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  1. ColoradoPEmaybe


    Not passing scores- Texas is the only state that provides passing scores.
  2. ColoradoPEmaybe


    I had emailed them. This is what I got back yesterday
  3. I understand what you mean. When I received the material, I was overwhelmed by the quantity of everything- the length of videos, the number of them, the volume of the notes,... I had notes from before as well, which made it even worse. One thing that really helped me is, I decided that with 2 kids, full time work and travel, there was no way I could watch (and absorb) 70-80 hours of video. I decided to focus on the notes and practice problems which were excellent. I also broke down the binder into 4 smaller binders that I could carry to work- Concrete, Steel, Masonry, Wood & Foundation and others (Breadth, temp structures etc). The condensed notes/ formula sheet at the beginning of each section were gold. Focus on those. Hope this helps.
  4. ColoradoPEmaybe


    I know- I just checked too
  5. Congratulations and like RBHeadgePE said, thanks for being a sport about our endless thread bumps. I was waiting on my results too and this thread sure provided a breather.
  6. You're welcome- we aim to please. Hope you passed!
  7. And because I'm just a tad nicer than everyone else, I'm hitting the keys real soft .... that really helps to not bump the thread
  8. Oh we're just being careful not to bump this thread up....
  9. 2 weeks? Nah- I don't think it''ll be more than 10 days ...
  10. Good good- just confirming!
  11. Sigh.... I can relate to that dark cloud so well. It's so hard to stay focused with this constant sick feeling! Who is ready for another unproductive day at work?
  12. That makes complete sense to me- my vote is on today
  13. Did any of you bump up this thread while O was asleep?
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