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  1. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

    Hi, anyone knows how long it takes to update license look up for those who passed? Its still showing pending, the reason is exam. Cant wait to update my LinkedIn and signature.
  2. Jessica

    Advice from those who Passed Civil

    I took School of PE refresher course. Before the class started, a month before i started studying, I reviewed school of PE notes and did as much as practice exams I could find subject to subject. School of PE was a wonderful review and instructors answered so many of my questions, and I learned fundamentals in structural and water which was my weakness in my first attempt (I failed April exam, it was my first time). During school of pe class they teach you so many tricks and traps not to fall in, because I studied a month before the class, I was very ready when the instructor was teaching and I could ask all questions that I had. I bought Goswami, Mike's civil, NCEES, and ASCE tests and did some of the CERM questions, basically did as much as practice tests I could find. last week I got off from work and did practice exams each day like the real exam for 4 hours each time and found some new areas in CERM based on practice exams. Its interesting that 3 questions were in exam from my last week study of new practice exams! I passed Civil Construction!
  3. Jessica

    Thank you RBHeadge PE!!!

    Yes @RBHeadge PE you are very very awesome, made this forum very helpful. Thanks again!
  4. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

  5. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

    Its out!!!! Passed civil construction
  6. Jessica

    October 2018 Results Map

    CT out passed construction!!!!
  7. Jessica

    October 2018 Results Map

    Said who?
  8. Jessica

    October 2018 Results Map

    Connecticut as well 😪
  9. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

    Exactly! She said she had to do stuff on website and then post the result!!! pls keep calling them and telling them most states have released
  10. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

    Just called and they told me probably this afternoon or tomorrow morning.
  11. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

    I called this morning, Barbara had set up a voicemail saying she will be om vacation till 30th 🙄
  12. Jessica

    Connecticut Results

    Please post Connecticut updates here
  13. Jessica

    The States Still Waiting After Day One

    Waiting on CT...
  14. Jessica

    October 2018 Results Map

  15. Jessica

    October 2018 Results Map

    CT is late