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  1. GreenHulk

    Adding Credentials

    Thanks again!
  2. GreenHulk

    New Jersey License Numbers Out

    I am trying to order the stamp but instructions are confusing. License numbers are listed as 24GE0XXXXX00 - Are those five digits the only numbers that need to show on the stamp?
  3. GreenHulk

    Adding Credentials

    Is it PE or P.E.? I have seen it both ways.
  4. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    Yes sir. I would give them a call ...
  5. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    My license was activated today. Just curious is it PE or P.E. -- I have seen it both ways.
  6. GreenHulk

    Adding Credentials

    What about updating you LinkedIn as a PE? Do you need to wait until your actual license is issued for that?
  7. GreenHulk

    Finding out Score if I passed?

    Nice way to brag! I dig it 😉
  8. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    They sent me a license activation form. Filled it and mailed it back with $80. That's the status right now.
  9. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    Can she get me my score too?
  10. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    What do you think?
  11. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    Finally! Also, Verified. Passed. 80/80.
  12. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    Is there anyone still with status unchecked?
  13. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    Did I celebrate prematurely? 😣
  14. GreenHulk

    New Jersey news?

    I'm second guessing too.😰
  15. GreenHulk

    4th Attempt Going to Board

    Which exam will are you taking?