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  1. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    This is the 'suck' period. Just try and stay away from sharp tools (especially knives), and of course firearms, until you get that !@#$%^& Email.
  2. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 PE Exam Takers

    I still remember keeping my NCEES login up in a Webpage all day at work - until I finally went into Phase X (Depression) and began drinking White-Russians again. Then one day (May 24th, 2018, one day shy of 6-weks after the test) I went out to lunch and headed over to a Wal-Mart near my office when I received that Email from NCEES. I was afraid to check it through my Smart Phone for some crazy reason, so I turned around and just about ran back to my office. Before entering the final character of my NCEES password, I took the copy of Psalm 23 ("Yea though I walk through the valley of death"), from my wallet, read it to myself, and finished the login. When I saw I looked up and gave thanks. Then I called over two of my co-workers to verify what I was seeing on the screen
  3. NY-Computer-Engineer


    I heard the same thing on this board and another engineering site - although I don't know of anyone actually confirming that. Where is the NCEES member when we need a better opinion? Based upon the April result, my guess is that most everyone will hear on December 5th or 6th. As you all probably know, it will be an Email from NCEES to go and login to your NCEES account and see the results. I've heard they need to get the individual States to approve the results for their examinees, so they ten to be spread out over a week or two, with a large number of States releasing on the same day during the 6th week. I am hopeful all of you see
  4. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State application

    The only caution I make however is that you only have five years from the time you originally submitted the N application for the PE exam. Although the Website does not say anything specific about that, it is in the NYS Administrative Law that you only have five years. This is also one of things they specifically check on once you've passed that could delay your license being issued. I've heard they make you submit something similar to a supplemental application that needs to be approved by the NY Board if you fall into that bucket. I've heard tell of someone having their license delayed another year because of that, and they had to pay some additional fee as well.
  5. Let's start a pool - I say the October test will be Green - just a gut feeling.
  6. NY-Computer-Engineer

    NY State application

    In New York no need for a PE (although they ask yes/no and the number if they happen to be one). The most important thing is having the actual manager who oversaw your work sign it. If you just get a co-worker with a PE they will question why your supervisor/manager could not be the one that signs. I really don't think having a PE sign or not helps in anyway - in New York. I know of three others (besides myself) who did not have a PE and none had any questions raised (or extra credit given).
  7. NY-Computer-Engineer

    The Last Supper

    As I recall, my wife asked what I would like to have for my last dinner (don't remember breakfast or lunch), which is her Ziti with Ricotta and parmesan cheese mixed-in (sort of a baked Ziti without being baked - my favorite meal), some sliced sweet carrots, apple sauce, and sweet rolls - Yummy.
  8. NY-Computer-Engineer

    D-Day approaching

    I Agree. Study the day before is not very productive. I know of two others in April that panicked themselves by doing that. As I recall during that blur of a very long week, I spent the Thursday just getting everything organized into the two plastic crates I used to hold all my material and supplies. I suggest the following last minute checks of what you are bringing" Make sure you have your government issued picture ID with you - A co-worker of mine told me about someone at his test center in Albany NY who was not allowed to sit for his test because he forgot his ID. Be sure to bring some headache medication if you are prone to seasonal sinus issues like myself. Bring wrap-around hearing protection - my test was in a huge gymnasium and the noise/echoes was extreme at times. Make sure you have a watch that is not too high-tech which could cause them to put it through extra screening, and that it is comfortable to wear during the test. A second calculator, even though you never bring it out, is a comfort to have (well worth the 18-20 dollars it will cost at WalMart) Put Tabs at the start of the Index sections for each of your books - that will be the 'most used' tab. Leave you cell phone in your car. At the center where I took the Exam in Queens NY, the made everyone put their cell phones in plastic bags that stayed with a group proctor, and they would not give them back during the lunch break - however I had mine in my car so I was able to get to it and check for any critical messages. Be careful about bringing very large spiral binders filled to near capacity. A Civil engineer examinee next to me accidentally dropped one of his 5" binders between our individual desks and it burst open throwing paper all over the place. I felt guilty not helping him and the proctor pick it all up, however I was busy trying to do well on my test. Take a dry-run trip this week to make sure you know where the test center is and where you can park or get off of public transportation. I got to my test center an hour early and I still could not find a parking spot less than 3/4 of a mile away - not the best time to be running to the entrance of the building. At least two hours early would have been better for me that day. last but not least, if you are a person of faith even as a younger person, I honestly do not think it hurts to spend some time asking for help from a higher authority. I wish everyone the best of luck. Focus on 'Mind Over Matter' and make it "Once and Done."
  9. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 Exam Authorizations

    Actually - I think I do. I still remember calling over a couple of my 'trusted' co-workers to look at my computer screen and verify that I wasn't seeing a mirage. One of them did a screen refresh on my computer before he would confirm, wondering if maybe the FE green "Passed" note wasn't being screwed up by the computer video card.
  10. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 Exam Authorizations

    You are very welcome. I found that seeing that was one of the most exhilarating moments in my life. Now I just need something a little more than a 'pat on the back' from my employer
  11. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 Exam Authorizations

    I was trying to be 'nice.' I just checked, and in my case it was 5 weeks and 6 days - which I believe was the same for the vast majority of those who took the April (Friday the) 13th exam. Then it took another 8 weeks and 6 days before New York State registered me and assigned a license number
  12. NY-Computer-Engineer

    October 2018 Exam Authorizations

    The best of luck to all those taking the exam next week. Remember to be 100% focused - it's "Mind over Matter." Get a good night's rest, arrive at least two hours before the test and find a quiet place to meditate. Visualize getting that Email about 5 weeks later, logging into your NCEES account and seeing Result: Pass (see below).
  13. NY-Computer-Engineer

    How to Help Someone Taking the PE Exam?

    I do apologize for this comment. I wish your Boyfriend the best of luck.
  14. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Taking backpack into exam

    I'm not sure what State you are in, however based on seeing so many people bring large suitcases into the exam I took in New York, I cannot imagine there would be a problem. As I recall, there was also a woman two people behind me in line to get it that had just a backpack.
  15. NY-Computer-Engineer

    15 FE Exam Waiver

    I tried doing that in New York, since they have the same clause in the law, however it turned out to be a waste of time - costing me about a year in earning my license. I eventually just focused on the FE exam topics using the PPI study guide and I passed it in the first attempt.