I checked that one to go back to later, not realizing until too late that I had skipped it. Well now that I think about it, there was one problem in particular (in codes) which required some math and I remember coming up with an answer that was not among the choices. I spent way too much time on it too. I'm still curious how I could have found the correct answer.