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  1. leftovers: sauteed beet greens/snow peas/garlic scapes with pan fried scallops. and half an avocado
  2. 2 eggs that were between soft boiled & hard boiled, 2 kiwis, coffee
  3. Boyfriend says he can see the zucchini blossoms from the back window now. The garden is like 50ft from the window and up a hill! Can't wait to see the garden tonight!!!!
  4. leftover homemade pizza: homemade garlic scape pesto, mozza, parm, chicken, and basil
  5. coffee, egg& cheese& spinach on a cheese bagel from a local place. the bagel was very disappointing =[
  6. so cheat like i did and buy a plant LOL i was going to try to grow it in a container from a clipping from a coworker but our growing season this year is sooooo behind due to have much rain we've had. And we've just finally hit 80F days like 2 weeks ago and our 1st 90F day was in the last couple of days too.
  7. Leftover chicken drumsticks (that I used a sauce meant for wings on since the store didnt have wings), rice, and broccoli
  8. coffee, pint of raspberries, nutter butters 🤷‍♀️
  9. I have mine in a container and I got it at the farmers market. I wouldnt call my mint plant a resounding success even with someone else doing most of the work. It's pretty resilient but it didn't like the 5 days I was out of the office for the holiday lol
  10. Thankfully no cilantro yet. The mint I got on 1 Jul isn't quite making it. But that's fine. I have a mint plants anyway lol I'm pretty sure tonight's dinner is going to involve sauteed swiss chard and/or kale with eggs. It's so much. And now boyfriend is like "I can have 72 plants in my new hydrophonic set up! I'm doing leafy greens!" and I'm sitting here like "save me please" He's not being super helpful in the eating of the CSA . I picked my 2 pole beans yesterday! And saw 2 small green tomatoes on the plant we got from his coworker!!!!
  11. Jealous! I had to pawn off some of my CSA on my best friend and mother. I'm drowning in leafy greens. But my farmer is amazing and her produce lasts so well, even if you screw up storing it.
  12. sea salt bagel & herb cream cheese from a local bagel shop
  13. I have 2 beans! The pole bean plants I bought from the farmers market are flowering and 2 of the plants each have 1 bean. We staked them with twine so they could vine and one has taken off - it's twisted up around the pole almost to the top lol the tomato plant from boyfriend's coworker has a couple of flowers. And 5 of the 6 zucchini plants( 🤦‍♀️) are looking good with 2 of them with many flowers and the beginnings of squash. Pretty sure the cucumber plants won't make it, i think the zucchini plants are overcrowding them. Already looking at what we'll do for next year - build at least 2 more beds. Had to rip out all of the hydophonic plants in the basement but he's building a new setup that'll be able to have 72 plants going - I've begged him to not have all 72 but I don't think I've won that. So many salads in our future.
  14. "clean out the fridge" veggie "gyros, potato chips, likely some chicken if I have room lol
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