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  1. Im probs out. We got a new project and I gotta get it to a point where a new hire can take it over so it's basically my fave kind of work (not a joke). So I basically have to crank out my portion of the project in the new month
  2. After much back & forth, my NCEES record has been transmitted! FINALLY
  3. coffee x2, 2 pieces of English Muffin Toasting Bread (recipe on, 1 HB egg. And then mid-morning nom so I could do my walk without being hangry: half a star fruit. I hadn't had a star fruit since I was a kid. And they aren't great. They aren't bad. But I don't feel the need to seek them out.
  4. My best friend did it in 2018. She started mid-March and finished late August. It was one of the worst weather years for it everyone said. She had numerous snow/ice storms in the south and then days of oppressive heat when she hit CT/MA/VT. And she ended up jacking up her feet so bad that she's still in pain today, 18 months later. And has had numerous steroid shots in her feet. Might have the nerves burned (paraphrasing from memory here) so the pain won't get worse. I do want to section hike the northern New England parts. Learned my dog does like to hike. So now it's to work on training her better and figuring out how to sleep in a hammock with her and we're golden!
  5. Here's my Moo. 38lb now, was 23lb when we got her 3 months ago 😂. Back on bland food for her gastro system since she keeps eating something in the yard (not poop) that jacks her system up. But she'll transition back to her puppy food in a few days and when our bag of puppy food is done, she gets to go on adult food.
  6. I'm not playing either and I'm on the page lol
  7. but your friday is gonna be good! untz untz untz
  8. my gram didn't get a generator until the ice storm of 08 or so. She was without power for 11 days and then got a whole house gen. which i personally think is absurd but my mother didn't push back on that (they live together). i basically plan to just pull out camping gear abd suck it up lol. but i'm 30 not 85.
  9. i mean that's my priority as well for the huge nor'easters & ice storms. but people here still decimate the milk aisle. idk, i was raised by my gram who lived in rural northern New England on a farm as the youngest of 5 during the great depression. so canned things. or things that are eaten cold. and now i have my backpacking stove so i can do a little more if i wanted/needed.
  10. Same here. But at least we have the snowbanks for the milk & beer
  11. I've never really understood stocking up on bread & milk. Like if you lose power, unless you have good size snowbanks to use as a refrigerator, the milk is gonna be wasted. but it's always the bread & milk aisles that get decimated for storms.
  12. bagel & cream cheese from a local place, coffeeeeeeeee
  13. today is also my friday so yay. i couldn't fall asleep til after midnight last night even tho our plane landed early by 25min
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