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  1. I don't suggest buying that book. It's not at the same level of the exam. It's a waste of money.
  2. potato leek soup, leftover sauteed zucchini & summer squash
  3. Woohoo! The green beans I planted from seed are sprouting which is good since the stalks I bought arent doing great. Something is also digging, see corner. And we have mushrooms growing on the outside of the boards on 3 sides
  4. So far, a coffee. I also have a fruit smoothie. And a banana. And I made more muffins so plenty of options lol
  5. It was the Millinocket Century, done in the same spirit as the marathon
  6. I did my first bike "race" this weekend. Not a race at all but a large group ride of varying distances to bring folks to a struggling mill town in northern Maine. With my warmup & cool down ride (to/from the airbnb), it was my longest ride ever: 26.6mi lol Convinced boyfriend to do the century - Strava tells him it was 108mi. I thankfully also still have a boyfriend after that lol He's looking forward to returning to mountain biking, I look forward to getting my Saturdays back - he isn't a morning person so it'd be 8a or so before he'd get out of bed, then we'd eat and we wouldn't start riding until 1030-11 (or later). And his rides would be 3-4.5 hours in training (he busted his road bike twice during training so did a bunch of rides on his single speed so he didn't get all of the long rides he was supposed to, I think his max was 58-60mi). So it'll be nice to have more of our day back
  7. Because its about 5 months away and reading posts by you annoy me so I stay in the other sub-forums. People can and do pass without this forum so it really doesn't matter that there aren't any posts here so your subtle shame-y worded post is unnecessary.
  8. I have dual degree in EE & CPE. I went to a really small school and a few years prior, they had split up CPE & EE into two paths but by my freshman year, they were recombining the program and my year was the last to be either EE or CPE or we could chose ECE. I picked ECE because it let me skip out of the Data Structures class (I think it was Java when I was there but it'd be a couple of different languages) but I did take a different computer course in its place (& the CompSci kids took it with us) - it was Computer Architecture & Operating Systems (IIRC, we called it CAOS or ArchNOps). Ramble ramble, you could always find a program that's dual and minor in CompSci.
  9. I expect to pull the smallest plant out soon. Zukes freeze well tho and my fave muffin recipe uses grated zucchini. I didn't expect all 6 to make it through the egg crate process.
  10. Transplanted everything outside. May regret 6 zucchini plants, didnt think all 6 would sprout. The tall tomato plant is from a coworker of my boyfriends. The beans (far end) are from a local farmer, same with the cuke plants next to it. I also planted a couple more cucumber seeds because I love cukes. But last weekend, we turned the soil and got more soil. Got some nice big fat worms in there. I also went a raking spree in his backyard. He never raked last fall. So I raked maybe a third of his backyard. The previous owner didn't do anything in the yard but the owner before that had gorgeous gardens back there that had been ignored for like 15 years. 6 50gal bags of leaves and plants later, it looks better but still more clean up to do.
  11. My kind of plant 😍
  12. We cleaned up the garden bed and got new dirt. Went to Home Depot after a long bike ride, neither of us did math correctly at first but then I caught our issue LOL ( he said he wanted 3in of depth but kept calculating using 1ft of depth so we would've had to buy A LOT of bags to cover the area lol) Brought most of the plants outside and bought 2 new ones at the farmers market (pickling cukes and a pole bean plant) And then, while he was stoking the fire and I was grilling, I went on a tirade of raking his backyard. And I'm not even done and I think I've raked enough for like 6 bags. He never raked last fall and I'm not sure if he raked in 2017 either... But yeah, more raking and planting in my future. I have grand ideas for his backyard and I don't even live there but at least I'm putting in the work so he really doesn't care. The previous-previous owner of his house had gorgeous gardens outback but the last owner didn't do anything with them so there's a lot to clean up from that too. Ramble ramble, I don't even have a green thumb
  13. Bike ride and some gardening Saturday. Hoping for 2 hikes, at least 1. Pending weather & whining boyf (he's gotta ride 65 mi on Saturday on a single speed so I don't see 2 hikes happening lol)
  14. I corrected the spelling on Montpelier, VT. I know the cost is 100$ for renewal but I'm not 100% if it's a 2 year cycle or not since I haven't passed and few in my company are licensed in VT (yay consulting). I'm 95% sure it's a 2 year cycle.
  15. Based on zooming in and trying really hard to read it, the answers seem to be too specific about the exam
  16. I gotta say, that was printed in an awful format. Data is cut off and you can't see some of the data labels.
  17. you're welcome to your opinion. but i don't eat pork and this is the only non-pork option besides just an egg on bread. it's delicious.
  18. veggie sausage, egg, & cheese on a ciabatta roll from a local shop in town
  19. I've taken it 6 times. There are similar-ish questions but I don't recall identical problems.
  20. Boyfriend sent me a picture of my plant babies last night. The zucchinis are doing well. Pretty sure we'll be drowning in zukes this summer. Which is fine, I love them. I *think* we're past the frost so we can transplant this weekend - regardless, I'll be cleaning up the area. I'm really excited about this lol
  21. My new PT is graduating me out of my orthotics since based on video evidence, they aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing and it seems largely pointless. So I got to run for 25 minutes with the stock insoles and it was great. Even with the constant ticking of the metronome app in my pocket
  22. I still haven't started my green beans, I had to give up my pots for the zucchini which is taking off - it's basically outgrown the egg crates but we can't transplant outside yet. I also got strawberries to start. Boyfriend is attempting to salvage some of what sprouted in the hydrophonic cage things, algae grew. Still no cukes either. I think I'll try again tho, the little pickling cukes are my fave.
  23. YAY running! I'm getting back into it. This last exam cycle jacked up my hip from all of the sitting. I'm seeing a new physical therapist and in 2 visits (with PT exercises on my own), I'm seeing less pain. Very excited to be running again, now if mother nature would cease with all of the rain. I have mountains to run up!
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