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  1. I appreciate that Zach. I've read a couple of articles on your site last exam cycle and it was definitely useful. Have you gone printer-friendly yet??
  2. Hey @RBHeadge PE, asked an engineering friend in RI about the results. She asked her friend who took it, RI released on Monday.
  3. flu-fighter chicken stew ( grabbed something from my freezer - it was gonna be some kind of soup but considering southern ME is constant rain lately, soup is fitting)
  4. No. I don't do well with online learning as I figured out in undergrad. And there isn't an in-person course in my state or the state next to mine. ETA: I am planning on utilizing the free access of Zach Stone's stuff soon and if that works out well for me, I will be doing 2 months of his course later this summer.
  5. It's really just staring at pictures and doodling in bluebeam so I can get to my real design. Which is what I get to do this afternoon (real design)
  6. @JayKay0914 I've got struggle bus on my project too. It was built in 1986, one of the newer sites I've worked on LOL, with like 2 upgrades since then. Drawings weren't updated for the upgrades or don't exist.... The site has 3 DC panels but I only have a drawing for one of them. And according to the control house print, the one I have a print for is "future". We took a lot of pictures so I can fill everything in but it's frustrating.
  7. It's raining in southern Maine again. Good time to be a duck
  8. Let's avoid using "baby" ever again. No idea why one would prank about taking it for a 7th time. But im legitimately going for try 7. Begrudgingly. But im doing it. I have an outline of a plan of attack for the next 23 weeks.
  9. I don't have experience with MDM (I'm Power) but I've failed numerous times as well. After the first time I failed, I immediately signed up for the next offering. Dumb idea. I was so burnt out from work (I was severely overloaded at work) and burnt out from trying to pack into studying around work, that I didn't study for my second attempt. Look at how you feel post-exam and with your workload. If you feel burnt out, I suggest a break. But if you feel that fire, go for it.
  10. Yeah, same. I'm in consulting and while sometimes I get very stabby feeling, I'd rather do this. But I'm also in T&D so government isn't really an option up here anyway
  11. Why is working for the state your end goal? Genuinely curious. My ex worked for DOT and just listening to the nonsense he put up with, I couldn't ever imagine working for the state. Granted it was CT so that likely played a lot into the nonsense...
  12. @ChebyshevII_PE it took us longer to get to the store than we were there for! It was ridiculous. I felt so silly.
  13. So somehow last night, my cell phone blacked out and anytime I hit the "home" button, it'd starting vibrating. I couldn't get it to restart. So my friend drove us to the AT&T store (and she brought a 3in book to read while they looked at my phone). We were in the store for 2 minutes, guy restarted my phone easily. I wasn't holding down the side buttons long enough. He has no idea how it blacked itself out and such but it's functioning fine now 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️
  14. Apparently it's as soul crushing as power
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