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  1. Hi is 2017 the latest edition of Graffeo? I have an older one and I found some mistakes. Was hoping the new one was updated.
  2. Vette388

    Review Course

  3. Vette388

    Review Course

    Thank you, I just hope that a class can cover what I didn't get on the test. The ones I didn't do good on the test but for got what type of problems they were. I do agree that they I need to understand the concept more. I can solve problems, maybe just need to get deeper into the concept of them.
  4. Vette388

    Review Course

    Hi thank you, I just tried, it said you can not accept messages, I will try again in a bit.
  5. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    I do, but I didn't look at it. Sounds like I should.
  6. Vette388

    Review Course

    Hi all, I took the Power PE for my first time in April and failed. I did bad on protection and for some reason the code questions, which is odd since I work with the code book everyday. I wanted to see options on review courses. I like to study on my own, but maybe a course would help? I found many questions on the exam I've never seen before in a practice exam or through study material. I want to take it again in October.
  7. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    There are so many courses out there, do I take one, do I study on my own? I did not do well in protection everything else was okay. I missed half the code questions which surprised me since I work with the NEC everyday. Just don't know how to choose a course.
  8. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    Yes I do
  9. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    I am just hating myself for not remembering the ones I struggled on, my mind is blank. Sorry you failed. Are you taking it in October?
  10. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    Thank you, good luck to you I bet you passed.
  11. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    Thank you, do you recommend a course?
  12. Vette388

    Failed PE Power

    First time taker, thought I did good. Sucks. Also now I can not remember the ones I had a hard time on, the ones that I've never seen before, the ones that were not in the practice exams. SO what do I do now? Study more?.....
  13. Vette388

    Anyone on here from NM

    Just haven't seen many posts from NM people whos out there
  14. Vette388

    April 2018 15K SPAM thread

    That is smart then you can look anytime you want.