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  1. Mher

    AASHTO and PCI

    lmaoo brilliant tip as far as 4 pages per page. Just tried on my 2012 home printer equipped with knockoff amazon ink, and it's actually legible just gotta label chapters and sections, and I should be good for both books. Thanks a lot for the help guys.
  2. Mher

    AASHTO and PCI

    Hi All As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I'm scheduled to take the PE Civil-Structural this coming friday. However, I have been unable to get my hands on the AASHTO. I literally couldn't find it online to purchase, and now I'm stuck in a specially difficult place because my options would be limited to 4 day shipping. Does someone have a link to purchase it that they can provide? Alternatively, I've found a 6th edition online. Would this suffice for the test? And if so, would someone be kind enough to recommend sections that I should consider printing, or would you recommend printing the whole thing? The book is 1700 pages. Generally how much is the book used in the exam? I did purchase the School of PE and having finished breadth, I'm going through its depth lectures now. And will have all of its notes printed and studied on the day of the exam. Would printing the sections mentioned in the School of PE be sufficient? Also, I still have not purchased PCI 7th Edition, prestressed concrete. However, I've found a 6th edition pdf online. The general consensus seems to be that it's not really put in use during the exam, and if it is, for one problem. Given that it's over 700 pages, would anyone be kind enough to let me know what sections would be worth printing, or should I just print the whole thing. I'm very unfamiliar with the textbook. p.s if anyone wants links to the code manuals PDFs mentioned above, please message me and I will gladly send them to you. I'd also managed to find older versions of the other code manuals, before ordering the updated versions. Would be glad to share those as well. (sorry if this is against forums rules. Please let me know, and I'll delete this part. Just trying to return the favor.)
  3. Thanks for all of the information guys, that was hugely helpful. I'll call NCEES and i'll post here whatever response I receive for the benefits of others. I ordered a digital watch from Amazon, but now thinking about, specially given the response by txjennah, the paranoia of a beep might not be worth the benefit. I might just have to leave it at home.
  4. Hi all I'm taking the Civil-Structural on Oct 26 in California (Pomona) and I wanted to know what the general rules are First and foremost: What is the rule regarding handwritten notes (binded in binder). I've seem some conflicting information on this in the forum. Of course the safe path would be to go and photocopy everything, but it's such a massive amount of material, and a lot of it in less than stellar condition meaning it wouldn't scan easily, and I still have a lot of studying to do, so it would be great to avoid it if it's not necessary. If someone could clarify this for me, it would be great. I have very few pages that are just handwritten notes. It's largely printed pages of School of PE and other similar material, with handwritten notes added to it. Nonetheless, I do have handwritten material. Are backpacks allowed in the testing room? I'm taking structural, so I have more than a couple of code books to carry. What is the recommendation for carrying them in? Also, what types of watches are allowed? Would a digital watch be allowed? Does the watch have to be strapped on, or can it be sitting on the table? Additionally, are food/energy drinks allowed in the testing room? I know the rules regarding calculators If there are any other important pieces of information to be aware of it would be great to know.
  5. Thank you so much guys, that was tremendously helpful
  6. Hi all I'm scheduled to take the exam this month, and there are a few practice exam questions that I was unclear about, and was hoping to get some help with: My first question is regrading Question 522. Can someone please provide some information about prestressing strand patterns? Perhaps some other examples that I can check out? Just enough to be able to handle a similar question on the exam.
  7. Hi, If I can please be added to the group as well, it would be greatly appreciated here is my facebook I will also message it to you to be safe
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