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  1. Workx, did you make it out alive? Hope you nailed it!
  2. Dude. You mean you don't have the conversion from hectares to acres memorized? Fo shame!
  3. I don't know about ct, but it is just a long day. I had no clue if I had passed when I walked out. Some questions are gonna come at you and seem like a little out of left field. I guess when I left and the many days afterward, I just tended to focus on those problems instead of the ones I nailed. Doubt creeps in, and the wait starts to grind on you. Then you say to yourself, "man I really don't know if i passed". I believe that if you know the fundamentals and are sharp from practice problems in the key areas, you'll be fine.
  4. I don't know what my score was, but I tend to think the lowest passing score was mine back in October
  5. I'm trying to visualize this in my head, but I'm thinking the angle would be arctan(.5/2.25). Try that and see if you get the correct answer.
  6. I'm in OK. I'm sure they are swamped with processing new licensees. I just happened to take the law & engineering exam the next day after getting the result notice. I guess that's why I got my license number in one of the early groups.
  7. My name was added to the roster over the weekend. I guess the PE is now official!
  8. NACE will limit hardness to 22 HRC pretty much across the board, which lines up with your company standards of ~235 HBW. I typically deal with NACE MR0175 & NACE MR0103.
  9. How old is the vessel? Wondering if maybe a stress relieve treatment would suffice instead of full on annealing/normalizing. Any records on the heat treatment history? One thing I've found in multi-step heat treatments is that a lot of scale can build up.
  10. monty01

    Oklahoma is in

    At one point, i could have sworn we had a "After the PE Exam" subforum. Anybody know where that went? Oh, and I completely forgot to get that pass pic up. Well, for good measure:
  11. Also notice that the area, A, of the bolt will cancel out of the shear stress due to torsion equation and not affect the shear force (which makes sense). That looks to be the way the NCEES solution did it. Since the bolts all have the same area and same distance from centroid, J = Nr^2A (Where N is the number of bolts). When calculating J and using the parallel axis theorem, the very small Jc value of pi*D^4/32 is ~ zero. So you are only left with r^2*A as the meaningful value. And this means that N should be 2 in this case, because the center bolt J is ~ 0 (As its axis lies on the bolt group centroidal axis). Hope I didn't confuse the hell out you. Check out the MERM equation 53.64, but especially read the paragraph above the equation.
  12. I also laugh my ass off every time I see "Mama" and the avatar. Alligators are angry cause they have all dem teeth and no toothbrush!
  13. Lol, I'm doing the same almost daily. Just gotta make sure this wasn't some kind of sick joke!
  14. I had to take a law & engineering exam after reading board rules and state statutes. That's out of the way now, so should have my packet in a week or two. Then...
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