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  1. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    I guess it depends how you look at it. I waited 3 months and 12 days from the day I passed the PE until my NY license number was assigned. Also, my initial application was somehow 'lost' in the NYS department of Ed. systems for nearly a year. It was only found when I called them to find out what else was needed for me to finally hear whether or not I could sit for the PE. Once it enters that 'Black Hole' I guess the theories on Space-Time actually kick-in, since the applications seem to go into slow motion (has anyone seen the movie "Interstellar"?)
  2. NY-Computer-Engineer

    PE Mechanical Thermal Fluids April 2018

    The PE ethics and code of conduct describes how, as long as you can justify (possibly in court) that you have engineering level expertise in a particular discipline, then you would be fine stamping a document. For example, I took and passed the Computer Engineering PE exam, which is approximately 40% hardware, 40% software, and 20% networks. However, the bulk (like 90%) of my experience is in the specific area of software and computer security (with 10% on computer systems hardware and logic design). Even though I could prove I meet the educational requirements for engineering a communications transmission station, I never worked in the field on such transmitters and would be VERY hesitant in stamping a design document for one. However, I do know of Power engineers who never really worked on computer systems, computer networks or logic design, who have stamped computer hardware layouts and network topology designs. If something goes wrong with one of those I wonder if they would have any trouble explaining the details of exactly what they stamped. In the end, I think if its close, then the assumption is that a PE would not stamp something that is at leas not in their general field - such as an electrical engineer stamping plans for highway bridge, or a mechanical engineer stamping an environmental plan - but you never know.
  3. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    You should give them a phone call (assuming you don't get it by the end of Saturday). They will look up your application in their document management system and let you know if there are any 'Red' flags. When I called, they asked me the following questions: Did I submit a form to explain a criminal conviction or arrest? Was my Driver's license schedule for expiration within the next four (4) months (since they perform the standard Driver's license criminal check)? Did I have any other PE Licenses from another State (that I did not report on my application - so I guess they do a check)? Have I ever had a New York State license revoked, or had a judgment or pending malpractice against another license? - They also confirmed that my application had been submitted (and all fees Paid) within the last five (5) years. Then they confirmed that they had all my scores from NCEES, and told me I was in the queue for registration (but they would not tell me where in the queue I was sitting). Good luck.
  4. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Only one (1) since Saturday (through noon today). My Python program is continuing to monitor the additions, so my guess is they got past the heaviest complainers last Wednesday (the day I got mine).
  5. NY-Computer-Engineer


    Welcome Kevin, After spending some time here, you will definitely learn the 'Good', the 'Bad' and the 'Ugly' of getting ready for your PE exam. The experience definitely builds 'Character' - sort of like those WWI and Native American death-marches (just kidding - well mostly).
  6. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Pe 2018

    Jessica, I'm not sure if this is any sort of consolation, but the April 2018 test appears to have been the most difficult in many years. Only 54.7% of those sitting for the PE in April passed, with no test having results above 74%, most with a statically significant number of test takers (a minimum of 30) being below 65%, and some test with a very high number of takers being below 60% (such as 'Civil:Structural' and 'Electrical:Power'). Somehow I fell on the passing side of 'Electical:Computers' test (which was one of those below the statistically significant cutoff in participants), so I made sure I went to Church on the afternoon of May 24th (the day I leaned of the miracle) to give thanks for my prayers being answered.
  7. NY-Computer-Engineer

    What Stamp Type Will You Buy?

