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  1. Thanks timmer1026! I am uneasy about the CBT transition as well. Also I don't know if I am doing this reply right since I am new to using this engineer board forum. I should have specified the reason I was unsure of which to take was because I do a lot of water infrastructure related work. I wasn't sure if having the civil PE would influence my ability to stamp civil work in the future. I have come to learn civil/environmental crosses over a lot where I work and when I help on designs the sheets enviro engineers in my office work on are usually civil. But then again I don't want to be pigeon holed into just civil water work. I would like to explore more of environmental field such as solidwaste and hazwaste. So ultimately I am unsure if the PE I choose to take will affect my credentials in stamping on either of those projects in the future.
  2. I have experience as an environmental engineer in the working field and my degree is in environmental engineering. I originally thought I would take the Environmental PE Exam but now I am doubting myself and thinking I should take the Civil WR&E PE Exam. Does taking one over the other have any different outcomes in my career or is just getting the PE title all that matters? I plan to take the exam this October. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer.
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