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  1. monty01

    How many references are you bringing?

    ^ That's exactly what i was thinking!
  2. monty01

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    I really enjoyed all of the Thermo (Heat Transfer, Thermal Fluid, etc.) classes in college. But i just don't delve into those subjects much anymore for work, so i'd be wayyyy out of practice. I wouldn't mind refreshing on that stuff again, but studying for the MDM (a bazillion topics) is already enough for this year.
  3. monty01

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Well, how is everybody's studying coming along? I'm still plugging away with Dr Tom's review. I feel like i'm getting familiar with the MERM, so that makes me feel a bit better. I can tell that i'm going to need to go back over the early weeks again to keep things fresh.
  4. Appreciate it, Sac! I'm actually on week 7 of the 20 week DTC review course. Before moving forward though, i'm going to run through weeks 1-5 problems again to keep it fresh. I think it would be a good idea to work EngProGuides problems corresponding to those weeks as well.
  5. monty01

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Awesome post & great information!
  6. monty01

    MD&M practice problem of the week

    Deflection? Easy! Now, enthalpy and entropy? WTH is that all about?!?!?!? Adiabati-wha????
  7. monty01

    Engineering Unit Conversions

    Anybody have a fairly clean copy for sale?
  8. monty01

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Now that I think about it, I believe i saw a problem similar to that on the NCEES practice exam. I haven't worked that specific problem yet, but it's good to know that that problem type is something to prepare for. Thanks for the heads up on this! Also, I have found that the AISC beam tables come in handy, but beware of an unreported error on case #2 in some editions. The distance for zero shear/max moment should be .5774L. In my 14th edition, the figure is correct, but the table next to it has .557L instead of .5774L. It won't throw your calculation off a whole lot, but may be confusing when you see it.
  9. monty01

    MERM appendix

    I've bought the textbook, and also have electronic access. But i can't print any of the pages to organize some of the important figures, charts & graphs. Copying from this huge thing is a bear. Gonna tab, tab and tab some more.
  10. monty01

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Are you planning on taking a review course at all?
  11. monty01

    How I passed HVAC/R on the 2nd try

    I've got sort of a hybrid started already, but it is geared toward MDM takers in Oct vs. those who have already passed the exam.
  12. monty01

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I have always thought that the Unit Conversion book would be good for Thermal/Fluids. Do you remember what unit conversions in Lindberg's came in the most handy for MDM?