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  1. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Just to make sure lol.
  2. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    I'm studying so not much time. Definitely won't be doing the spreadsheet thing for now, but I'm in.
  3. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Good game everyone! Happy belated 4th!
  4. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    @chart94 I change my vote to @RBHeadge PE
  5. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Current Reads: Mafia++ @RBHeadge PE Lean Mafia @Roarbark, @SaltySteve Lean Townie @jean15paul_PE Neutral or not enough info @NikR_PE @squaretaper LIT AF PE @blybrook PE @ChebyshevII PE
  6. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    It has mostly to do with reading what people post. For example, when @vhab49_PE and @jean15paul_PE were mafia, Vhab attempted to post a "game relevant" analysis and in doing so, call herself out as a townie. She said, "I'm taking myself off the suspect list because I know I'm a townie." Now, that sounds innocent and might be the right thing to say to deflect, but something bothered me about that statement (or maybe I've been reading too many Lee Child novels). Vhab could have said, "I'm a townie", or "I'm a regular townie" or "I'm leaving myself off the suspect list because I'm a townie." Or, "I'm not mafia". Any of that would have done the job. But instead, she said, "I KNOW I'm a townie." Almost like, I investigated myself and found out I'm a townie (because I'm NOT a townie and maybe someone SHOULD investigate). It almost sounded like it subconsciously came out of guilt, as if she was aware what she was saying was wrong so she was trying to convince herself (as well as the audience) that she was a townie...."I KNOW I'm a townie." lol just sounded strange so I called her out on it. Later, after we found out she was mafia and we were all trying to figure out the other mafia, I caught JP writing something verbatim to what Vhab said. It was a small thing, but too much of a thing to be purely coincidence. Either one told the other what to say and repeated it publicly, or they shared something in a PM and without realizing said the exact same thing, almost like they planned to say it but failed to coordinate who should say it, so they both did. So there is an example of my analysis. I have no special powers this round, just a regular townie. I only voted for Salty this round because he asked. I have no other reason so suspect him. I have my eye on someone else.
  7. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Not a good idea to try to throw me off if you're a townie. I'm going to keep my vote for you until something else develops later. I do have someone in mind who I think is more likely to be mafia, but I'm going to withhold that info and wait and see if someone else catches on.
  8. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Ok. @chart94 I vote for @SaltySteve per his request until I have something better to go on.
  9. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    "Us" as in between you and me, or "Us" as in between you, me and Jean? Please clarify. Analysis pending based on response to above.
  10. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    You switched from mafia to AC.
  11. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Read: I haven't read anything from last night's posts. I don't trust Jean or Salty, but that could just be from history.
  12. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    We're losing players to AC. Where are you @LyceeFruit PE? Hope you're ok!
  13. DuranDuran

    EB Mafia

    Dang @Audi driver, P.E. can't get a break. I'm in. I'm assuming I'm "durian", for doubly obvious reasons.
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