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  1. Yeah, same. I'm kind of speechless to be honest. A lot of take aways from me: 1. I did better in the afternoon than prior attempts (A, IR, A, IR) but worse in the PM than prior attempts (23/40). 2. The 23/40 in the morning is brutal considering it's worse than both prior attempts however this is the first time I was actually able to work through every problem and generally was not stumped on any of them, I knew what they were asking (or so I thought). I must have just fallen for every trick. On my last attempt I didn't have enough time in the morning and had to flat out guess on at least 5 and was stumped on several others but I managed a 28/40! 3. There isn't one particular section in the morning that I'm not doing well at. Seems to be all over the board. So it's not like I just need to focus on one area. 4. SE in California is pretty important but now 3 fails...seeeeesh... not sure I can stomach a 4th attempt, possibly a 4th fail... Maybe this is still too fresh but all sorts of thoughts in my head from "definitely not going to take it again" to "need to think about possible career change" to "i'm stubborn as f*ck, just keep taking it again, wife/kids/family life be damned"
  2. Officially don’t know what it takes to pass this exam. 3rd time fail. Going to hang up the NCEES pencil. Can’t put wife and kids through this again.
  3. alright i'm sweating now. This is basically me as well passed PE and CA state exams first attempt, passed gravity first attempt, failed lateral twice now - still waiting on results for round 3 - but I answered every question in the AM with time to spare, no wild guesses. Plenty of time in the afternoon, i knew what each question was asking, felt as if i was in the correct code sections, had good example problems to follow. Felt very confident walking out and obviously as the weeks went on that confidence waned.... zero productivity today.....
  4. They're not saying it WON'T be today...this just confirms that they either: a) truly don't know the release date or b) are simply sticking with the canned answer regardless of what they know. Most likely the later. could be today (should be today)
  5. If Ke$hia is a real person and not a robot, then no offense to her, however I don't take what she says to mean anything at all and that it's just easiest for her to stick to the script. Wouldn't surprise me in the least bit for her to give the canned answer on the day that results are released. Whatever day they are released I expect it wouldn't be until at LEAST 4pm Eastern Time.
  6. This Friday, 6/15 - 4:33 pm EDT
  7. Surprised it took this long to get one of those posts...
  8. Typical NCEES being cagey... Did they say it was because of the cutscore meeting? The past 3 times I've gotten results back (yeah i know....) it's been the Friday after the grading workshop sometime after 4pm. At least that's when the first waves start to come out...
  9. Good intel. thanks for sharing
  10. Hmm... the fact that it is called the SE Exam "Cut Score" Meeting is leading me to believe results won't be resulted until after that meeting. The PE exam meetings you mention don't reference anything to do with a "Cut Score", so if it were a similar style meeting I would think they'd just call it the "SE Exam Meeting". Plus the PE Exam Meetings have been held regularly after each exam cycle for a few years now. This is the first I've seen mention to SE Exam Cut Score Meeting. Still just trying (unsuccessfully) to not think about it....
  11. Have they ever been released on a Monday? Thought it was always a Friday...
  12. That would be great but unfortunately don't think that is the case. They have not yet held the SE Exam Scoring Workshop. https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/2_Licensure-Exchange_April-2018.pdf check out the link above, page 11 of 12. The SE Exam Scoring Workshop is May 31 - June 2. In the past the results are released the following Friday so my money is on June 8th.
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