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  1. For me, EET really prepared me well, I took SOPE at the first time, I did not pass it, then I took EET on demand videos, so many problems came in the afternoon section of the geotech were covered by EET, but others did not cover them, I believe it is the best with the most reasonable price.
  2. EET geotech is really good, EET prepared me well to pass it.
  3. I took School of PE at my first attempt, it did not help me, and so many problems came in the depth part were not covered. This time, I took EET, the instructors are really good, and have worked hard to explain clearly the topics which are listed in the PE specifications. This time I nailed it. By the way, I took PE Civil-Geotech in those attempts.
  4. Easy, but tricky at the same time, more than half of problems were conceptual.
  5. It was easy, but those conceptual questions were little tricky, as you know everyone has his own judgment. Hope will pass.
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