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    When You Should Add PE After Your Name

    Just start using it - you passed the exam. As long as you don't put a Seal with your name on an engineering document you won't be violating any of the Ethics (or in some cases State) rules/laws. Obviously, you have to wait until your license number is actually assigned (continuously check your State professional licensing Webpage), to order your seal. Also, if your State offered PE License plates (as New York does), you will need a copy of your actual State registration certificate before you can put in an order for them. Congratulations, and don't worry about the little things anymore - only the jealous or slighted (and I'm not only talking about those 'without' a PE - you will see) would even think of question it
  2. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Possible to learn score?

    I understand that the scores are provided to the State Boards, however most will not share them with the applicants. I know that's the case for New York, since after I passed and it was taking soooo long to get my license issued, I gave them a call and they confirmed they got my scores for both the FE and the PE. However, when I asked if they could share those numbers with me, they informed me it was against their policy to do that. Maybe if you can befriend someone at NCEES or your State board you can find out.
  3. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NCEES Review for Work Experience

    engineer123, to answer both your questions: 1) Yes, they asked about 80% of the folks I work with who applied to "add additional detail" and/or "explain further that this work was engineering related." 2) I honestly don't believe it has anything to do with which exam you choose to sit for - it seems to be more closely related to how they read your specific experience.
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    Computer Engineering Prep

    Hi all, It was suggested that I describe my experience in selecting, preparing for, and ultimately passing the "Electrical: Computer Engineering" PE examination. To start, I had not originally planned to take the Computer Engineering exam. Although my undergraduate degree, along with my first 10 years of experience were in the computer engineering field (working as a junior computer engineer while I completed the last two years of my Bachelor's degree), I switched over to Software Engineering around the same time I started my Master's in Computer Science and worked in the field for the next 18 years. One of the first things I did was order the Software Engineering practice exam (which is not provided by NCEES but by IEEE). After getting it and trying to complete the 50 questions, I became quite frustrated and wondered if trying for a PE was really in the cards for me. That test seemed to have nothing to do with what I had been doing for previous 18 years, and it seemed I was going to have a terrible experience trying to learn all the obscure terminology, and memorize the named of hundred of PHD's who had written books and created white papers on the various SE topics. For example, I had no idea that there were four different experts in the sub-field of software change management, each of which I would have had to learn about and memorize their works. Also, that pseudo computer language I would have had to learn was ridiculous. I was very disappointed and was thinking about giving up the whole idea - even though I had spent the previous two years getting myself back up to speed on engineering basics (and math) again in order to pass the FE in Electrical & Computers. Then, I got the idea to look into other PE disciplines to determine if success with another discipline was more of a reality for me. Which led to me ordering the practice Exam for the Computer Engineering test from NCEES. It was a miracle. When I took that practice examination 'cold' I got a score of 60 There were several areas I realized that I needed to bone-up on, which included: Hamming Codes, Floating Point Binary Number formats (single and double precision), some of the more obscure communications protocols, Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA's - which were not around when I earned my CE Bachelor's Degree), Boolean Logic and Karnaugh Maps, Real-Time & Embedded Systems, and the internal transistor circuits that made up common logic gates and flip-flops. All formable subjects but clearly doable, since I had some dated experience on all of those subjects except FPGA's, or the Verilog / VHDL hardware descriptor languages used to program them. I then laid out a detailed study plan covering all those topics, plus refresh my knowledge on other common CE theory (such as computer architecture models, and cache memory - as used in some of the newer RISC microprocessors such ARM). Unfortunately, my plan could not include attending a review course, since there are so few of us taking this particular PE exam, therefore no training is available - Unless I decided to go back and take some undergraduate courses for a couple of years (although I found a way to do something similar as described below). PPI does have a Reference Manual for Computer Engineering (which I of course purchased) and utilized as the initial outline for my study plan. Things execution of my study plan started out very well, until I realized I needed many more reference and text books - a lot of them. The PPI manual just did not go into the depth I needed (which was one of the gripes in the Amazon reviews about that manual that I ignored when I purchased it). The undergraduate texts that I still had stored away, were about 25 years old, and others that I may have been able to use, had long ago been given away to co-workers who were still in school. I did some research, and followed the suggestion of someone in a YouTube who said the text books used in creating many of the PE questions were about five years old. So I got my credit card out, went on Amazon, and started looking for good candidate text books. I wound up purchasing: the 4th Edition of the "Electronic Engineers' Handbook" (the most expensive and least useful book during the exam); the 2nd Edition of "Digital Design and Computer Architecture" (moderately priced - $60 - and the most useful book - both during Study and at the exam); the ARM edition of "Computer Organization and Design" (about the same moderate price as #2, but useful only for Floating Point and Hamming Code study and reference); the 3rd Edition of "Essentials of 'Software Engineering'" (which was low cost but also the least used); the 5th Edition of "Computer Networks - A systems approach" (quite useful during my study, however the Index is poor, so I found it difficult to use during the test - I now realize I should have read that book through cover-to-cover), and finally; and, the 4th Edition "Real-Time Systems Design and Analysis" ( another book that was expensive, and one I should have read cover-to-cover since the Index was somewhat limited). A lesson learned here was that I should have purchased many of these books much earlier in my study program. I also found some excellent material on YouTube. In particular, the lectures by Professor Bruce Land of Cornell University, who recorded all of his Computer Engineering lectures for over two years of his classes. That is where I learned about FPGA's and some of the new concepts in Computer Engineering that were not part of the program I took while earning my Bachelor's in CE so many moons ago. I believe I watched more than 50 of his lectures, and some of them two or three times (at approximately 50 mins each, you can imagine how much time I invested there). He also inspired me to buy a Terasic FPGA development board - 'DE1-Standard' (which cost about $200 on Ebay and the software is free from Altera), providing me the opportunity of creating FPGA hardware logic using Verilog. Finally, and I believe most importantly, I created my own 'Reference Manual' (sort of a Cheat Book. or a set of Cheat Sheets), which I had spiral-bound at Staples with vinyl covers. I included many tables and some Wiki information to help me quickly get to some important material during the exam as quickly as I possible. It came out to be over 60 pages, and I believe it helped me correctly answer at least a dozen questions (combined morning and afternoon portions of the test). It included all of those areas I mentioned earlier as topics I needed to study (based on the CE practice exam0. For example, I had the layouts of 7-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit 'hamming codes' in tabular form (some of which was contained in reference text book #3, but other details from online articles). Anyway, this write-up has probably gone on too long already. I just wanted to describe what worked for me in dealing with one of the 'Lesser' taken PE exams, which someone out there may find useful. I will gladly expand on anything I've mentioned, except for giving away any specific questions I actually encountered during my exam. BTW, If anyone is interested in the 'Test Taking' methodology I use, just leave me a response to this thread and I will add.
  5. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Computer Engineering Prep

