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  1. Lindt is from NH @Roarbark They partnered with PSNH (now eversource) to try burning the cocoa shells as an alternative fuel for the wood plant
  2. So we're gonna resume playing Monday. Next kill will be at the end of the day Monday
  3. Same here. Havent started the inside seeds yet tho
  4. Got the garden bed cleaned up and ready. We never cleaned it up at the end of the season last year since I was studying (&tbh Boyfriend isnt always a go-getter). We've got a shit ton of roots through it so it took me 3hours to get it to the state its in in the pic. Theres still a boatload of roots but most aren't attached to anything now. Boyfriend built another bed while i did this. We've gotta fill it in and level it out still. And start over the hydroponics. Again.
  5. death scene @SaltySteve died by asphyxiation by being sealed in a cupboard by their lover to avoid seeing the lover's father. (real death in 1667) @SaltySteve was lynched by the mafia. remaining players @RBHeadge PE @jean15paul_PE @blybrook PE @Roarbark @MEtoEE @tj_PE @txjennah PE @squaretaper LIT AF PE @ChebyshevII PE @MadamPirate PE @chart94
  6. I cant wait for sober you to read this
  7. Timmmme Tally: 6 @JayKay PE(tj, txj, cheby, chart, salty, square) 1 @chart94 (bly) @JayKay PE managed to shock their genitals with an internal defibrillator charged to 50. It uncovered an underlying heart condition that they did not recover from (Inspired by s16e2 of Greys) @JayKay PE was a regular townie Remaining players @tj_PE @txjennah PE @MEtoEE @ChebyshevII PE @MadamPirate PE @RBHeadge PE. @blybrook PE @chart94 @squaretaper LIT AF PE @Roarbark @SaltySteve @jean15paul_PE
  8. @SaltySteveno pre-votes. Do y'all wanna play over the weekend
  9. Vote update: 4 @JayKay PE (salty, cheby, tj, txj)
  10. My company has reduced full time (unrelated to the pandemic) and if you're on RFT, your PTO accrual is docked since it's based on # of hours worked (& years of service)
  11. lol, I think I got it at Home Depot? like 18mo ago. Also got it because I like owls
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