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  1. LyceeFruit

    Chelpati Volume 1 Problems

    You didn't actually answer the question posed by @Valox. Here's an old thread on Chelpati books tho:
  2. That titled was pulled from the for sale post by Jude F (item 12). No idea what it is though.
  3. LyceeFruit

    References for Power PE Exam Preparations

    70E is definitely the one of those 4 to get. I referenced it more than once.
  4. LyceeFruit

    References for Power PE Exam Preparations

    70E is helpful. I don't recall actually using 30B, 497, 499.
  5. LyceeFruit

    Power PE Exam

    check here: http://engineerboards.com/forum/11-yard-sale/
  6. LyceeFruit

    Useful Link

    That site was last modified in 2005. It's way out of date for what's covered on the exam. Some of the information linked *may* be helpful in further explaining but I wouldn't use this as a resource or call it useful.
  7. LyceeFruit

    Is Graffeo Exam way too easy?

    Don't waste your money on the Camara exams
  8. LyceeFruit


    I used these tabs: https://www.amazon.com/Post-Assorted-5-Inch-Dispensers-683XL1/dp/B00QL1AW00/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1545064359&sr=8-4&keywords=post-it+tabs Sticky enough to stay put during the exam but easily removable after if I want. Plus the bottom portion is clear so if it covers text, I can still read it. Easy to write on - suggest a skinny sharpie or a ballpoint over say a Pilot G2 pen. Sharpie pens dry the fastest on it.
  9. LyceeFruit

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    Any word @Nashi?
  10. LyceeFruit

    Lost April 2018 test pencil

    The April 2018 pencil and the October 2018 pencil are completely different. And the October 2018 wouldn't hold the same significance as the April 2018 one. I do have 2 April 2018 pencils and I will part with them if you would like them @jrod91. I strongly dislike the April 2018 design and was happy they didn't use something similar for October 2018.
  11. LyceeFruit

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    Thank you, I appreciate it
  12. LyceeFruit

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    So I have an old copy of the Complex Imaginary books - I inherited a bunch of material from coworkers who took the exam before the test was updated to NEC 2017 & the huge shift to protection. I went on their website to find out if there was an updated version. And it looks like they did update in 2017 but the previews they have available on their website show "copyright 2011" so I'm hesitant to purchase the updated version. I reached out to the company almost a week ago with no response. So I'm wondering if there is someone with the 2017 version who can let me know if it's actually been updated or not. I really don't want to sink more money into this endeavor if they're still the stuff from 2011. Thanks
  13. LyceeFruit

    Power PE Exam reference books: NCEES, Spin up, PPI

    Question for you about CI 1-4. Is it the updated version for 2017? Or the older version? The preview of the new version on their website is of the old version, I've reached out to them with no answer.
  14. LyceeFruit

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    UGH, batteries. I don't currently remember which category that falls under. But yes, I too felt very UGH about batteries and need different/more resources.
  15. LyceeFruit

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    Power, 45/80