    I just got the 'Self-Inking', which is supposedly good for about 10 to 20 thousand impressions before getting blurry. I thought about the flip-around one, but I've dealt with both the self-inking and flips in the past, and I found that the flips began to dry up in about 2-years while the self-inking didn't seem to have the problem. My Notary Seal from nearly 15-years ago is self-inking and it is still going strong. The only think I would caution with the self-inking is to always use a hard and very surface under the paper to get the best impressions. I found those glass shelves from old medicine cabinets work extremely well. I do however plan on getting more than one in the future however, since those that use a regular ink pad like two of my other business Stamps, can be refreshed very easily by simply buying a new pad. I actually like using my 'Gold' ink pad when Stamping on very dark paper, especially some of the Dark green stationary I have
  8. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Xia, They issues 24 number on Saturday, including someone with Xia in their name (the second one issued that day), were you one of those? I truly hope so, I was feeling the same way you are right now, just a couple of days ago. One positive to keep in mind though, is that once the number was issued they were quite fast in getting me the two certificates (one the parchment and the other the actual license that need to b displayed where you would use your Stamp). I got my number only last Wednesday and I had the certificates in my mailbox Saturday morning I also ordered my Stamp on Wednesday afternoon, as soon as I had that number in-hand, and it was in my mail-box on Saturday as well (although a couple of hours later than the normal USPS deliveries). Keep you chin up.
  9. NY-Computer-Engineer

    PE Certificate Frame w/Pencil

    Hi everyone, Well the New York State Education department finally did something without delay - I received my two certificates (one a parchment and the other a license) in the mail yesterday I ran right out to Michael's and paid the exorbitant amount of money to have it framed with one of the three pencils I received after the test. (I'm embarrassed to even tell anyone here the number). Then, I get back home and my Stamp arrives as well I wind up not sleeping wondering if I did the right thing, then it suddenly occurs to me that I should have put an impression of my Seal in with the pencil. So I run over to Michaels again this afternoon and have them change it (amazingly, they are very nice about it and do not charge me anything additional - but then again, they cleaned out my Bank account already). Below are the two images that Michael's created for me - the original from yesterday, and the modified one from today. My wife thinks I'm crazy When I get the final product I'll take a picture of that and show it as well.
  10. NY-Computer-Engineer

    Which Pencil to use...

    That is the company who administered the PE exam here in New York, and to whom we had to complete Part 2 of the test registration and pay a fee. I assumed they did the same across the entire country, but maybe not.
  11. NY-Computer-Engineer

    I "need" my NY License number

    Well... I finally got my license number today. I thank every\one here on EngineeringBoards for their support during my struggle. I know how this sounds, but I have to say that "the New York State Department of Education is the BEST State agency I have EVERY had the pleasure of working with., and I fully support their objectives." {To those of you who have seen some of my 'other 'comment, I really do apologize for that statement, I suppose the White-Russian I consumed when I arrived home from work today may have been a factor in some statements I find myself making this evening on this Bulletin-Board - "Support the 'Dude' for President}}
  12. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Well... I finally got my number today, which appears to be a record-setting day for that NYS Department of Education getting their work done. Full Disclosure, I also just ordered my Seal/Stamp, so I am somewhat satisfied, I suppose. Now I only need the actual license certificate to complete the picture. I now officially concede that the New York State department of Education is one of the greatest State organizations I have ever worked with. {I truly hope those of you I have been communicating with will forgive me for my rapid change in attitude over all this. I am not so sure I would be so kind to a flipper.} I also have to admit that I just ordered my Stamp/Seal. Thanks again to everyone who provided me so much moral and invaluable suggestive support with this personal and professional this challenge. David
  13. NY-Computer-Engineer

    North Carolina Initial Licensure

    Now I feel 'Somewhat" guilty for my complaining, I got my license number issued today. I do hope the pain being felt by others on this thread is relieved VERY soon.
  14. NY-Computer-Engineer

    New York License Watch April 2018

    Another disappointing day (for me) on the New York State PE License issuing watch... Today was actually a 'banner day' - A total of 68 license numbers were issued by the NYS Dept. ed., with 59 of those issued to NY residents or residents of neighboring States. The remaining appear to by comity applications. Unfortunately I was not among those honored by this record-setting day Now I'm the last 'New Yorker' person standing - since I am the only person left, from among those I personally know who passed the April 13, 2018 exam, that has not yet been assigned a number. All sympathy response will be willingly accepted.