    Congratulations ChebyshevII Welcome to the club - the club of PE's part of the least certified group of EE's. One thing that did result is my renewed interest in the hardware and firmware design fields. I bought a Terasic DE-10 design board as part of my preparation for the exam, and I just finished building an experimenters box with it's multiple power supplies/adapters and multiple bread boarding options on a large Plexiglas top cover. Now I am almost done assembling a new high performance desktop PC (Intel i7 8700 6-core chip, 16gig Memory, SSD and M.2 drives) where I will be installing multiple operating systems and doing some Verilog/VHDL designs. I just need an increased budget to take that all where I would like to get it.
  6. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Thank you EngineerBoards.com!

    Now you should 'Pay Forward' and help those in line behind you
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    Life: Pre-exam then post-exam

    I have forever been trying to get my 'Hobby Room' (workshop) organized again, but I was derailed first by earning my MBA then by going for the FE&PE. Oh well, maybe when I retire.
  8. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NCEES Review for Work Experience

    I found them to be very fast - less than a week. I submitted the experience for two jobs, and unfortunately they must have been reviewed by two different individuals since one said it was fine and the other had issues.
  9. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Lost April 2018 test pencil

    I had mine taken away from me at the end of the test by a proctor, so I reached out to the test administrative company, Castle Worldwide, through Email and they sent me three of them (one new and two used). I wound up framing the new one with my state issued parchment certificate. You could reach out to Castle, but if you can't get any from them send me a private Email (through EB) and I will mail you one of the two extra I have.
  10. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State

    You can go ahead and call the Office of the Professionals in NYS Education department, but I would suggest waiting a couple of weeks, since they wait for a database transfer from NCEES to be completed before they begin processing the license issue. However give them a call then (a couple of weeks) and ask if there are any issues with your application. When I called about a month after receiving the NCEES 'Passed' message, they looked up my application in the queue and a very helpful lady asked me several questions, including: Have I ever had a license revoked or suspended? Did I have at least six months left on my Drivers license renewal? Have I moved? Do I have any criminal convictions or arrests (arrests in the last year)? Once I gave the lady the answers she was hoping for, she verified that my application had not been submitted more than 5-years ago, and of course my scores for the FE and PE (which she did not reveal), then she told me I should be fine when they get to my application queue position (supposedly based upon the order in which NCEES listed my scores). She would not tell me where I was in that queue however. Keep checking the license lookup site at: http://www.op.nysed.gov/opsearches.htm (using Profession of Engineer or Professional Engineer). Also, congratulations for your success
  11. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Logged into NCEES this morning

    Congrats all
  12. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State

    I went through that last May. My fingernails are only now showing signs of coming back to life. I wish all my fellow New York sufferers the best of luck If any of you downstate are planning a celebration, please let me in on it.
  13. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State application

