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  1. Thank you for the support.Yes,I am looking for reference for PE license.I have three more month to obtain four years experience. I will find PE for the reference. Thank you for the offer.
  2. I told my mom about this story.Her understanding is just same as yours.
  3. Thanks.I am still in the company but am not with my ex-boss.I am glad I was forced to leave the her group due to terrible oil price. I did great in manufacture position and I just won a commitment award in my company.
  4. I am only 29 year old and my career time in engineer is only three and half year. She is my first manager.I have worked for her for one and half year.I did two patents with her in one and half year.That's why I thought she can be a good reference.
  5. Thank you for support.I feel much better now. Good luck on ur next PE exam and enjoy the holiday.
  6. Thanks.I need to wait for additional three month to get PE licence. I am only working for 3 year and 9 months
  7. She is my first manager and She is terrible and mean to other during the work.And thank you.U make me feeling better
  8. SuperKK

    Pe 2018

    You can send email to NCEES.I believe u need pay some money and they can send someone to review the result one by one manually.It is worth to try if you are confident in the morning session
  9. Of course not.She is holding BA in industrial engineer and six sigma black belt holder which can achieve by paying $300. I agree with u.I really want to tell her:yes,you will fail the exam if u take.But it is against company policy to work in profession.
  10. My ex-manager judged people's ability by the age instead person's capability.When comparing comment between me(a 29 year old engineer) and supplier(58 year old supplier),she would trust the supplier because he is old. Then I pointed out all the mistakes that suppliers made.She still trusted him.Eventually,I had to get senior engineers from other design group who are old to persuade her to believe my suggestion. I am glad that's project is canceled after I left her group.I don't know why our company still keep such project manager in the team.She discouraged people to do the work correctly.
  11. Thank u for that.She didn't know the definition of ductile material.She is always against me whenever I made valid point
  12. I just passed my PE exam in April 2018.I am looking forward to get recommendation letter from my one of ex-boss. I informed her I passed PE.There is no any congratulation from her. Instead,she said:oh u have passed PE.How come?You don't have enough working experience.That means PE is easy. I answered No,PE is hard and I did a lot of work to it. She responded:do u mean I would fail the PE exam? I answered:No,I didn't mean that.It requires hard work. She responded:If we want to pass PE,everyone in this company can pass PE.PE is nothing.It didn't bring any rise in the salary. Then I said goodbye and have a good weekend for memorial day I have no idea why her opinion is so dark and so pessimistic. She made me feel uncomfortable after passing PE exam and she thought PE licence is nothing and it's a easy exam.I don't know it is still worth to study and pass PE. Two thing are sure: I am glad she is no long my boss. I can't get reference letter from her
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