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  1. Jackal301

    Electrical Power Industry Salaries

    Screw you man!! haha just kidding. While I realize my survey is flawed, I really just wanted general data throughout the united states. I tried to not make it too specific to more enchourage people to take the survey and not violate privacy. I am not looking for work in the nuclear industry, I am trying to get out of it and into utilites/consulting/construction. My plan is to look for federal jobs on USAJOBS.gov (Bonneville Power, Western Area Power Administration, US Army Core of Engineers, etc), as I can easily apply to the other agencies (DOE/BOR). However I would be looking into private sector as well. Also we do not have very great drawings, but everything is documented and kept for 75 years. You can imagine trying to dig up drawings that were created 50 years ago and trying to read/interpret them: not fun. My "Nuclear Industry" experience is practical field engineering experience on electric power systems and control systems. I have a MS degree in EE Power with a Thesis directly used for Salt River Project (a Utility in Phoenix, AZ). Getting my PE in Power even though I have low working experience in the field proves that I know power and I can adjust and adapt to different conditions easily. My outside of "power" real world field engineering experience brings more diversity and broad experience to an otherwise closed group of Power engineers. I meet the 4 years of experience requirement with my MS and federal work experience. As far as the nuclear industry having bigger salaries and better benefits, that's just not true. I am a federal employee in the 0840 series description. I get paid the same as every other "GS-12" engineer out there. EXCEPT for those snark son's of B's in the POWER industry that just got moved to a special pay rate table, where their GS-12 is worth $20k more than mine.
  2. Jackal301


    All, I posted a survey at the following link: Feel free to participate if you wish. Interested to see what everyone is getting in the power industry. Thanks!!
  3. All, Now that I have passed the P.E. exam, I will be looking for jobs in the Power Industry (all my schooling/research is in power, but I have been acting as a Nuclear Electrical Field Engineer for the past 3 years). Looking to see what kind of salaries are available out there.
  4. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    @Baconator said the cut score was 57. Who is this guy? Taking the Power PE for fun?
  5. Jackal301

    Review Course

    I think I got them all right too, there was one question in particular though... it pissed me off. It was meant to trip you up. Wish I could go into more detail buuuut obviously I can't. Prior to studying for this exam I had never touched any code before, so I thought that the Tom Henry's really helped.
  6. Jackal301

    Review Course

    I thought the code questions in this exam were very tricky (especially that ONE B*LL SH*T question). Do you have Tom Henry's Code Index? It's amazing. It saved me and helped me pass. My most used reference during the exam for sure. I also had a book on protective relaying that I read a bit and thought it helped for the exam. Did you go through the Graffeo guide? I took School of PE but I do not recommend, a $1300 study guide essentially. If you can get your company to pay for it then it's worth it I guess. I don't recommend watching the lectures though, just go through the printed slides yourself.
  7. They don't mess around with the power exam
  8. Jackal301

    State License Roster / Lookup

    I passed. Washington has not posted new license numbers yet. I heard it takes a few days.
  9. @Baconator said the cut score for power was 57
  10. Jackal301


    Email was at 09:12 PST btw @RBHeadge PE
  11. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    Agreed. A $1300 large study guide.
  12. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    Attending the video lectures was torture. Plus if you asked a question the instructor (or lecturer) would flounder and fumble through and never even answer the freakin question (especially the second half instructor, ugh that guy drove me nuts). I got so frustrated. I quit attending and read the notes on my own, which was 100% more benefitial.
  13. Jackal301

    Celebrating and Venting About Results

    New wife happier life..?? hahah just kidding. That sucks... I hate traffic and pretty much everything in Portland (I grew up in Washougal and am familiar with the area). But there is some great food and beer in the P-town. Have you tried looking for jobs at the Army Core of Engineers in Portland? Or PGE?
  14. Jackal301

    Celebrating and Venting About Results

    Wait, so you live in Oregon and work in Vancouver? Double boned in taxes... idk how you do it lol. Oregon's income tax is rough.
  15. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    Sorry to hear that :/ . I (surprisingly) passed the Power exam. I took the School of PE class and thought it was a joke, do not recommend. $1300 down the drain Check the Electrical Power Sub Thread for tips on references. I posted my experience on there.