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  1. @MEtoEE I also plan to re-organize/condense my reference binders. I want to end up with: 1-2 problem set binders (likely 1 large, one smaller like you) and then 1 large reference note binder. Annoyingly, my NEC, NESC, and other codes are also in binders so I'm trying to limit the number of binders. I'm considering trying to figure out how to use my office thermal binder machine so I could bind my notes that way LOL
  2. blueberry beet muffins, coffee
  3. my hand hurts so much. and i have a callus on one of my fingers from the way I hold my pen lol
  4. It works for me until I get to the motors, generators, transformers. The binders are getting out of hand LOL
  5. So last spring, I re-organized my completed problems by approximate topic. I did it too close to the test to really break it down further and create an index. I'm looking to re-do my completed problems but I wondering if my method would make sense to me in the long run or now. I currently have it broken out like this: NESC problems NEC motor problems lighting lightning & surge protection transformers motors generators T-lines NEC grounding problems power flow etc So motors end up being any non-NEC motor problem. same with generators. etc. Some areas are really broken out, others aren't. I'm wondering if it'd make more sense to organize it by problem set: NCEES Complex Imaginary Exam 1 Eng Pro Guide Full Exam Eng Pro Guide Final Exam etc. And then the problems within each set are in numerical order & I can make an index like "Parallel Transformers: NCEES prob X, Eng Prob Guide pro Y" </ramble> How do *you* organize your completed problems? What are subject categories you use? Looking for ideas/inspirations! (I realize what works for one won't work for others but I'm pretty sure my current plan isn't working)
  6. had a bagel with cream cheese from a local place - barely made it to work on time tho #worthit
  7. Went to my local climate strike over lunch (it was legit scheduled for 1 hour over lunch). And date night today. And then studying. And hopefully a run or two.
  8. coffee, raspberries, granola, greek yogurt
  9. barley, roasted veggies, herb goat cheese, balsamic dressing
  10. ours basically died and we gave up. whomp. even the basement garden isn't doing so good but I'm sick of nagging boyfriend to check nutrition/water levels. it's his thing so i'm staying out of it. i have more pressing projects to spend my energy/fight on lol
  11. Yes, there are 7 different problems.
  12. sushi because the thought of week old leftover chicken drumsticks was not at all appealing.
  13. yogurt, raspberries, granola, coffee
  14. I think seasons 6 & 7 (that's Netflix 6 & 7) are Netflix productions. Not all of the seasons are on Netflix and they're actually out of order from the way they aired in the UK (not that it really matters)
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