    I used mostly bullets, however In most cases I led off (or ended) a section with a regular paragraph. For example: Atlas Project Maintenance and Support Phase 00 yrs 11 mos. Entered a steady-state phase of the Atlas project, which included: Continuous software engineering improvements to enhance functionality, usability, maintainability, and performance Training new application developers in the effective use of the Atlas ‘Flow’programming language while creating and modifying bank applications based on the Atlas architecture Porting Atlas to additional variants of the Unix operating system, such as Linux and Windows workstations Improvements and expansion of the Atlas API allowing use in many more back-office software and application uses Note: The Atlas architecture was a notable success for Manufacturers Hanover Trust and Chemical Bank. Atlas was used by the merged entity in both the Branches and back-office for over 15 years after its initial pilot deployment.
  14. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    I think it will be this week - probably Wednesday or Thursday. I wish everyone who had to sit there for those 8-hours the best of luck
  15. I'm so sorry to have to see that :(
  16. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    My thumb in the air (and not stating where I pulled it from) is next Wednesday. I wish every luck and hoping 'the suck' ends quickly for all of you from this point.
  17. Great! I'll take a partial win How do you think you did Lycee?
  18. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    This is the 'suck' period. Just try and stay away from sharp tools (especially knives), and of course firearms, until you get that !@#$%^& Email.
  19. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    I still remember keeping my NCEES login up in a Webpage all day at work - until I finally went into Phase X (Depression) and began drinking White-Russians again. Then one day (May 24th, 2018, one day shy of 6-weks after the test) I went out to lunch and headed over to a Wal-Mart near my office when I received that Email from NCEES. I was afraid to check it through my Smart Phone for some crazy reason, so I turned around and just about ran back to my office. Before entering the final character of my NCEES password, I took the copy of Psalm 23 ("Yea though I walk through the valley of death"), from my wallet, read it to myself, and finished the login. When I saw I looked up and gave thanks. Then I called over two of my co-workers to verify what I was seeing on the screen
  20. NY-Computer-Engineer


    I heard the same thing on this board and another engineering site - although I don't know of anyone actually confirming that. Where is the NCEES member when we need a better opinion? Based upon the April result, my guess is that most everyone will hear on December 5th or 6th. As you all probably know, it will be an Email from NCEES to go and login to your NCEES account and see the results. I've heard they need to get the individual States to approve the results for their examinees, so they ten to be spread out over a week or two, with a large number of States releasing on the same day during the 6th week. I am hopeful all of you see
  21. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State application

    The only caution I make however is that you only have five years from the time you originally submitted the N application for the PE exam. Although the Website does not say anything specific about that, it is in the NYS Administrative Law that you only have five years. This is also one of things they specifically check on once you've passed that could delay your license being issued. I've heard they make you submit something similar to a supplemental application that needs to be approved by the NY Board if you fall into that bucket. I've heard tell of someone having their license delayed another year because of that, and they had to pay some additional fee as well.
  22. Let's start a pool - I say the October test will be Green - just a gut feeling.
  23. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State application

    In New York no need for a PE (although they ask yes/no and the number if they happen to be one). The most important thing is having the actual manager who oversaw your work sign it. If you just get a co-worker with a PE they will question why your supervisor/manager could not be the one that signs. I really don't think having a PE sign or not helps in anyway - in New York. I know of three others (besides myself) who did not have a PE and none had any questions raised (or extra credit given).
  24. NY-Computer-Engineer

    The Last Supper

    As I recall, my wife asked what I would like to have for my last dinner (don't remember breakfast or lunch), which is her Ziti with Ricotta and parmesan cheese mixed-in (sort of a baked Ziti without being baked - my favorite meal), some sliced sweet carrots, apple sauce, and sweet rolls - Yummy.
  25. NY-Computer-Engineer

    D-Day approaching

    I Agree. Study the day before is not very productive. I know of two others in April that panicked themselves by doing that. As I recall during that blur of a very long week, I spent the Thursday just getting everything organized into the two plastic crates I used to hold all my material and supplies. I suggest the following last minute checks of what you are bringing" Make sure you have your government issued picture ID with you - A co-worker of mine told me about someone at his test center in Albany NY who was not allowed to sit for his test because he forgot his ID. Be sure to bring some headache medication if you are prone to seasonal sinus issues like myself. Bring wrap-around hearing protection - my test was in a huge gymnasium and the noise/echoes was extreme at times. Make sure you have a watch that is not too high-tech which could cause them to put it through extra screening, and that it is comfortable to wear during the test. A second calculator, even though you never bring it out, is a comfort to have (well worth the 18-20 dollars it will cost at WalMart) Put Tabs at the start of the Index sections for each of your books - that will be the 'most used' tab. Leave you cell phone in your car. At the center where I took the Exam in Queens NY, the made everyone put their cell phones in plastic bags that stayed with a group proctor, and they would not give them back during the lunch break - however I had mine in my car so I was able to get to it and check for any critical messages. Be careful about bringing very large spiral binders filled to near capacity. A Civil engineer examinee next to me accidentally dropped one of his 5" binders between our individual desks and it burst open throwing paper all over the place. I felt guilty not helping him and the proctor pick it all up, however I was busy trying to do well on my test. Take a dry-run trip this week to make sure you know where the test center is and where you can park or get off of public transportation. I got to my test center an hour early and I still could not find a parking spot less than 3/4 of a mile away - not the best time to be running to the entrance of the building. At least two hours early would have been better for me that day. last but not least, if you are a person of faith even as a younger person, I honestly do not think it hurts to spend some time asking for help from a higher authority. I wish everyone the best of luck. Focus on 'Mind Over Matter' and make it "Once and Done."