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    HVAC/R Exam in April, 2018

    Who here feels confident they passed?
  2. LuckyGuess

    Just finished the April 2018 PE Exam

    HVAC consensus seems to be the exam was a little out of left field as far as questions covered.
  3. LuckyGuess

    HVAC/R Exam in April, 2018

    I thought the Morning was very easy, although looking back I'm beginning to second guess my units on a few of the problems. I was putting a check mark besides the ones I felt 100% confident on, and only had 5 on the AM unchecked. The others I came up with an answer choice, but just wasn't sure. The PM was more challenging for me. The word problems on the PM seemed more challenging, and I thought a few of them had possibly 2 answers that could have been right. I was able to narrow down most of these so should be 50/50. I had about 14 unchecked on the second half, and I straight up guessed on about 4 the entire test. During lunch I was pumped because I thought I'd finish it without a worry, after the PM I didn't feel as confident. I was concerned about maybe over simplifying some questions, but am glad some of you all thought there were very basic questions. There were a few where I just plugged into an equation, and I think there was one which was pretty much a common unit conversion. I stressed on these problems looking for anything they were trying to trick me on, and even tried to test other methods to see if those answers were there. In the end they appeared that easy. Overall I think it was a hard test, but I think I knew enough to pass. Just need to trust that my brain was in the zone, because I can't really remember many I thought I got right.