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  1. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Table set up at exam

    Not sure, but my guess is that after taking the test at Queens College there were many 'other' things on a persons mind to complain about. For example: No parking provided for the test takers (only the testing 'staff') - and in my case, having to walk nearly a mile from where I could find a parking spot on the street to get into the test center. Not being allowed to access any water you bring with you until the lunch break or after the test is completed Being forced to say outside in the sun (or rain If that was the case), for nearly an hour to get into the building in the morning, than again for the 1:15 during the lunch break Having to walk to the opposite end of the athletic building to reach a restroom No clocks on the walls at the front of the room (I think I saw one a hundred yards away at the far back corner, but did not bring my binoculars) For me at least, having to reach down under the table for one of the references in my plastic milk cartons was actually a minor inconvenience. I quickly realized I needed to swap some of the references between the floor and the table as the test went on. It was a much bigger problem however, when the guy at the table next to me had one of his 5-inch loose leaf binders accidentally break open and the sheets went all over the floor (probably because he tried to get about 10 of those on that small table), requiring him and the proctor to walks around everyone's small spaces between the table to pick everything up.
  2. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Table set up at exam

    The Queens College tables were no more than 3.5 foot square - sort of like the desks in the New York City High School I attended, but without the shelf. The chairs were hard plastic as well - no cushion.
  3. NY-Computer-Engineer

    How to Help Someone Taking the PE Exam?

    Or, I hate to say, a troll looking get us all jazzed-up. It's unfortunate, but it happens all too often.
  4. NY-Computer-Engineer

    How to Help Someone Taking the PE Exam?

    I agree on the sever stress encountered when waiting for the results, then wait again for an actual license to be issued. As someone mentioned on this board more than once, NCEES and the State boards could make a LOT of money by providing an 'Expedited' application (for a fee of course) to get that time cut in half. Now with what I know, I would have paid more than $1000 if I could have gotten those two nerve-racking experience shortened.
  5. NY-Computer-Engineer

    How to Help Someone Taking the PE Exam?

    You don't need to be an Engineer to be a 'Study Drill Sergeant.' My best friend was studying for the LSAT exam when I was younger and I would call him every day at the planned start of his study time to make sure he wasn't watching a Football pre-season game. On Saturday's I went over to his place and worked on my car there, making sure he was focused on that dam test. At the time his was getting very annoyed with me, but when it was over I got a smile and a "Thank You." (we are not 'those' kind of friends, so that is where it ENDED). I passed my PE test the first time this past April by pure unadulterated "focus." I also has something to prove to myself and some of the clowns I work with, so I had motivation on multiple levels. I would say you follow some of the advice others earlier in this thread gave, but also be there to provide logistical help and more importantly, the push to get it done. Tell him you want to brag to your friends about him when he passes, or that you will dump his ass if he goofs-off and fails. Do what ever you can to motivate. As mentioned above, on test day be that person who makes sure he has the best chance of passing. Drive him to the test center (just in case there is a parking situation that day), and be there again during the lunch break with something that will perk him up. Just be as supportive as you can, but push as hard as he tolerates to make sure he studies.
  6. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Pe exam discipline

    I am in (lower) New York as well, and I recently sat for, and passed, the 'Electrical and Computer: Computer Engineering' PE exam, rather than doing so with others I have expertise in, including the 'Electrical and Computer: Power', the 'Electrical and Computer: Electronics, Controls, and Communications', or 'Software Engineering', simply because having studied the 'Electrical and Computer' FE exam (which I passed only four months prior to the PE, and very late in my career), covered much more Computer Engineering subject matter than the others, and therefore was freshest in my mind and allowed me to more quickly study for the PE. I could have taken any of the other three and (eventually) passed, however I may have had to study more or taken a review course (which I did not need to do for CE, even if there was one available). The way I read the New York State law, and the Professional Engineering ethics guidance, I can stamp documents, schematics and prints for any of those sub-Electrical Engineering or Software topics if I chose to do so, since I can prove I am an 'Expert' in any of them (in court if I need too) since I have graduate-level education and experience in all three. I believe the key to your questions is in the PE Ethics guidance. As long as you can demonstrate advanced expertise in a discipline, then you can create, review and stamp engineering documents related to that expertise. Also, according to actual NYS law, a Professional Engineer in NYS is a Professional Engineer who is expected to use their professional judgment. Once you get your NYS PE Registration Certificate, you will notice that they do NOT specify a specialty, nor is any shown on the PE License 'Look-Up' Webpage maintained by the NYS Department of Education. It comes down to whether you can show the expertise in everything you put your seal that winds up with a court challenge.
  7. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Table set up at exam

