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  1. EET is a course but they also sell their manual separately. Just their manual alone probably wouldn't have everything you need. When you sign up for a course they provide with additional documents with relevant information from different chapters of ASCE/CBC so although the manual has all of the equations and most of the MCQs (not all, there is also a separate book for that) you would need more stuff to add to that manual. You can always email them and explain what you are looking for and they will tell you if they have what you need. CPESR is not the best reference material in my opinion. It's worth getting for their CBT tests but I found their manual incomplete and not very well organized.
  2. Definitely EET for seismic. I took Hiner and failed. I probably wasn't the best student but I failed so bad I couldn't believe. EET is much better organized, gives you loooots of relevant problems, CBT tests that are very representative of the exam, they will give you everything you need for the exam, while with H you will need ASCE CBC manuals with you. Hiner only gives you 40 hrs to watch the videos which is enough but I always felt that pressure because I am a pause/replay kind of learner. And EET are very responsive and will always answer your questions super fast. Hands down EET for seismic. I took CPESR for survey only because I didn't have much time to study so needed the shortest course and also was familiar with surveying at work so I am not much help here.
  3. Congrats!!!!!! It must feel amazing! It was my second try. What did you do different this time?
  4. Thank you so much! I could not imagine studying again with my second baby and toddler so this is a great news I wish everyone luck and hopefully survey results come in shortly as well!
  5. Seismic is out and I PASSSEDDDDDDD!!!!! It was my last exam and I am 37 weeks pregnant. I failed seismic once and I AM DONE NOW!!!!!!!
  6. I highly recommend taking EET course or at least buying their study and practice test books for seismic. EET provides more practice tests and their book covers more than Hiner's in my opinion. If you search this forum you will find more opinions though.
  7. That's quite a drop in 2018 from increasing pass rates from 2014 to 2017, for both seismic and survey.
  8. EET for seismic. I took Hiner and failed and now taking EET course. Don't know yet how I will do but if you are considering a full course with videos and stuff, I definitely recommend EET over Hiner. It's just more elaborate, you don't have to get ASCE or CBC (everything will be in the EET manual) and EET provides way more practice problems. I used CPESR for survey and in addition solved half of "120 problems with solutions" book. This was enough for me, passed on the first try but I also did some surveying in the past so that was very helpful I am sure.
  9. I agree about hand drawing. This is when I wish these tests were still paper and not CBT so I didn't have to waste time making addtl drawings/sketches.
  10. I 100% agree that Hiner didn't provide enough practice problems. Also for me I think I missed the bigger picture and it was difficult to understand what forces were being asked to solve for. Restudying with EET now and will do looooots of practice problems this time
  11. I had exact opposite experience. Failed seismic after studying with Hiner for 3 months but passed survey with CPESR with 5 weeks of studying. For me personally seismic was a more difficult concept so now I am restudying with EET and it's just starting to seem organized in my head. Have to mention I did some surveying at work my first year so that was extremely helpful I think. But you are right that one needs to practice problems solving, that I missed when studied seismic the first time around.
  12. I also used CPESR for survey. Glad it worked out for you! And now I am studying with EET for seismic. I hope to finish their videos in time and have time to solve lots of practice problems (which I didn't do with Hiner course). I also have a toddler and pregnant with another so I hear ya 😅
  13. Sorry you failed seismic but congrats on survey! Can't even imagine studying for both at the same time. I failed seismic on my first try in February but just passed survey. How did you study and how are you going to re-study for seismic again?
  14. PAAAAASED SURVEY! Yaha!!! So happy. Now back to re-studying seismic 😐
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