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  1. YES. I had a dude like that once. When we came back from lunch, I told him he was a very aggressive eraser-er. He wasn't as bad in the afternoon.
  2. There was a woman who used one of these one time I took the test, the area we were in had stairs (college lecture hall but half height stairs). She couldn't lift it and her dad assisted her in bringing it to her desk. No idea how she got it out since I was done before she was. I've never seen someone be turned away with a carry-on suitcase. I use a Staples paper box and a backpack
  3. Yeah, same. I went & checked the guidebook because maybe they added the option for headphones for the paper exam, NOPE lol
  4. If you're taking a paper test, you can bring earplugs. If you're taking a CBT test, either is allowed per the NCEES Examinee Guide. I personally don't bother with earplugs. https://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/ExamineeGuide_November-26_2018_opt.pdf If you take the CBT exams, you are allowed noise cancelling headphones. It's listed in the NCEES Examinee Guide
  5. Zach, I also appreciate the link. Is it possible for you to provide a printer-friendly version of this & any of your articles?
  6. @Sdhabik you do have a newer version of the NEC available to you, right? The exam is based off of the 2017 NEC and some articles/tables have been renumbered between the versions. It isn't typically a significant change but you really should get a newer version.
  7. You didn't actually answer the question posed by @Valox. Here's an old thread on Chelpati books tho:
  8. That titled was pulled from the for sale post by Jude F (item 12). No idea what it is though.
  9. 70E is definitely the one of those 4 to get. I referenced it more than once.
  10. 70E is helpful. I don't recall actually using 30B, 497, 499.
  11. check here: http://engineerboards.com/forum/11-yard-sale/
  12. That site was last modified in 2005. It's way out of date for what's covered on the exam. Some of the information linked *may* be helpful in further explaining but I wouldn't use this as a resource or call it useful.
  13. Don't waste your money on the Camara exams
  14. I used these tabs: https://www.amazon.com/Post-Assorted-5-Inch-Dispensers-683XL1/dp/B00QL1AW00/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1545064359&sr=8-4&keywords=post-it+tabs Sticky enough to stay put during the exam but easily removable after if I want. Plus the bottom portion is clear so if it covers text, I can still read it. Easy to write on - suggest a skinny sharpie or a ballpoint over say a Pilot G2 pen. Sharpie pens dry the fastest on it.
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