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  1. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/for/d/power-pe-exam-preparation/6629320199.html Here is my craigslist post selling all my supplies. They are all used but it's pretty complete and covers everything you mentioned. Let me know what you think!
  2. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    I passed as well! Seems like my estimates were about right.
  3. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Results Map

    California is out. Email at 10:04 am. Passed PE power first time!!
  4. 14kAIC

    Results for North Carolina

    Awww what was your score? I'm still waiting on mine for power.
  5. I really doubt 57 would be the cut score for power seeing as how nobody on these boards has ever reported a failed score of 54 or higher for that exam. According to this it looks to be 53ish.
  6. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    This was almost exactly my feelings as well.
  7. 14kAIC

    Counting Down!!! April 2018 Results

    Weren't the results of April 2017 released on the 25th?
  8. 14kAIC

    Just finished the April 2018 PE Exam

    It's hard for me to guage since it was my first time taking the exam but it seems like the consensus was that it was harder than previous years exams? Does anyone that's taken multiple exams feel that way?
  9. 14kAIC

    If you fail the PE power, buy these books

    Who are these people that take the test and don't know about graffeo and CI books?!?
  10. 14kAIC

    Waiting for CBT?

    Maybe if you failed like 3 or 4 times, but I think you're just anxious about your results and you are already pretty close to passing and will most likely pass this time or next. Waiting 3 more years when you've put in all this work should be a last resort in my opinion.
  11. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    I don't exactly remember all the numbers for all of them. I just meant I remember what the problem was about and if I was confident in my answer.
  12. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Haha I've been doing the same thing. Keeping a running count on paper of every problem I remember and if I feel I got it right. I've remembered 68 problems and can count 56 I'm pretty confident on so I feel a lot better about it now.
  13. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Just going to throw out there that it would be impossible for them to know the score by now. They score new exams with a board of engineers that determine the cut score after scoring each individual problem on difficulty. They also have to do a bunch of stuff like hand grading a random sample of tests to ensure Scantron grading accuracy etc. A good read on how NCEES figures out cut scores: http://ncees.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2012_AM_Understanding_Exam_Dev.pdf
  14. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Wow that is like exactly the breakdown I had. I remember leaving the morning having 28 I thought I got right and like 6 or 7 guesses, the rest 50/50. Afternoon I also finished in 3 hours with like 30 confident answers, 2 guesses, rest 50/50. Hopefully we pass, I figure if just get the confident one's right it should be enough right?
  15. 14kAIC

    April 2018 Power PE Difficultly Level

    Do you feel you scored higher than the last time you took it? Even if you missed all the ones you guessed, that's still a solid score of like 65-68.