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  1. Change to FE "Other Disciplines" I also failed the FE Mechanical twice and passed the FE general exam on my first try. It was way easier.
  2. Abraham5G PE

    Registering for PE Exam before results are released

    I'm a licensed P.E. and I can't register for any FE or PE exams either it says "Exam of this type has already been passed". I can register for Structural and Surveying though. (Texas)
  3. Abraham5G PE

    Texas Results

    Have you tried checking through the Texas board? https://engineers.texas.gov/exam_check_grades.php
  4. Abraham5G PE

    FE Mechanical or General

    Take the General FE, its less difficult. I also failed the Mechanical FE twice, then passed the General FE. I also passed the Mechanical PE so that shouldn't be an issue.
  5. Abraham5G PE


    First week of December
  6. Abraham5G PE

    Help with cooling problem

    Did you go to UT Tyler by any chance?
  7. Abraham5G PE

    Pe Qualifying experience by state

    Texas requires 4 years experience after Bachelor's degree
  8. Abraham5G PE

    Hello from texas

    Welcome from Houston 😀
  9. Abraham5G PE


    I may have to switch to another company for a raise after getting my PE.
  10. Abraham5G PE

    Serious 'how to pass PE exam' strategy advice needed

    I also took the TestMasters classroom course in Houston this past Spring, Mechanical HVAC, which Mechanical discipline did you take?
  11. Abraham5G PE

    HVAC Pass rate

    I passed April 2018
  12. Abraham5G PE

    HVAC Pass rate

    sorry, I had October and April mixed up
  13. Abraham5G PE


    Texas scaled results are out, I passed and scored 85%!
  14. Abraham5G PE

    HVAC Pass rate

    I failed April 2017 36/80 (46% scaled score). Studied MERM and Lindberg mechanical sample problems and 6 minute solutions (waste of time). I failed October 2017 48/80 (62% scaled score). Focused on MERM sections that I did bad on in October 2017 and took Testmasters course. Passed April 2018 (85% scaled score). Retook Testmasters course, studied NCEES practice exam (took it 3 times until I mastered it), studied EngProGuides Mechanical HVAC/R Study Guide, EngProGuides Mechanical HVAC/R practice exam (took it 3 times until I mastered it), and EngProGuides Mechanical HVAC/R references practice exam. The EngProGuides material is what made the biggest difference for me. It was my best reference during the exam and I did not use the MERM at all. Tips: Limit water consumption during the exam to avoid wasting time in bathroom breaks The 4 ASHRAE books are a must Bring a wrist watch to keep track of time At the beginning of the exam, rank problems by difficulty 1-3, with 1 being easy and 3 being hard. Do 1's immediately, then 2's, then 3's.
  15. Abraham5G PE

    States that haven't released yet?

    Waiting for the Texas board to post grades