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  1. Jackal301

    April 2018 PE Exam

    @Baconator said in a different thread that the cut score was 57.. But maybe he was talking about the pass rate because that's what it ended up being..? Who knows
  2. Protective Relaying by Blackburn was pretty good. I read part of it, not a bad read. Also, I watched a ton of YouTube videos posted by relay vendors about protective relaying and that helped temendously (especially understanding reclosers, etc.).
  3. Jackal301

    Washington Stamp Name

    Whatever name is on your "Approval Letter" from the WA DOL should be what you use (as they say that is the name that will appear on your wall certificate). I am still waiting for my license number, I called them yesterday and the guy said he was working on Civil at the time, Electrical would be done today sometime.
  4. See, I saw numerous people taking the Electrical Power PE that had almost no references, an NEC code book that was 7 years old, or not even having the NESC.. It's literally impossible to answer 20 percent of the questions without the proper references for the power PE. They are full of it
  5. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    LOL I am guessing this did not exist when you took the exam?
  6. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    Wonder if it have anything to do with the huge study guide that NCEES provides?
  7. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    Nuclear 71%... cake walk
  8. Jackal301

    April 2018 Pass Rates

    Dang, looks like pass rates are down across the board. Power 57 percent and electronics 59. From what I remember the Civil rates are down too.
  9. Jackal301

    Adding Credentials

    In WA, being a federal employee exempts you from needing to work under a PE. Although you still need "3 PE references" out of 5. I know a lot of people from undergrad that got their PE before me and 2 of my federal co-workers got theirs as well so I had plenty of references. Fortunately I had to apply and be accepted prior to the exam so that part is over with for me! Just waiting on my license number now. Also, are there no jobs at BPA that require a PE? I could have sworn I've seen a few postings that required a PE or on the path to obtaining a PE (already have EIT, about to take PE). I know for a fact Army Core of Engineers and WAPA (Western Area Power Administration) have job postings that require a PE.
  10. Jackal301

    Failed PE Power

    @Baconator said the cut score was 57. Who is this guy? Taking the Power PE for fun?
  11. Jackal301

    Review Course

    I think I got them all right too, there was one question in particular though... it pissed me off. It was meant to trip you up. Wish I could go into more detail buuuut obviously I can't. Prior to studying for this exam I had never touched any code before, so I thought that the Tom Henry's really helped.
  12. Jackal301

    Review Course

    I thought the code questions in this exam were very tricky (especially that ONE B*LL SH*T question). Do you have Tom Henry's Code Index? It's amazing. It saved me and helped me pass. My most used reference during the exam for sure. I also had a book on protective relaying that I read a bit and thought it helped for the exam. Did you go through the Graffeo guide? I took School of PE but I do not recommend, a $1300 study guide essentially. If you can get your company to pay for it then it's worth it I guess. I don't recommend watching the lectures though, just go through the printed slides yourself.
  13. They don't mess around with the power exam