    I remember it well. I was in the section group of tables up in the front left of that gym. My biggest problem with the setup was getting my two plastic milk cartons containing books, from my car parked in a City street spot (on the LIE service Road), to the campus entrance, up that steep hill, and into the athletic building. I had used some bungee-cords to try to hold it all together onto the small handled dolly, however the sidewalks were in such poor condition I kept hitting huge bumps, cracks and dips that caused by contraption to fall apart, and I needed to continually stop and rebuild my setup again, and again, and again. Then in the room itself, there was so little space between the tables they assigned us to that I could barely move my chair from side-to-side or front to back, due to the crates of the people near my seat. Also, not having water to drink was absolutely horrific, along with the lack of clocks in that room which forced me to wear the cheap Timex watch I brought as a backup (since they would not let us put it on the desk), that was biting into skin of my wrist. I was starting to wonder if I bought myself a ticket into hades. As I drove home after the test, I began planning how I would do things differently if I had to re-take the test in October. Arriving much earlier so I could get a closer parking spot, a full-size wagon or cart to transport my books, and a better watch with a leather band. I thank the Lord I will not need to do any of that by his allowing me to pass. By the way, I never did unpack my setup after getting home, so I will try and post a picture to this response later to show everyone taking the test next time in New York City what "not" to do.
  8. NY-Computer-Engineer

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    Thanks - you are DEFINITELY right about the wait.
  9. NY-Computer-Engineer

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    I received my new framed credentials form Michael's yesterday and I just hung it on the wall What do you think?
  10. NY-Computer-Engineer

    I "need" my NY License number

    I got my new PE License number in the mail today, a new registration sticker for my windshield, but still have to wait until they manufacture that actual plates (a note inside says two to three more weeks). I was surprised to see that my new printed registration actual has both my original plate number and the new PE number both listed. I supposed I need to hold onto the old plates just in case I decide to stop paying the extra fees and go back to my old numbers/letters.
  11. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    I guess it depends how you look at it. I waited 3 months and 12 days from the day I passed the PE until my NY license number was assigned. Also, my initial application was somehow 'lost' in the NYS department of Ed. systems for nearly a year. It was only found when I called them to find out what else was needed for me to finally hear whether or not I could sit for the PE. Once it enters that 'Black Hole' I guess the theories on Space-Time actually kick-in, since the applications seem to go into slow motion (has anyone seen the movie "Interstellar"?)
  12. NY-Computer-Engineer

    PE Mechanical Thermal Fluids April 2018

    The PE ethics and code of conduct describes how, as long as you can justify (possibly in court) that you have engineering level expertise in a particular discipline, then you would be fine stamping a document. For example, I took and passed the Computer Engineering PE exam, which is approximately 40% hardware, 40% software, and 20% networks. However, the bulk (like 90%) of my experience is in the specific area of software and computer security (with 10% on computer systems hardware and logic design). Even though I could prove I meet the educational requirements for engineering a communications transmission station, I never worked in the field on such transmitters and would be VERY hesitant in stamping a design document for one. However, I do know of Power engineers who never really worked on computer systems, computer networks or logic design, who have stamped computer hardware layouts and network topology designs. If something goes wrong with one of those I wonder if they would have any trouble explaining the details of exactly what they stamped. In the end, I think if its close, then the assumption is that a PE would not stamp something that is at leas not in their general field - such as an electrical engineer stamping plans for highway bridge, or a mechanical engineer stamping an environmental plan - but you never know.
  13. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    You should give them a phone call (assuming you don't get it by the end of Saturday). They will look up your application in their document management system and let you know if there are any 'Red' flags. When I called, they asked me the following questions: Did I submit a form to explain a criminal conviction or arrest? Was my Driver's license schedule for expiration within the next four (4) months (since they perform the standard Driver's license criminal check)? Did I have any other PE Licenses from another State (that I did not report on my application - so I guess they do a check)? Have I ever had a New York State license revoked, or had a judgment or pending malpractice against another license? - They also confirmed that my application had been submitted (and all fees Paid) within the last five (5) years. Then they confirmed that they had all my scores from NCEES, and told me I was in the queue for registration (but they would not tell me where in the queue I was sitting). Good luck.
  14. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Only one (1) since Saturday (through noon today). My Python program is continuing to monitor the additions, so my guess is they got past the heaviest complainers last Wednesday (the day I got mine).
  15. NY-Computer-Engineer


    Welcome Kevin, After spending some time here, you will definitely learn the 'Good', the 'Bad' and the 'Ugly' of getting ready for your PE exam. The experience definitely builds 'Character' - sort of like those WWI and Native American death-marches (just kidding - well mostly).