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  1. Since we are posting inappropriate photos. This one had me spewing coffee.
  2. Anyone else surprised by Baker Mayfield falling on his face now that the league has film on him?
  3. And yet another fake news story to encourage more people in the US to chose not to go into our line of work. - I see this as an absolute win!
  4. Agree I dont know how people have beards in the summer time. Mine goes away every April.
  5. A doubled up 2 X 12 will carry a lot of weight, for a residential application.
  6. They made another XMEN?
  7. travelling for work, Buckees? This place is very overrated in my opinion.
  8. Yeah this has to be the dumbest scandel, but the elite don’t think that test scores and grades should matter to anyone. Ofcourse now they are saying the SAT is going to take your background into effect for scoring. I can’t wait for NCEES to add a few points to people’s exams for being born without a stainless steel spoon in their mouth!
  9. So Back to the Future was bullshit?
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