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  1. Been trying to keep up the momentum but it is hard especially seeing some states on the rise. We are doing OK here in MA for the time being.... Does anyone see a possibility where NCEES offers the exam to people in some states but not others? I can't see them doing it unless they can offer in all 50 states.
  2. I also had all of the PE prepared books this time, as well as the NCEES practice exams and the two EET practice exams. I created an index of every type of practice problem I had so that i could quickly locate a similar problem. In all honesty, I totally thought I nailed this round. I probably did 5-6 practice exams. I did a little bit better the second attempt than my first when comparing diagnostics but still not good enough. I will look into the other books you mentioned. Didn't do great this round in wastewater, ground water and OCF which I strangely did great at in my first attempt. I am starting to think maybe I don't even need to do another practice course. Maybe just some fresh materials and practice exams will help me. For reference, I got 42/80 last year and 50/80 this year.
  3. To those who passed WRE, has anyone else had success with prep courses besides EET? I have failed twice now and did EET both times. I am glad EET has been great for others but something about it just isn't working for me. TIA
  4. Which states are PCS besides MA?
  5. I think it was like that this morning. Seems like me and @bcn989 have different looking homepages anyways. Mine has me under precertification review and the exam phase tab is locked. Theirs doesn't have the pre-cert tab and their exam phase is open. I'm not getting my hopes up.
  6. Nope, it never went past "exam date notification" for me. Either way, I do not trust PCS all that much.
  7. I *think* this morning but I am not sure!!
  8. Nothing yet. I did notice my PCS account page has an option to pay for my MA PE license that takes me to a payment page. I failed last year and that never popped up. Not getting my hopes up though...
  9. Anyone here from MA?? This is my second attempt at WRE. I just logged into my PCS account and under Active Applications there is an option for me to pay for my MA PE License. If I click it, it will allow me to pay $150 but no results on NCEES yet or on MA license look up. What do other peoples PCS Pages look like?!?! Hoping this means good news!!.
  10. Does anyone know what other states are PCS??? Still waiting in MA but wondering if its PCS or MA that is taking so long?!
  11. Looking for advice from anyone who took the EET review course on-demand. I am taking the October 2018 exam. I am planning on signing up for breadth and depth (WRE) through EET and am wondering if anyone else has done this what their timing was? I want to be able to make sure I have adequate time to go through breadth and depth but don't want to finish too far before the exam. It looks like if you sign up for the in-class reviews, there is a little overlap in the schedules. Any advice is appreciated!
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