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  1. I've made a bazillion batches of superhero muffins lately and a triple berry buttermilk bundt cake but that's it. 1. It's too hot 2. I'm never home 3. I can't stand my boyfriends oven plus my baking stuff is at my place not his so I'm not particularly inspired to make much while I'm there. I really wanna bake. But my coworkers are also unappreciative, inconsiderate assholes. But boyf's coworkers like and appreciate my baking so this winter, they get the cookies!
  2. I'm aware of different sources. And I have plenty that are of better quality, even for the easy ones, than Spin Up.
  3. Have you bought the finall exam then? I purchased all of the other stuff last cycle and it's definitely helpful. So I'm considering getting the final exam as well...
  4. This is pretty hilarious, was posted in one of my hiking groups. Read the comments on the article, they're good too
  5. coffee x2 and another chewable smoothie (last of the kale tho!)
  6. I've gone thru some of the Spin UP Questions of the Week and that's about it with my experience with them. They aren't as bad as the old Camara & Kaplan problem sets but definitely shouldn't be a guiding focus.
  7. I'm going through Zach's live course plus the other course on his site. I'm going through Complex Imaginary tests now - I've previously done the NCEES & Engineering ProGuides tests. But plan to review the EngProGuide test closer to the exam. And I'm awaiting when @Zach Stone, P.E. releases his test. I rotate between feeling ok about my prep (since I have other attempts under my belt), feeling anxious (because I have other attempts under my belt) and feeling tired.
  8. I've never wanted or needed a straightedge when taking the exam but I've taken power so 🤷‍♀️
  9. poke bowl from a local place but on greens instead of rice & with extra salmon.
  10. back to my superhero muffins!
  11. Is 122 asking: A power plant uses a turbine driven sync gen rated 3ph, 150MVA," blah blah blah? I wanted to make sure I have the same Q122 as you (I have an older version of NCEES)
  12. I'd check your company's employee handbook to make sure your side hustle wouldn't be considered competition and land you in hot water. My company has it on our books that employees aren't allowed to own/work for competing businesses while employed with The Company. So my coworker with the dog wash business is fine but he couldn't have a side business of providing environmental permitting services (since that's what he does for us)
  13. 2x coffee & 2 superhero muffins (both the zucchini/carrot version)
  14. fried eggplant panini from a local place
  15. and again! tomorrow will finally be something different but i'll be upta camp with no cell service or running water so i won't be posting lol
  16. Cucumber #2, zucchini #4 I think. Our tomatoes are starting to turn red finally. And it looks like I'll get 2 more cucumbers and maybe 3 zucchini. But all of are plants seem to be dying... bean plants look ok but the others... 😬 And boyfriends new hydroponic setup. Lettuce and spinach. Only 1 tray of each is planted right now. He plans to stagger the planting times so we have a constant pile of leafy greens. He built the shelf and I think he couldve modified the plans so the shelves sat closer together and then he'd get his 3rd shelf of plants(his idea for 3 levels) 🤷🏻‍♀️
  17. leftover homemade mac & cheese (with chickne & kale), leftover fried eggplants & squash, leftover artichokes & butter [fridge clean out since i'll be travelling lol]
  18. coffee, blueberry beet muffin, zucchini carrot muffin (aka superhero muffins - made a huge batch of each this weekend. boyfriend loves them, freeze great, and so tasty)
  19. @Zach Stone, P.E. I've taken the exam numerous times already which basically feeds into the funk. Your courses so far are pulling me out of the funk and things are less stressful. I likely won't say that when we get to rotating machine & power electronic devices (my sworn enemies!). Can't wait to have those click tho.
  20. Tbh, I've been in a funk with studying until recently. I tried to make myself start studying with the area I'm weakest in (rotating machines) and I wasn't getting anywhere. So I lost time and was feeling anxious/stressed because I'm sick of this test. Regrouped and I'm going through the beginnings of the courses from Zach. Starting with shit I know, like complex power. Whatever it takes to get the groove back. It's working. Right now, I'm going through the section of illumination which is probably one of my favorite sections, which is completely random. Had me thinking, what's everyone's favorite subject of the test? Or least hated since it's totally weird to have faves of this stuff lol. I also rather enjoy the Code section too
  21. Another chewable smoothie. and superhero muffin. and coffee (likely too much coffee since I traded this AM's workout for 90minutes of studying)
  22. fruit smoothie with kale added because I've got 2 bunches of kale from my farm share and can't convince boyfriend to eat it. I chewed my smoothie 😣
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